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'Telling All Working People...to Drop Dead': Trump Ended Covid Relief Talks After McConnell Said Republicans Wouldn't Vote for Deal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/07/telling-all-working-peopleto-drop-dead-trump-ended-covid-relief-talks-after

Show the Republicans no quarter. Shame them into oblivion. The Reagan Revolution has vexed this country for far too long. Greed is NOT good. And Orwell has completed the redefinition of the term “Christianity”. Vote early, vote angry. I may not be a Democrat, but I am Damn Surely Not a Republican, just a Proud Progressive Independent.


Working People Drop Dead… Well that about summarizes the real feeling of the Elite, of the ones owning all of the resources, the Kochs, the Buffets, the Trumps…Ah, but the bigger picture is one of a Collapsing Environmental Life Support that both supports and is driving the collapse of the Economic System upon which the these Top Feeders depend upon…if they were wise they would understand this…kind of like building your castles on a melting iceberg… Anyway enough of the Rant… … We must all prepare ourselves for a collapsing situation…and try to put less energy into such Reality Theatre… One resonant Teaching may be of interest to you…“The Coming Financial Storms” or “The Global Emergency” by Summers… We are truly in a New World, and many of our expectations from the recent past no longer apply. Take Heed or get caught in the collapsing society… We must build strong local communities to survive.


Time the “Democrats” go for the jugular instead of the capillaries (to borrow from Kevin Phillips and Ralph Nader).


Unfortunately the Democrats and the Republicans are of the same Party, the One-Party system…The Problem is the One Authoritarian System… No way out of this Predicament…need an overhaul…coming our way, our Wicked Way…Much Pain coming…much Gain in the longer term… No way around this, these issues are structural and ecological…it is Our Way of Living that is the Problem, that is causing the problems… Best to get ahead of this one, Collapse Early, Get out of the Corporate Consumer way of life…


As usual, we US Americans appear to be living in the stupidest place on Earth, bar none. The most iconic evidence for this claim is mask-compliance. Nowhere else on Earth do you see anything resembling the level of epidemiological foolhardiness we have here. As a culture, we didn’t start getting stupid just this year. We’ve been preparing for 2020 by dumbing down for decades.

As with mask-compliance, every nation on Earth is driven to take some kind of exceptional measures, in the face of a century-scale pandemic, to protect the population financially – just to get well after the bug has knocked the wind out of the whole population. Our level of social disintegration in USA, since the fall of apartheid South Africa, is unrivaled on Earth – a grave deficit in these times. Welcome to Germlandia.


despite polling showing that even a majority of Republican voters want the Senate to prioritize another aid package.

And yet, these Republican voters will still vote to re-elect all of the Republican politicians ignoring their needs/wishes…


Racism - that’s what it all boils down to.

You’re not going to make any progress on anything until you deal with America’s (un)official state religion of White Supremacism.
im genuinely sorry to be the bearer of bad news, white folks; i know that dealing with white supremacism is (for some reason) a very frightening/daunting task for you.

But you’re going to have to face reality if you want to get through these next few years without a race war - because we’re at the end of our rope and we’re powerless to change the racists’ hearts/minds. Which will mean that our only recourse (if we don’t consent to being ground into dust) is to resort to methods that you guys don’t want…🤷


Trump and the GOP are doing what they did before Obama came in, which is to completely crash the economy and leave it to the Democrats to clean up the mess.
They will continue to obstruct real economic assistance and reform, screeching about the deficit and demanding cuts to or elimination of social security and other social welfare programs, but never allowing cuts to the war crimes machine or tax cuts for the elites.
They’ll attempt to prolong the COVID Depression for four years to use it in the 2024 election.


McConnell has a 14 to 24 point lead in his Kentucky reelection bid because Chuckles Schumer and the DSCC chose corporate donations over a progressive candidate who had a fighting chance. Thanks again Chuckles.


You don’t really think Kentuckians are going to vote for a Democrat, do you? He has been the goose that lays the golden eggs for that state, all the while giving us the rotten ones. As far as I am concerned, the Commonwealth exists separate from my caring what happens to it. T

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We are indeed living the book (and film) Idiocracy.
By November 3, we will most assuredly be told that Gatorade cures Covid 19.
I guess we all could have foreseen that this is how it would end. Trump would set fire to everything in DC, steal the silverware, and then march triumphantly out of Washington, claiming victory.
Let the curtain go up on the final act of the Trump shit show.

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I’m sure that will have them crying themselves to sleep at night.

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Trump and McConnell actions remind me of the early video game PacMan. Wildly and chaotically and with pleasure gobbling up everything in their paths. Always chomping.
Time to unplug the machine!

In line with your comment, here’s something from an old post of mine:

This is not a left vs right war.
This is not a Democrat vs Republican war.
This is not a fascist vs socialist war.
This is an up vs down war.
This is a war of the haves vs have nots.
This is a war of the 1% vs the 99%.
This is a battle for survival.


That is the plan. It’s the same one they did in 2008, 1976, and 1932.
They are going to quite literally salt the fields and poison the wells.
This is how empires end. They collapse from within.


“Ownership” is part of the social contract. The elite can’t fathom that this contract could actually be re-written by the masses.

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White House staff cleaning the James Brady Press Room are using Hazmat gear as the President remains contagious and unwilling to take standard precautions.


They have a Dem governor, and Mitch polls as the most unpopular senator in his home state.

Yet the d-party brand is just reviled in KY.


Ownership of the human resources harnessed through debt & unawareness.
The Human Assets, the human resources…harnessed to generate the unearned wealth of the Top-Feeders… Once the Top-Feeders realize that they cannot eat gold or money, then, well it will be too late…who knows maybe the Top Feeders will become food for the masses… --Soylant Green.


The thing is, Biden and the Democrats could clean it up quite easily, but they won’t (just like they could have, but didn’t, under the Obama supermajority). Their Wall Street owners will never allow it.


Trump UnMasking:… Interesting to watch Trump’s recent Theatre as he defiantly leaves Walter Reed MC to the very White House… up the steps… and then before he addresses his supporters rips off his mask with a Snarl of Defiance…Hollywood style… and yet … we watch this Virus tear through the White House and Pentagon…maybe …a silver lining here… Pandemics have a way of changing the course of history, taking nations down… With Hindsight later it will be clear…