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Teens in Cage Protest Trump Immigration Policies Outside UN, Demanding Action From Human Rights Council

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/17/teens-cage-protest-trump-immigration-policies-outside-un-demanding-action-human

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Anyone besides me, ashamed of how our country is treating and abusing these innocent children in our names?


Bravo for these teens who are doing the job of the grownups. what scares us so much that our protests aren’t seen in every part of this country? marches to the border might actually have them taking notice. because right now it IS us against them.

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I am outraged about countless daily atrocities committed by Americans, but few are so completely and unreservedly motivated by nothing more than pure evil intent as this one is. Its unimaginable that out of 330 million Americans there is even one so morally bankrupt as to enact this policy in exchange for a paycheck.


Hi Shantiananda:
Yes—the entire world should be ashamed to see this happening to any children!
But then, Israel has been doing it for years-----and the world doesn’t seem to care there either. : (


photo caption:

Headline: Teens in Cage Protest Trump Immigration Policies

Byline: Trump fans leave protest befuddled - say that’s not what ‘teens in cage’ means in their bars

The police and ICE are all for this idea. Easier to drag protesters and kids off to jail and concentration camps if they come pre-caged off the shelf.

Nope, apparently you are the only 'murikkkan bothered by this since it continues to this day without any real political opposition. The rest of the world didn’t elect Trump and Mitch McConnell; you did.

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As Americans we very richly deserve that criticism, or any response, from any quarter, no matter how extreme,or violent, as an appropriate check and balance to our evil regime and our apparent worthlessness as the custodians of the terrorist network we have constructed.

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I am so damned fucking sick of being ashamed of this country, our Government and especially the fucking Democratic party ‘leadership’.
THey have to be sociopaths because if they had a conscience between them- they wold be ashamed of themselves

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Don’t be ashamed. Be angry. Be informed. Be ready…

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Americans with a well founded fear of persecution have nowhere to flee to. Think about that. White Christians have no rights, if CORPORATE OFFICERS OF THE COURT say so. Money is the root of all that’s great in the mind of DONALD JUDAS TRUMP.

The German officer in Sophie’s Choice let her keep one of her children. What does that say about America today? Oh, but this is DIFFERENT… those were Nazis! We’re all very nice people. We just don’t want these illegals ruining our society…