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Team Refugee and the Normalization of Mass Displacement


Team Refugee and the Normalization of Mass Displacement

Phyllis Bennis, Kareem Faraj

It was after midnight when the small refugee Olympic team strode into the stadium in Rio, the very last before host country Brazil’s huge contingent danced in to the samba-driven opening ceremonies. Ten amazing athletes, originally from four separate countries but sharing their status as unable to return home, marching under the Olympic flag.

It was an extraordinary sight — moving and powerful far beyond the cheering for the national teams.


In the mean time the "development" model applied to Haiti and the disappearance of actual benefit to the people of Haiti is replicated in Afghanistan. The Project on Government Oversight has been documenting the egregious fraud perpetrated by DoD and the "private contractors" impoverishing and destabilizing that nation at taxpayer expense.

This appears to be the latest iteration of genocidal colonization. Each step of abuse appears to be taken as increased opportunity for more abuse.

How can one be "proud" to be an American when there is such abuse being perpetrated by the DoD that systematically obliterates essential dignity ?

The final topping on the model being that it NEVER satisfies actual need and hence epitomizes the disease of "constant expansion".


As per the latest report the Pentagon can not identify where they spent some 6.8 TRILLION dollars.

I suspect a huge chunk of that flows directly in to the pockets of those private contracters and those same companies are engaged in rampant fraud inside those countries.

To Haiti just as example. Much of the monies sent to the Red Cross for reconstruction was then sent out to private contracters to do that work. Since the Earthquake something like 6 homes have been built. The people of Haiti are kept in such dire straits they will work for any amount of wage at foreign owned firms which extract wealth and ship it out to foreign investors. NGO's work hand in hand with the US Military to help strip nations of their wealth and funnel it into the hands of "The Investor class".

Aid in the way of food aid is used to saturate a market with GMO foods and crap mass produced on factory farms which then puts local farmers out of business. The economy then becomes ever more reliant on that foreign aid and ever more sovereignity surrendered to the nations providing it.

More from the leaked emails on Libya. This shows how the French Government trained terrorists to help make the revolution happen and then used their own Military to expand the influence of their Corporations into the country.


According to one entry from March 22, 2011, “officers” with the General Directorate for External Security — the French intelligence service — “began a series of secret meetings” with Jalil and Gen. Abdul Fatah Younis in Benghazi in late February and gave them “money and guidance” to set up the council, whose formation was announced Feb. 27.

The officers, “speaking under orders from [Sarkozy] promised that as soon as the [council] was organized France would recognize [it] as the new government of Libya.”

“In return for their assistance,” the memo states, “the DGSE officers indicated that they expected the new government of Libya to favor French firms and national interests, particularly regarding the oil industry in Libya.”

It is Colonialism in a form deemed more acceptable to the masses.


Thank you Phyllis Bennis for trying to remind so many of the repercussions of the mostly, "West's" foreign policies that are not, sanitary nor benign and have enormous consequences.
Thank you for reminding us of the millions of Palestinians that have been living like animals in refugee camps....out of sight and out of mind.
The "war on terror" has given some governments and all arms manufacturers the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
I cannot weep for a world where so many declare they are "concerned" for others, but lift not a finger except to text their friends what inane episode in their lives disturbed or amused them.
We live in a sorry world.


Can we identify the politicians that gave the Pentagon 6.8 Trillion of our tax revenues to play with?

Direct democracy


When the first ever Olympic refugee team walked in NBC could have mentioned that they represent 65.3 million people forced from home worldwide, either as refugees (21.3 million) or internally displaced persons. By population they rank 22nd among participating countries between Thailand and the United Kingdom.


The Pentagon reported today that Afghanistan was being overrun by ISIS fighters.
Apparently there is an endless supply of radical, militants streaming in from Pakistan ready to fight US forces.
If Obama and the neocons thought that they could win in Afghanistan wait until these guys start going after us.
The US has three choices here:
1. Invade Pakistan
2. Side with the Taliban to fight ISIS
3. Get the hell out of the Middle East


You forgot option 4.

Do not label every person resisting foreign invasion as ISIS.

ISIS is a fabricated bogeyman and if there was no ISIS the USA would create it again.


According to the witnesses inside the "Disclosure Project" (pioneered by Dr. Steven Greer) a lot of this missing money actually funds underground cities with very elaborate tunnel networks AND a Secret Space Program. The stuff the weapons contractors (who the military hired back in the late l940s for the purpose of hiding the crash sites, and subsequently they were able to reverse-engineer the crafts and now OWN the technology.... which requires NO fossil fuels) are involved with makes sci-fi look tame.


I can not recall which CEO it was but there was one that headed a major technology compnay that claimed he would live on forever as he could just have his mind downloaded to a computer. This fascination with technology and the belief those that driving all of this change have that it can solve all ills is part of the reason these sociopaths see no problem with destroying the natural world around us.

Your underground Cities reference is likely another. This one percent just does not think the way most people do. If they can rule in hell they would choose hell.


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A good piece.

I cannot help objecting, though, that characterizing the war in Syria as apart from US aggression is extremely misleading. The US and Saudi Arabia moved in to destabilize Assad, then to fund and arm ISIS, and then to bomb ISIS and others.

Revamp that, and we have a far clearer picture:

The world has more refugees than at any time since WWII because of American petrol-related wars of aggression from North Africa through Central Asia, inclusive. This appears to be related to some power struggle between a very roughly US-European-Saudi-Israeli entity and apparently unaffiliated centers of power in Russia, China, India, and Brazil, probably in that order.

The primary decision-making group in this does not appear to correspond cleanly to any single nation or government, though the main executor appears to be the federal government of the USA, with minor roles shunted on to various NATO nations and allies, probably more to distribute culpability than anything else.

This picture fits fairly cleanly with what is known about CIA-mafia sorts of governance in "banana republic" company-town nations from their earliest capitalist development but particularly from the mid-20th century on. Since the same agencies are involved with the US government, including many of the same individuals that have been involved with CIA throttling of various nations, the circumstantial evidence strongly suggests rule by a loose more-or-less affiliation of what must be something like crime families, directing and manipulating energy and financial and social policy towards some moderately shared impression of self-interest.

For whatever reason, this more-or-less-official group or group of groups has no obvious compunction about killing or torture or driving millions from their homes. This is likely in part about what may be a more-than-rational urgency about maintaining and extending control.

So what does this leave us with? The last waves of American violence, particularly in and around Syria, and the provocation of Russia to the point that American and Russian troops are firing on the same battlefield. This is directed by some less-than-fully-identified group of more-or-less legal and illegal businesspersons for some poorly known and apparently ill-examined set of goals related to somebody's personal gain.

I don't suppose that the appropriate response is to dive off a cliff, exactly. But I should think we should by now have ruled out the option of pretending that we can stay where we are.

Tick tock.


With people who bomb them to, among other things, steal their resources.