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Teen Climate Activist to Crowd of Thousands: 'We Can't Save the World by Playing by the Rules Because the Rules Have to Change'

Every evangelical on Earth is hook line and sinker a republican. They are working to help their sky god deliver on his promise of Armageddon,then the lovely evangelicals think they’ll all transform and float joyously into the sky, happy and carefree while those icky liberals will all burn, along with their bleeding hearts, down in hell. Its God, not them, who’s destroying the life of every child on earth, a loving compassionate god.


First Rule of Climate Change ; Stop Having More Children!

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Yes, and underlying all of that is traditional family values. Have more kids and this god will provide, as long as you pray the right way. Wishful thinking will always win the day, and if it doesn’t you get to go to heaven.

This is the cult of natalism.

Don’t forget to tell your children you knew the habitat was collapsing, however being a love monkey, you just could not control yourself.

On their way to the refugee camp, or running for their lives, I’m sure they will find this interesting.

World Population Clock.

…and how do you think that system is going to be changed ??? Through voting???..mm I do not think so…I do think…that with these young people. Coming alkng. Who DO more or less the same “get it”…All HELL is going let loose. Because…they be finding out …just how LATE it really is…and when they do… Well…you would not want to be a rich oil exec…or part of the 1%

That’s just silly.

This idea that the young people are going to take down the one percent of wealth and then all will be well is silly.

EVERYTHING in EVERY city around the world runs on oil. It is either made from oil, or transported by oil. Every piece of plastic. Every car and truck and airplane and train and boat. Everything in your house. Oil.

Further, there are secondary resources also either running out or destroying the habitat from timber, water, rare metals, and etc. that keep this global economy running.

So tell me, after they get rid of the one percent, then what happens?

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We greatly desire democratic government but what we in the U.S. have is horribly damaged. My rule 1 is to pay a high price if necessary to obtain a government by the people and for the people. My better well-tested governmental structure is the Cambridge, Massachusetts City Council form of government. I recommend using the current government to get actual democratic government out of it when possible but walking across the street and setting up honest voting booths when necessary. For starters, we could invent neighborhood councils. We could also convert union locals to real democracy, church memberships, student councils,… Is this a breaking of the rules?

Next, we need the technologies that destroy the fossil fuel industry. The fossil fuel industry spends an incomprehensible $900 million a year on all sorts of “lobbying”, hiring troll farms to pollute CommonDreams forums with utter baloney about the really bad corporate-driven form of “geoengineering” and saying hateful things to legitimate posters. Just as evil, they stopped up every dime of federal research money that could destroy the fossil fuel industry and they’ll fight us in all 50 states if that’s what it takes for them to get richer. You need to fight back.

Destroy the fossil fuel industry.

Okay then what happens?

Geoengineering is not real. Tabloid sites with no evidence are not real news.

And like with geoengineering, if you can prove troll farms exist on this site, you should show us your proof.

Your turn.

Soooo true!

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It’s neither God – a mythical entity – nor “them”, who’s destroying life on earth — it is Us.  ALL of Us . . .
(Remember where their God – the King of Konspicuous Konsumption – came from:  Santa Claus – a no
less mythical entity – walked into a fast-food joint and shouted, “Super-Size Me!!”)

If every woman on earth – of every nation, of every race, of every class – had no more than one child for four or five generations then, along with conversion to renewable energy, pollution and resource use could be re­duced to levels allowing our long-term survival.   Of course this will be opposed by all of the industries which depend on “sustainable growth” to keep expanding – and thereby to keep their stock prices up – and they will never al­low their puppets in either government or the media to promote such a radical idea.  But not to worry — pollu­tion is already at such high levels that it is unlikely that humanity (and most other species of life on this planet) will survive long enough for a sustainable level of human population to be achieved before the Apocalypse.

An evolution revolution ,the best kind the most peaceful, no violence required .
Just ideas words and raising consciousness.

Very much agree that we need more frequent civil disobedience to get information out to the
public which our media is now only doing as each new weather event occurs and then will no
follow up – imagine that in regard to the fires in Greece and our own fires in California followed
by mudslides. But, yes, our MSM is showing some panic at this late date.

EX- or Extinction Rebellion - UK as a push on Greenpeace with its vast connections –
for more civil disobedience . . .

They have 2,555 permanent staff, 47,000 volunteers, 13 million petition signatures

Why wouldn’t these acts of civil disobedience be supported by all women’s groups, the NAACP,
all of the organizations concerned with pollution of the earth and contamination of our foods?
It’s another battle for Civil Rights which should include everyone concerned with Civil Rights of
Humans over Corporations.

"We are so nearly out of time …"

For some unknown reason, I’ve been thinking about the challenge made to the Democratic Party
which goes back again to Vietnam and at the time of LBJ – 1964 - only one year after the coup
on JFK and our people’s government …

A challenge brought by – and most prominent in my mind is Fannie Lou Hamer – and catching up
with history – anything that you watch of Fannie Lou Hamer and her remarkable voice and testimony
will be worthwhile.

Here’s a pathway to her –

and I’m wondering if another challenge like the Freedom Mississippi Democratic Party – which
shows us that this is NOT the first time that this nation, led by Fannie Lou Hamer and AA’s, has
had to challenge Elites and White Male Supremacy. At that time it was confined to the the South
and was protected under the banner of the Democratic Party (and LBJ). This time it is still Elites
and “White Male Supremacists” reflected in CORPORATISM - corporate-fascism. Perhaps, the
hardest work has already been done for us?

While the challenge to be seated failed – “on another level the challenge changed the Democratic
Party and the face of Democratic Party politics in the US.”



Can we use a this idea to create a wedge in the Democratic party with a new challenge to the
Democratic Party – against the continuing problems of Elitism and “White Male Supremacy”?

For survival of the Earth and Humanity –

The Extinction Rebellion is about to commence…

Declaration of Rebellion Against the British Government For
Criminal Inaction in the Face of Climate Change Catastrophe and Ecological Collapse

On October 31st we will, in accordance with our conscience and a clear duty to our children; our communities; this nation and planet; declare a non-violent rebellion on behalf of life itself and against our criminally negligent government.

Our government’s abject failure to protect citizens and the next generations from unimaginable suffering brought about by climate breakdown and social collapse is no longer acceptable.

We cannot stand idly by and allow the ongoing destruction of all we love.

Our hearts break and we rage against this madness.
We have a right and duty to rebel in the face of this tyranny of idiocy - in the face of this planned collective suicide.



Thanks for the reply Barbara, and the Fannie Lou Hamer links, and the clip from the XR site.

Some kind of action directed at the Democratic Party may be appropriate. i think we’re past dealing with parties, in our need to immediately redirect society and the economy toward ecology and humanity and empathy and peace, away from colonizing and looting and bullying and war. But who knows precisely how events will unfold, and which sectors or institutions will play unexpected roles? So challenge the Democratic Party, OK.

Not sure what the framing would be. It is a civil rights issue, a human rights issue, that “corporate persons” – in the form of modern corporations – have taken ownership or otherwise effective control of virtually all major economic and political institutions (including the “three branches” of US government as well as the communications media), to the great detriment of the vast majority of humans, and of the ecology we are part of. But these “corporate persons” use wealth and power to bypass us, to directly write the laws and the regulations, and to staff the regulatory agencies. It’s a much more comprehensive corruption, disfranchisement and civil rights violation as against Black people in the US south in the 1950s and 1960s. That kind of voter disfranchisement is ongoing and resurgent, and it is an important piece of the larger puzzle. But that larger puzzle involves corruption so pervasive and entrenched, at a moment of such genuinely unprecedented acute crisis, that it requires complete reform of economy and politics, that “working the system” cannot address at this point.

All that said, as we try to spark and coalesce a growing “rebellion” as XR asserts, we need to demand specific system reforms, including political, electoral, and voting reform. Perhaps challenging the Democratic Party with clear demands for deep reform can help.

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My Fellow Frogs:

What do you think, is it getting warmer or is it just me? Guess not – party on!


There are many ways. Because everyone is going to be hurting in a short time. What did China just do? It stopped taking Japan’s plastic. Now Japan is awash in plastic!

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The far right better get their heads out of their butts. This isn’t “Alice in wonderland”. Get your facts straight!

Thanks Barbara, for the reply. I’m not adverse to social issues. Some people are just better than others at addressing those issues. My background is rail mass transit, better buses, better route arrangements. I’ve don bridges, subways, ped/bikeways. Good infrastructure can protect and strengthen cohesive communities. I’m an old Oregon rail advocate. The rail groups here oppose the Barbur Blvd MAX extension despite its support from suit-wearing Silicon Valley nitwit modernists, their eyes on heartlessly bulldozing forested hillsides and lusting to build view apartments. Let me know if you’ve got a transit problem I can help resolve. Oh, please tell self-driving car jokes. You’ll thank me later. ArtinPortland

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Do you fully appreciate the consquences and savings of changing the rules to save the planet?

Many of those products are excessive plastic packaging which we need to either get rid of with no substitute or which can be substituted with paper products anyway – a win, win as they say.

Regardless of your total dedication to the fossil industry and regardless of what we can achieve in totality, the fact remains that we should be doing the maximum that we can do to get off of fossil fuels as fast as possible, whatever that is.

Finally, once again, you are conflating the elimination of fossil fuels with the elimination of petroleum products – these are not the same thing. It’s an artful dodge that you repeatedly make in this forum, but it’s a logical fallacy – a non sequitur.