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“Tell me Donald. Exactly How Much Is a Human Life Being Sold For?”

“Tell me Donald. Exactly How Much Is a Human Life Being Sold For?”

Andy Rowell

Two years into his Presidency, the fullblown cost of Donald Trump’s assault on human health, the environment and on science is becoming brutally and painfully clear.

The true cost of this human piece of shit’s presidency, will not be known for many years.


Trump represents out of control capitalism without the pretty bows and ribbons that the democrats use to wrap it up and present it to the public - which is one reason they hate him so much - but no matter how it is wrapped under capitalism human and other life forms are disregarded and hold very little value. That why the democrats and our capitalist allies largely support his destructive, deadly and illegal policy towards Venezuela.


It might be cheaper in the long run to buy up the stock of the dozen or so largest fossil fuel firms than to continue to put up with so much fossil fuel extraction.

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The answer depends on where you purchase and the risks run by individuals and organizations involved in the sale. Crossing borders and delivering live cargo is apparently expensive.

The purveyor of a nuclear facility explained the company’s statistics to me some forty years ago. “It is not a question of what we think an individual is or is not worth; the figure only represents what the death is likely to cost the company. We need that figure to determine what sorts of precautions we must take.”

At the time, the life of an American worker employed by said facility was estimated at $70,000 US, and death meant the death of an individual on company time and at least arguably by company actions.

I do not know that that has gotten higher.

That would be a novel approach Grace.

Shall we start a “Go Fund Me Page?”