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Tell The FCC Not To End Net Neutrality!


Tell The FCC Not To End Net Neutrality!

Robert Reich

In the modern age, unfettered access to the internet is essential to a vibrant democracy and strong economy.

"Broadband providers claim that Net Neutrality rules actually hurts consumers because it  discourages investment in their networks. Rubbish." (Photo: Free Press/Flickr/cc)


If you are reading this, Ajit Pai is your foe.


Here is a link to the FCC public comments page on this issue.


A major goal right now, to keep the masses enthralled to our propaganda, to make “managed consent” more effective, with less noise from the left, is corporate control of the internet


Battle for the Net Link for calls to FCC


Why would you bother? You’re comment is of no concern to him, he’s laughing at all of us, all the way to the bank.


Still doesn’t mean we should stay silent. Sure we can’t convince him but we can convince everyone around him and that would make his life more hell.


With over a million calls so far, anyone who is going to be swayed already has been.


There is always more than can be reached out. More and more republicans are coming out against the Net Neutrality repeal or thinking that it should be delayed at the very least.