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Teaching Democrats to Talk About Socialism

And of course to the fossil fuel industry.

What Freeman, the GOP and corporate Democrats all support is private profit at public expense.


Native Americans long lived this idea. One reason the invaders wanted to destroy their way of life if not outright murdering them all.


just curious. Who are you supporting at this point?

Very true.

Another poster in recent memory suggested we talk about humanism. Given the history of attacks on not just socialism but attacks and persecution of socialists and communists in US America this makes sense. The intent should be public expense to serve public needs.

Given his track record I’d doubt it.
Used without realizing it? Yea, maybe
I’m still supporting him and will vote for him in the Primary.


Sorry for not making myself clearer and any misunderstanding. I was agreeing with you and only trying to elaborate more on what socialism meant which was as you said, means real workers control not token presentations of it where government departments and bureaucracies substitute for it.


One of the inspirations for Marx and Engels was the Iroquois Federation, an example of an actual society living by the democracy he wished socialism to be like such as the Council of the Gens, that democratic assembly where every adult male and female member had a voice upon all questions brought before it and he made special note of details regarding the active participation of women in tribal affairs.


Had to see it for myself, and decided to share it with everyone…

I saw Stevie once live and I am not sure if he played this song. It was many years ago and my memory isn’t as good as it was then.

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IMHO, if “Our” Candidate really wants to reach a sizable number of voters who most likely vote Republican – at least most of the time – then (s)he needs to talk about Sports Socialism!!  Every REAL American who follows professional Baseball, Basketball or Football – even the ones who follow Hockey, Soccer or Tennis – is familiar with the monstrous, elaborate stadiums in which these sports are played — stadiums mostly paid for by Public Funding (whether outright grants from the Public Treasury, tax breaks, or a mixture of the two), stadiums standing tall against the skyline of nearly every major city, each a colossal monument to Socialism if ever there was one! (Never mind that nearly all of the income from these monstrosities goes to the owners of the teams that play in them, while the losses & depreci­ation are covered by more Socialism, paid for by you and me.)

If the 'Pooplickens want to eliminate Socialism, lets help them by eliminating ALL public funding for pro­fessional sports, even the large parking lots and mass-transit depots adjacent to most stadiums. Either that, or educate every red-blooded American about REAL socialism – and how Medicare For All (among many examples) can help EVERY citizen, not just the socialist Millionaires and Billion­aires who own our favorite teams.

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I think the Democratic leadership in this scenario would be the slaughterhouse. Bernie, AOC and the DSA are the Judas goats leading progressives into the unDemocratic party.

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They can barely walk without tripping over themselves.

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Anytime that public money is used to benefit the general populace, it is a form of socialism. Though the construction of the InterState highway system was labelled a ‘defensive’ project, it did promote social equity. The highways after all could have been used to promote public transit, increase commercial activities and help deliver many of our socialist benefits in a quicker and safer manner like ambulances, fire trucks and police. In fact all of those things also occurred in spite of many private businesses and individuals profiting from it as well.
For example, if the government implemented a project tomorrow that raised minimum wage across the board with the argument that it would contribute to the defence of the country by making people more patriotic by lifting them out of poverty, it would still be a ‘socialist project’ in the end regardless whether we became more patriotic or not.
Anytime social projects are enacted to promote the general welfare in a society that permits at least some degree of capitalism, certain individuals will profit from it. But that still doesn’t take away anything from the fact that we’re all better off for it.
Even the military is a form of socialism provided that it used only to promote (or defend!) social equity and justice from our enemies. In fact in many social democracies the military requires a significantly higher budget because of the forces aligned against the common good.
If the New Green Deal is implemented somewhere down the road, you can guarantee that some people will make a killing from it, nevertheless this shouldn’t diminish the positive impact it would have on humanity and the planet in general. No advocate for social equity and social justice is so naive to believe that we will all reach that point anytime soon where we all have equal economic status and a legal system that never fails us, but this should not prevent us from narrowing the gap as much as we can reasonably expect.
IMO Genuine socialism is not so much about the State control of the means of production as much as it is about who controls the State? Do the workers (the 99%) control their fate through representative government or do a handful of wealthy elites (the .01%) control the State through unjust power and influences?


Good advice for all of us trying to deal with political issues –

It’s “Welfare for the Rich and Free Enterprise for the Poor” we need to reverse.

Our Founders allegedly created socialism in government of, by, and for the people –

but in reality they created an Elite-Patriarchy cutting everyone else off –

and NOT a democracy.

But they took very good care of themselves and their futures and the futures of their
fellow Elites/wealthy, staring with endowing Elites with Land grants –
then giving them immense influence and control over our people’s government, the
nation’s wealth and natural resources.

They saved and supported the system of SLAVERY for the benefit of Elite slave-owners
like themselves which, btw, GUARANTEED the Civil War and further benefitted Elites
by splitting the nation into two camps of hatred which still echo today – keeping us all

Our Founders continued the GENOCIDE to destroy the native people here they had
stolen the land from – in wars, in making treaties they never intended to honor, in forcing
native people onto reservations which they continue to try to exploit even today.
And finally, they established “Church Schools” run by the Mormon Church and the RCC
which native children were forced into - often kidnapped from their parents who were not
permitted to even visit them. In those “schools” the children were abused in every way -
they were not allowed to speak in their own language, they were forced into Western
European style clothing and they were beaten, mutilated, hung, murdered and sexually

These were Our Founders we were taught to so esteem and honor –

Take a good long honest look at them –


Professor Richard Wolfe recommends defining Capitalism first because it is easier to define. For example try this definition of Capitalism:

Pure Capitalism: An economy driven primarily by the largest owners of private capital, typically with the aim of bringing the highest possible return to themselves. Explains privatization of the public sector, competitor mergers and price gouging, regulatory capture (e.g. Federal Reserve), sabotaged government agencies, endless wars, net offshoring jobs hidden in trade deals, US workers decreasing share of new money printed, financial asset price inflation (e.g. stocks, housing), loose credit policies, jobless recoveries, bank bailouts, skyrocketing rent + education + healthcare, tax cuts for the rich, growing inequality (incl. inter-generational), advertiser/big-donor bribes legalized as “free speech.”

Just by noting how this definition explains real observations and is consistent with the root word “capital” suggests this is an excellent definition of Capitalism. The Republican party and the neo-liberals in the Democratic party will agree with the observations being real but will not think anything bad is happening.

Dr. Wolfe goes on to explain that Socialism is a system of government that enforces any consideration other than profit (investor returns) into account. For example worker’s safety, living wage, rights to unionize, environmental protections, paths from education to employment, breaking up monopolies (trust busting) etc. Most of Western Europe has these aspects of Socialism.

The variety of Socialism doesn’t end there. State owned enterprises competing with private enterprises is something seen in Canada with Petro-Canada stations and the USPS competing with FedEx and UPS.

Communism is more extreme on state owned enterprises in that entire industries can be 100% owned by the state with government-selected CEOs competing with each other in that industry. China demonstrates this kind of model of communism.

The ancient Russian revolutionary model of communism is dead but involved 100% guaranteed employment, total control of all industries by the government and direct control of printing the nation’s currency with no sovereign debt. This can also be described as Marxism. Putin’s current governance is more like FDR.

Bernie is more of a populist (Medicare For All, Green New Deal, Debt-free college) with a focus on eliminating the corrupting influence of money in democracy. He is achieving the latter by remaining a viable candidate while not holding private fundraisers with deep-pocket donors. It has been studied that mega-donors will not part with their funds unless they feel 100% convinced they will make multiples of their money back.

Relatively unknown is that President Abraham Lincoln was the closest thing to a Marxist president in the United States:

There is also a Christian Communist notion that Jesus Christ was a Marxist: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_communism

I could not read the article any further than the Interstate Highway paragraph.
If the rail system had been developed as a means of transporting more than cattle and Chinese and Japanese junk the planet would not be suffering at the level that it is. It was and is all about the Benjamins Baby. Using the GDP as a evaluation of progress instead of sustainable lifestyle is the cause of global boiling.

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ten stars for you darling

According to who? That’s a liberal capitalist definition. It has nothing to do with those who fought for socialism thoroughout history. I am sure that our plutocratic leaders would argue that institutions that “benefit the general populace” would include the police, the FBI, the CIA and the NSA, institutions that have protected the interests of the plutocrats against the the interests of the general populace.Your definition is just another peice of “recieved information” (see the book Manufacturing Consent: the Political Economy of the Mass Media) from a capitalist media.

How about teaching Democrats to talk about … TRUTH ?? !!

ACTUALLY … You cannot “teach” this Duopoly Partner … ANYTHING !!
Because they presume to OWN the truth, and therefore have no problems in silencing or eliminating OTHERS,
They are not looking to “Learn” anything. They already know it all.

I guess that “TV’s” are still working great. I would not know of course since I have not had mine hooked up for almost 25-years. I could email this article to all of the local Democratic Parties in my area however, would they read it. Are you kidding me? By the way, this is an excellent article. It has connected all the dots and used small words. If I have learned anything it is people are lazy bastards and books are a mystery to minds that were starved when young so that any critical thinking is being hampered by one’s thumb activity on the small screen under their noses. The majority of folks in this country will die while looking down at the mesmerizing glow of a tech that has entrap the once unlimited boundaries of the human mind. In my area, if Rachel Maddow says it is so ….it must be so. If I was to give the DEMs some factual information or even my “opinion”, then I would be deemed the freak. So I say let ‘em eat cake and see how they like it on the surface of a planet that is quickly becoming unbearable to live on.

OK…so I am having a bad day. 

Another simple explanation for simple people is…informing them that they are already using forms of socialism and do not recognize it as such. Thus this article pointed that out. ya know…like schools, roads, hospitals, etc.