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'Tear Gassing Children Is Outrageous and Inhumane': US Condemned for Violence Against Asylum Seekers

'Tear Gassing Children Is Outrageous and Inhumane': US Condemned for Violence Against Asylum Seekers

Jon Queally, staff writer

As legal experts and human rights advocates overnight and Monday morning continued to denounce the tear gassing of children and other asylum seekers by U.S.

Is Trump’s treatment and manner of speaking about immigrants wrong? Yes. Are ICE and border agents in this administration thugs? Yes. But why would tear-gassing children be wrong if shooting them with guns is not? (This happened in 2012 when Obama was president.)


Our Fuhrer in Chief, without any evidence whatsoever, claims the migrants to be criminals. All the while he is running the biggest criminal enterprise on the planet and the deadliest global terrorist organization as well. Allowing this to continue undermines what little justification remains for this system of government


Trump, so fearful of poor and surely exhausted refugees, attacks them with violence. Of course his base loves it at that is all that matters to this pustule of a man-baby. I hope that scientists remove and study his putrid brain when he dies (or today, if that’s possible). They will find a lot of antimatter in it, I sure to say.


We have a violent vicious psychopath leading our nation. The Bigot in the pure White House creates this frustration on our southern border by shutting down the Asylum process and then blames the victims fleeing violence in Central America for all the commotion on the border.

America why are we allowing this right-wing extremist to treat our neighbors and fellow human beings like hardened dangerous criminals.

I guess anyone of those stroller carriages with little babies can be transformed into a Sherman Tank.

We should send the Third Armor Division to the border immediately to stop the invasion of all those women and children running to save their lives.

What a disgusting country we are becoming. Treating our neighbors who are fleeing for their lives with such disdain and contempt.

Mr. President you are a sick deranged sociopath lunatic, a throwback to the Aryan Race Bigots that rose up in Nazi Germany.

Sieg heil mein Fuhrer you are doing a great job of keeping America White Again.

Let’s close all our borders until we can give immigrants coming to our country a Genetics test for Race and Heredity.

Thanks Mr. Bigot for making America the immoral unethical inhumane capital of the world.

I know the heartless racist leading our nation will have no trouble shooting down brown women and children at our border if they dare to ask for help.


Oh, we are. But we also recognize the moral imperative to recognize that people who are fleeing those Third World countries deserve asylum.


For those who have eyes to see, when a nation in which the apparatus of state power is used as it has been under this damnable regime, it is a designation neither quaint nor archaic to speak of such a nation as “demonically possessed.”

Such a regime is capable, as we have witnessed, of little else than inflicting death as a matter of course and policy, while propagandizing for its actions as if they were good, ethical, and right for the country, all the while cutting down all that is good and ethical and right, for what? In order to serve death itself as comprehended in all the moral, intellectual, material, and physical implications and connotations of the word.

Proliferation of murder, lies, enslavement, incarceration, famine, poisoning of the earth, whatever destroys humanity and creation and makes life itself unlivable–these are but a few of the ways in which the power of death is served and exercised in our world.

In addition to conscientious struggle, for those who are apt, perhaps also prayer for exorcism and deliverance are in order.


Oh effing blabbity blabbity. Give it a rest, Vonny, your spew is enough to make anyone hurl. HUMANS are not illegal, EVER. And being REFUGEES is the way your people got here too. Sad for us that we are stuck with one who so easily forgets that these are human beings and the actions are vicious and acts of war.


There’s nothing in that skull worth preserving.


Trump’s birther movement and 2016 campaign (that has not yet ended and never will) are rooted in racism and his base is gushing at the mere thought of immigrant heads rolling.


I condemn Trump’s actions but these asylum seekers did themselves no favors by recklessly bum rushing the border fence. That just invites retaliatory violence, and it supplies optics for FoxNews to exploit:


This is an ever-more common type of response from people who start ranting anytime there’s a criticism of a Democrat:

  1. Put words in their mouth (in their post) that have nothing to do with what they actually wrote.
  2. Make up an accusation that they are pro-Trump bigots and, by extension, agree with all of Trumps.
  3. Use language like “effing blabbity blabbity” that doesn’t have meaning and can’t really be responded to.
  4. Use simplistic language to insinuate that a) there are only two sides and b) any politician opposed to Trump is automatically a good guy and excused for his/her own crimes, even if they committed the same crimes as Trump…

Remember when Obama used pepper spray on migrants at the same border?

Also, if you’re running for your life, maybe now is not a great time to consider having children.

Other than that, this is awful, and it’s what we can expect from the world as the habitat continues to collapse.


Erm, this is bizarre. I criticize someone who makes blatantly false, ad hominem accusations about you, and then you go ahead and make the same ones about me?

True gassing children in Mexico is outrageous, but the Israelis and murdering children on hills overlooking Gaza with weapons provided by United States Taxpayers. Compared to Israel, our border patrol is showing restraint. Of course, if we quit overthrowing democratically elected presidents in Latin America, the problem would not be nearly as huge.


Trump is a “stone cold criminal.”


Mr. Trump, I have just one thing to say to you. You are a fucking coward. You always talk about being tough but you never fight your own battles. You leave it up to the cops, military, or your lawyers to fight your fights for you. You are a typical spoiled rich kid who always has had his way not out of respect but because of your inherited money you had no part in creating. In short you’re probably about as low rent morally as a human being can get. Conservative? Christian? Give me a break. You’re nothing more than a cowardly spoiled brat who never grew up mentally. You could do great things to advance our species by using the money you were gifted with and the power of the position you hold, but like the Koch brothers you instead use what you have been given to further enrich yourself at the expense of the many. How fucking pathetic.


Trump is so dangerous that your post is not hyperbole. Sinclair Lewis wrote a book back in the 1930’s about fascism in America. Sinclair called it: IT CAN’T HAPPEN HERE. Since Sinclair passed away a long time ago, I would like someone to write a sequel: IT IS HAPPENING HERE!


We’re a Christian nation. It’s what Jesus would do.

Yep. One off and “both sides do it”. Let’s wait for prosecutions, before you both sided it, tRump Dump.