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Teenager Slammed to Ground Raises Fresh Concerns About Police in Schools


Teenager Slammed to Ground Raises Fresh Concerns About Police in Schools

Jon Queally, staff writer


Assault with intent to maim. If law enforcement officers are not charged appropriately when committing crimes as shown here, our rights as Americans continue to slip away.


There are times when the word "pig" when applied to certain law enforcement officers just seems to be appropriate.


This kind of madness will not stop until there are immediate responses by all or any citizens. We have the right to protect ourselves from harm and the right to help those from harm as well. This son of a bitch policeman should have been stomped out of the building. There is no justification for such violent behavior and it is way past time citizens intervene to protect fellow citizens.

At the very least the student body of that school should boycott the school until that cop is fired and the principle dismissed. This beyond outrageous.


I've never hit a person in my life but If I was that girls father, brother, cousin, friend, who witnessed that assault on a kid I would be very challenged to extend that record.


Let's face it, until it happens to a white female, ain't nothing gonna happen.


If it happens to a white female we're never gonna hear about it. Maybe a mention in the local news.


The murderous pigs, trained killers for imperialist amerika are out of control! YES, the People Must rise up together against this violence!



Not sure what it is gonna take to stop this state violence. But it should never be tolerated as normal.
The next step is...?
Since I really don't recognize this country anymore, and I'm the most embarrassed to be an American, since Vietnam. Must be time to leave.


It's clear from the video, this officer was totally out of control. I wouldn't want to accidentally fall from the height that this woman was thrown down, especially on unforgiving concrete. From many police departments, their motto is to serve and protect. With this incident, this officer didn't serve the school community, and certainly didn't protect the woman he most likely injured.

When I was in high school almost fifty years ago, we had about 3000 students over three grades, and no resource officers roaming the halls. We also had very few incidents that I recall. What is it that's made it necessary for most schools, even small schools to have law enforcement roaming the halls, often antagonizing students, possibly causing minor disputes between students to flare up into huge clashes? Perhaps not immediately during school hours, but after hours when there is no one to deal with the altercation at another location.

Schools need to do a better job identifing problem students in the earlier grades so law enforcement resources don't need to be a part of the education process in advanced grades. I get awfully tired paying more in property taxes to fund cops roaming school halls. Consider most pass time between classes is only 5 or 10 minutes each hour, that's a small amount of time over a day for these school cops to be interacting with students. What are they doing the rest of the day to justify their jobs?


That officer needs to be immediately fired, charged with assault and tried, and the girl's family needs to get the best ambulance-chasing TV lawyer they can find and sue the police department for all they are worth.


Gee, since when are men and women trained to subdue hardened criminals and the worst that society can throw at them suitable for measured control of snotty kids. Hindsight is twenty/twenty bit those who make these decisions are theoretically capable of a little judicious expectation, Of course the current public popularity contests that our present electoral process has become precludes intelligent management.
Most of the comments justifiably pillory the officer involved and there is no excuse for his violence but I would suggest that putting properly trained personnel in these positions may not be the cheapest way to go but the lawsuits that follow this stupidity isn't cheap either.