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Tear It Down: Why Every Person at the DNC Should Be Fired


Tear It Down: Why Every Person at the DNC Should Be Fired

Cenk Uygur

There is a common stereotype that Democrats are by their nature weak and feckless. There was nothing weak about FDR. There was nothing weak about the New Deal or his audacious plan to pack the court. Ralph Nader wasn’t weak when he got Nixon to establish the EPA and OSHA. There was a time when liberals roared like lions.

So, what happened in the meanwhile that turned them into the perpetual losers they are today? Money in politics.


Throughout the election cycle Cenk was one of the media few who got it right. He wasn't afraid to call out Clinton for being the flawed candidate that she was, and he stuck out his neck to support Sanders when others were ignoring his remarkable campaign. I have nothing but high regard for , 'The Young Turks'. Either the DNC must be purged or a third party must be formed and I would prefer the latter. Jill Stein showed great wisdom and class throughout and I think the Greens are a good place to start a political party for the people.


I am fairly confident that the DNC will elect someone like (current medical industry lobbyist) Howard Dean to be it's chair. In that case, those of us on the left need to leave the party en mass for the Greens. I think they are serious about building a party for The People, not the powerful.


amen Cenk. if Howard Dean is made DNC Chair, then to HELL with the Democratic Party.


Excellent article. Firing them all won't fix a rigged system though

Direct Democracy


Tear It Down: Why Every Person at the DNC Should Be Fired

Exactly my sentiment!. As Austintatious1 stated,hey are not the cause, but the symptom, however they are a great place, to start from, for our build-up to Phase II, the 2018 mid term elections for Congress.
With the present personnel the DNC is bound to obstruct any effort on electing a more progressive House or Senate.
So yes, they have to go now!, it is important.


It would be a good start in the effort of "unrigging" the system.


Who's going to fire them?


Howard Dean did a good job founding the DFA, but then he turned traitor to the progressive movement by co-authoring that email with Clinton endorsing her as the candidate the DFA should support.
He did that during a membership survey to that effect, by despicably using the membership list for that partisan purpose, thus trying to undermine the integrity of the survey.

He is poison!


I am greatly encouraged by the number of endorsements your pot received (6 at this writing). It shows, that a lot of people have been paying attention.


It was painful to watch repeatedly as democrat legislative insiders told reporters that a party overhaul is not necessary just some fine tuning is needed. They will not allow a new guard to take charge so all we can do is dump them and organize a new party. Eventually their party will fade away.


That's the right attitude for sure but we need to address the fact that capitalism will always create this situation. Neoliberalism has to die, here and across the world. It has devastated this country and others.
Dem's won't get it till they become an abandoned party. Call it what it is and tell your Reps you won't support Neoliberal policies any more and will leave the party if they continue in this way.
Many times I've said the Repubs couldn't be where they are if the Dems were worth their salt. They need to know they have to get it or get gone.


YES! Tear it down, and let Bernie and Elizabeth Warren put their people in there!!! They already have the trust of the people!! They are anti establishment, so they will attract many "working class white men and women.." too :0)


This much is clear -- neither the Republicans nor the Democrats represent us ("us" = those who make less than six-digit annual income figures, the vast majority of Americans). Voting for either party does not equate to political representation.

It may very well be the case that the change that is necessary can only come through some means other than the ballot box. Thanks to cutting off all possibility of political representation for us mere plebs, the only other recourse we may have is by tearing down more than just a political party or two.

What other choice do we have when all the other doors have been blocked by the ruling class?


Really, for me I often heard that TYT were "Hillary shills" since they barely said anything negative about her. I don't have an opinion about them either way, just sharing what I heard.


"Blaming the DNC instead of the Party's elected officials is just another of the various forms of scapegoating going on that's calculated to let the Party elite, the real culprits, off the hook."

But the problem with that is it WAS the DNC (supposed to be at least nominally neutral) who pushed Clinton (the esablishment) over Sanders (the insurgent). Don't you remember Wasserman-Schultz? She wasn't corrupting the system all by her lonesome. Why? As Cenk says - they ARE part and parcel the establishment themselves. You can't get rid of the Party's elitist elected officials if the Party itself is supporting them and undermining everyone who isn't in the "club". They are NOT a neutral organization - they are in bed with those elite elected officials. As is the DCCC and DSCC. The Party elite == the DNC and vice-versa. If, as you say, they "just do the dirty work of the Party elite" then they ARE to be blamed. Get rid of them and maybe some of those elite elected officials would be gone.


The people.


I won't wait to see if they elect Howard Dean, the DNC will never have my support.
I have only voted Democrat once in the last 35 years [ For Bernie ], I have already changed my Oregon voter registration back to the Progressive Party, and will never vote for a Democrat again.
If Sanders wants me to vote for people he endorses, he will have to endorse a third party.


I once saw Cenk Uygur of TYT on YouTube. He debated Bill Maher & Sham Scam Harris. I agreed with Uygur on His view of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict & Islam. I disagree with him about supporting Obama's war against Libya. He must think war & destruction are acceptable if done by Democrats & unacceptable if done by Republicans.


Cenk voted for Hillary.