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Tech CEOs Branded Privacy Traitors For Their Quiet Push to Pass CISA



Don't be evil

We've already got that covered


If you own a Mac, as I do, start reading your console logs...you'll see a log posting concerning your email/address-book/contacts, I forget the actual name but in the line that follows it reads, find names...they are trying to get your contacts whether it be through email, messaging or the cloud...recently Epic.org gave Apple a special award for being so active in protecting their users privacy, I sent them an on-line message concerning this very issue and have yet to hear back...if you do own a Mac get the firewall by Intego called NetBarrier, you will then be able to block any and all contact with Apple, it works...start using a non-logging VPN, they aren't cheap but well worth it, also learn how to run your router to protect you...there are many ways to protect yourself while this fight for our RIGHTS rage's on...We Have The Right To Be Secure In Our Persons and Papers, I think that's the way the line reads...trust no one unless it's face to face in real-time...in the past I was censored by my ISP because they could not get into my computer to find out who I was, or that is what I was told, I went to my Congress-person and the matter was quickly resolved in my favor...but...that was 2 years ago.



  • What VPN do you use?
  • What suggestions do you have regarding routers?


Currently I am using Express VPN but Tor is recommending Froot VPN, they both offer the same things but there is Big difference in pricing, I'll most likely move to Froot next month...boy, routers? Big question mark there, SOHO makes a great one for home use but it's pricey at almost 400 bucks but, you do get what you pay for...stay away from wifi, just a straight router with Tunnelblick installed and running the software provided by the VPN, wifi even with the right keys and such can still be picked up, goto EFF to learn more about that. The combo of a VPN and Tor and you are kinda safe, you still have to keep your eye's open at all times. Good Luck Oatstraw


Thanks! If you're interested, TorrentFreak does a yearly review of VPN's. Froot is there, on the second page (of three). It seems the only thing they won't let you do is run a mail server. Unfortunately, they don't take any crypto-currencies. Hmm.

Routers ... I don't use any wireless at home, but a lot of ISP's these days will give a link via an encrypted wireless connection to a main antenna somewhere on a hill or large building. That's what I'm using. The equipment is generally higher quality (Ubiquity), but I don't actually know what problems it might present.

By the way, notice how commons.commondreams.org isn't https? Really? At this late date??


https and c/d? ya well, on 100,000 max income most goes to the reporters...the thing with wifi is what can be captured by external vacuum's, EFF has a great thing about it now requireing a warrant in order to "vacuum up the signals"...this whole "security" thingy drags one down and there's just no way to get on top of it...an air gap machine? too expensive! have you looked at Sophos?. I'd love to do it nut have to equipment or the savvy :-(((


I’m using TunnelBear. It provides excellent privacy policies, approachable design, and browser extensions.