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Tell Congress: Curb the President’s War Powers


Tell Congress: Curb the President’s War Powers

Robert Borosage
This week, the Senate will decide whether to confirm CIA Director Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State. Pompeo is a key figure in Trump’s new war cabinet, along with National Security Advisor John Bolton and Gina Haspel, who he wants to take Pompeo’s place the CIA.

The Senate is also likely to move towards a new Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUFM), which grants congressional authority to expand the global war on terror. What remains to be seen is whether Congress will finally curb presidential war making.


What a wonderful day it would be to see Kaine and his other DINO brothers and sisters perp walked to their cells for authorizing the unlawful use of military aggression around the world.


The only thing I agree with Trump on is to keep Guantanamo open…to house Trump and complicit Congresscritters after they are brought to justice and convicted.

The military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) pays the best Congress money can buy big bucks to perpetuate eternal wars and occupations to feed MIMIC’s eternal revenue stream.


The signs are too verbose. They should simply say “Don’t Bomb”.


Curb the presidents power by expanding it!? This piece needs to be reconciled with Kevin Gosztola’s.


Killing is only wrong if our enemies do it. (See US exceptionalism, artlcle 23 paragraph 2.)


Assad would surely stop or slow down violence were he not under foreign attack and subversion. Of course he was and is a tyrant, but a less violent tyrant when he has fewer genuine security concerns–like the rest of them.

Those of you who do remember the mood of the country after 9/11/01 should consider how much free reign that event gave political leaders to restrict liberty and carry out violence. We are doing the same basic thing to Assad and to Putin, only with a considerably greater valence. And of course we were doing the same sort of thing in less obvious ways for years prior.

Were there a bunch of nice blokes all ready to take over the country and run it for the good of everyone, maybe violence to put the country in their hands would have at least some benefit. However, what is happening is that the country is being destabilized for completely other reasons, with little to no concern for the well being of Syrians. It is violence to replace one oppressor with another. If the history of US interventions is indicative, it is to replace one tyrant with worse.


Of course it would be wonderful for Congress to do this. And of course we should harangue them.

However, the collective “we” has voted in pro-war Republicans and Democrats for concerns that many of the collective “us” thought practical and less evil at the time.

So they will almost certainly vote Trump his war powers, as they did Obama’s, as they did Bush’s, as they otherwise allowed BClinton and elder Bush (during and after Reagan) before him–and Carter and Nixon and LBJ before that.

We have kicked the can down the road again and again, and the motives for more radical and extreme action grow.

What do you reckon that will be?