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Ted Cruz’s Team of Islamophobes


Ted Cruz’s Team of Islamophobes

Derek Davison

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), one of the three remaining candidates for the Republican presidential nomination, is unveiling his national security team today, and Bloomberg View columnist Eli Lake was able to preview some of its members for his readers this morning.


Cartoonishly as ugly on the outside as the inside, Cruz snarls at most everyone with his dominion-Zionist views dripping from his "person"a at every turn. Let’s all take a good look and listen while this belief system tries to take over the world. Let’s hold its head underwater and count to infinity, folks.


I guess I’m an “Islamophobe”, too. I believe women are the equal of men, I believe everyone should have the vote, I believe opinions should be based on facts, I value reason above supposition. That’s enough to make me an enemy of Islam.