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Team Heckler: Liars Not Lawyers

Team Heckler: Liars Not Lawyers

A big bad day for the especially egregious members of Grifters Inc. as Paul Manafort was hit with 16 shiny new pardon-proof state charges of fraud and slime by New York prosecutors just moments after he got more prison time in federal court. Emerging to speak to the crowd, his lawyer then boasted the judge had found "no evidence of any Russian collusion" - a brazen, barefaced lie swiftly met with shouts of "That's not what she said!" from hecklers, aka much-needed, truth-telling patriots.

How do these people continue to hold a licence to practice law?

Trump obviously broke campaign finance laws by making an unreported payment to Stormy Daniels to help his presidential campaign. Yet, we’re still talking about Russian collusion. WTF?


“Court is one of the places where facts still matter.” That’s why Trump and McConnell and the Dems are packing the federal courts with right-wing know-nothings (see Ellis) who make up their own facts to suit their audience of one.


“Yet, we’re still talking about Russian collusion. WTF?”
breaking campaign finance laws is punishable by a fine.
conspiring with a foreign enemy is treason and merits life in jail.
we all want to see his orange ass in the slammer.
and not the country club prison that Manafort will serve time in.

Breaking campaign finance law is provable now, not something that Mueller apparently can’t prove.

And it’s an impeachable offense.

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Their entire profession is dedicated to the subversion of laws, there is no reason to assume these are an exception to the norm.

I hope you are wring, but I’m afraid you are right.

Hi SkepticTank—yes that Russian collusion thingy is weird. The Hillary bots are trying to make it seem as if that Russia cost her the election----and yet–writers do not seem to make a difference between what was done by greedy oligarchs and this that could be traitors. Besides, Bill Blimmy ( sp) said that the Hillary emails did not come from outside the country-----I am failing to see a connection where Russia did it -------makes sense. I would say to Hillary that YOU lost the election when you the AP and the electors decided you won before a lot of states had voted. That’s when I voted for my first Green for President.

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