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Team Trump's Bible Study: Weekly Worship Meeting at the White House


Team Trump's Bible Study: Weekly Worship Meeting at the White House

Julia Conley, staff writer

The founder of a group dedicated to making "disciples of Jesus Christ in the political arena" has been leading a Bible study with top members of the Trump administration.


The third rail of Republican politics: not saying, " Jesus made me do it ", often enough.


The Amerikkkan Taliban would love to bring about a Theocracy. The delusional group think they can fit through the eye of a needle.
Sessions, DeVos and Pence need a new meeting space, preferably a slow shot to Mars.


Onward Christian zombies, marching as to war…

Now the xtian nutter brainwashing workshops (in their case “a light rinse is more than sufficient”) are in the WH basement proselytizing! How do they rationalize the evil madness and pathological behavior of the ginger pig I wonders? What would Jesus have thought?


While their at it how about a climate science study group in the White House. Michael Mann could lead the study sessions. And if some of these Republicans were psychologically overwhelmed by confronting reality they could have counselors on hand to get them through the painful trip from make believe to what is real. They are currently steering this country toward disaster which isn’t nice. Is it Christian?


Is there anything more hypocritical than the juxtaposition of these peoples’ piety with their policy agendas?


In Jesus’ name



"its stated mission is to “reach public servants for Christ at every stop along their career paths…as they ascend to higher office” in the hopes that “the impact of the Gospel will be increased in every strata of government.” "
Like the neoliberals and american exceptionalists, their twisted manifest destiny is hijacked from under Jesus’ nose . . . . . capitalism preached from the pulpit while 100,000s die from industrial pollution and the inability to access healthcare.
False prophets rule.


No matter how much this demonic group dump$ into the offertory plate and how hard they pray to their false prophet(s), the likes of Jesus, God, the Holy Ghost, Yahweh, and Angel Maroney will never cross over to their KKKristian way of worshiping the almighty dollar and power while oppressing the people. Their sins are way to grievous to even be brought up for forgiveness. Haedes calling!

It is a wonder that the room in which they meet does not ignite into flames…


It really is hard to imagine a more Godless assembly. But then the new “Christianity” is blasphemy and, metaphorically, the manifestation of the anti-Christ. These “prophets” have diverted attention from God’s actual works, the natural universe, toward a work of human beings (the Bible), and entirely human interpretations of that Bible. These people have broken the very first of the Ten Commandments – Thou shalt have no other gods before me. They have placed their human fallibility, represented by their absolute faith that the Bible is literally true and that their interpretation of it is the absolute word of God, above God’s creation itself, and now proceed to enforce their blasphemy on all of us.

Given that misplaced faith they can then safely ignore the actual laws of nature. Science studies those laws. Science studies God’s creation and proceeds to inform us of the mechanisms of nature. Science has its vision squarely on God and tells us what God has done. It does not ask why, but it sure as hell asks, and answers, how. As an enterprise, science tells us about what God did. The new “Christianity” tells us nothing of God, but of some internal human impulse. Our understanding of the natural world constantly evolves, because science is not a rigid faith, but evolves with continuing observation. The Earth is NOT 6,000 years old and human beings did not walk with dinosaurs. If we observe that in the natural world species evolve, then God created evolution as a mechanism in the natural world. To deny what we observe in the natural world in favor of fallible human writings and interpretations is to deny what God actually has done in creating the natural world. That is worshiping a fallible human creation above God, and thus denying God. That pesky first Commandment, and a patent blasphemy. It is also how the anti-Christ is supposed to appear, pretending to worship God, but in fact spreading hatred, suffering and death by despising God’s creation, the natural world.

Therefore, it is not surprising that bringing such “Christian” values into government strips it of all compassion and charity. Hail to the Chief! The anti-Christ lives, long live the anti-Christ!


I bet they’re studying very closely the part of the scriptures where Judas betrays Jesus, for 30 pieces of silver.


You mean, “Public Serpents” don’t you?


And war millions of lives lost in war.


IIRC, when the Bible was first being written down – about 400 years after the death of the philosopher Jesus – one of the DELIBERATE mis-interpretations was man’s “dominion” over the earth and its creatures rather than “stewardship”.  Everything and everyone under the dominion of the “Christian” West has been paying for it ever since.

ALL religions are intrinsically evil – they are based on fraud, and resort to force when the fraud is uncovered.

Having suffered under the English theocracy, the authors of our Constitution recognized this and – despite their other failings, such as accepting slavery – added the First Amendment to prevent the establishment of a theo­cracy in the United States.  DeVos, Pence and their ilk are determined to undermine this separation, and to destroy what little is left of our rational democracy representative republic.


One would think that bible study should be making people more hospital to strangers, more compassionate toward the poor, more loving of self and others, more caring for the sick, more accepting of differences, and more understanding of others trials and tribulations.

"In an interview with CBN, he praised the cabinet members on their participation in the group, singling out Sessions. “He’ll go out the same day I teach him something and I’ll see him do it on camera and I just think, ‘Wow, these guys are faithful, available, and teachable and they’re at Bible study every week they’re in town.’”

Must be teaching from a different bible than I’ve read because I haven’t seen Sessions or any of the other serpents come even remotely close to emulating anything I’ve read about Jesus.

I realize though that anyone can make the bible say pretty much whatever one wants it to say.

For Christ sake it was used to justified the inquisition, witch burnings, the Nazi holocaust, slavery, separate but equal, lynchings, wife beating, child abuse, and recently used in Uganda in an attempt to make homosexuality a capital crime.

The list of atrocities justified by the bible is almost limitless.

So yes, I can see how these religious zealots will delight in using their bible to support their ideological faith to justify the unjustifiable.


But please, please, friends, do not let the likes of these take over what is known as Christianity, or faith in God by any name. Among the group covered in the last paragraph of the article are several mainline Protestant groups, not to mention Jewish Voice for Peace and various Muslim organizations. We won’t let them have our God, and yes we pray for them.

Real Bible study looks at what was written, by access to the original words or by comparing translations, and invites all members to interact with and respond to the text. A real leader of Bible study never tells the members what the text means, but learns with them how many different things it might mean. A real leader adds historical context and refers to scholarly works.


And this is a good thing???

Well boys and girls, it ain’t gonna be long b4 the ‘rapture’ will be here – bible studies in the WH, like so seriously ewwwwww! What in the hell happened to the ‘separation of church and state’?


What a joke –

What are the figures now … still a Congress overwhelmingly male – and “Christian” though I doubt
most of us could identify anything they do as Christian.

Their religion is based in male-supremacy and oppression of women.

But somehow we don’t want to acknowledge that. Why?

Let me also remind us all that studies show that MALES are our sexual abusers of children
and that they are heterosexual males.

Homosexuals are 100% LESS likely to sexually abuse a child than a heterosexual.

If anyone wants any more into on that I’ll be happy to pass it along.


clutching at straws


Worship a male-dominated carny huckster manifestation of religion and ignore the fouling/rape of Mother Earth with filth and poison and despoliation - all in the worship of Mammon - worship and praise of greed and vast wealth via destruction of the Natural World.

“It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven”…a parable evidenced by such as this link to utter contempt for our Mother, Her creatures and garden in worship of Mammon.

Stick this in your “bible studies” mofo’s!..Oh, wait, I forgot…Jesus is gonna come-back and fix all this…yeah, not holding my breath…