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Teaching Under Covid: NY School-Reopening Guidance Highlights the Need for a Radical, Uniform National Response to Covid-19

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/19/teaching-under-covid-ny-school-reopening-guidance-highlights-need-radical-uniform


If I had school age children, they would not be going back to a school building until this virus has been gotten under control. Today no one can be “forced” back to schools, I’m not a proponent of home schooling, but now is the time for it. Protect your kids, teachers, and your families, don’t send your kids to sit in a COVID 19 soup at school.


“for a state in which [42 percent of its children are poor]”
I am shocked.

Open windows is correct.
Bus windows open a bit is also correct.
Not mentioned is the school buildings air handler system needing updates with very few weeks left to complete the design and installations. There are also electric light waves that kill most virus germs if they flow in the area. Copper kills the virus in about three hours.

Buffalo, NY - Oh, HAH. Walking to school in minus 20 uphill for five miles - both ways - is the normal American student trek!!

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also barefoot, of course… you’re absolutely dead-on channelling my dear departed patriarch. Ouch!

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Every school district has unique local covid19 health conditions. We are hopefully hiring intelligent hard working county public health and school administrators who can evaluate their own situation.

We have gone on month after month of receiving crap, lying information every day. Just do a quick ggogle search on a feature and a falsehood opinion is repeated from early March thru yesterday.
Even TV cable opinion networks will interview some ‘former’ medical dean telling us some old outdated information that has already been disquaified.
Maddening because we have and are killing about 140,000 additional people by Thanksgiving compared to what the USA dead count should have been.

My impression is that a self-devouring, auctioning-off-the-lifejackets stage of neoliberal mass-hysteria has effectively seized UK and Sweden, as well as USA. Daily deceased per-capita, for instance, shows those two not far behind us:


USA is gradually rising, now at 2.3 per million per day, which works out to 32 deaths per hour, somewhere in USA. Recently our caseload has doubled, with apparently continuing suppression of USA’s official death-count (especially in Texas, of course). Most likely, official numbers will show higher daily deaths shortly, as outcomes catch up with cases.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    28 DAYS             CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   4.  02/01/2020           8           8
>   8.  02/29/2020          16          24
>  12.  03/28/2020     122,629     122,653
>  16.  04/25/2020     805,966     928,619
>  20.  05/23/2020     693,495   1,622,114
>  24.  06/20/2020     625,915   2,248,029
>  28.  07/18/2020   1,450,132   3,698,161
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A neighbor, gate security at lumber yard, tested by her company. Has anti-bodies and works out that she was exposed mid December 2019. Had cough for a while back then, she remembers.

I’ll continue with man made virus from Fort Detrick, Maryland.
Last summers’s closure was not for peeling paint.

I just saw an enclosed cubicle for one person with recirculated air every five minutes. This is the future. They are being built. Pods. It’s funny, in a weird way. In an office full of loud talkers, I prefer a pod. The cost is ten thousand dollars a pod. For a pupil population of 35,000 that would be $350,000,000. I don’t think that idea “has roots.” That’s the safest way I have seen to reopen schools.