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'Telling All Working People...to Drop Dead': Trump Ended Covid Relief Talks After McConnell Said Republicans Wouldn't Vote for Deal

I live in Santiago, Chile. The air here is brown. Diesel and gas exhaust is trapped between the Cordillera of the Andes and the Coast Range.

Air pollution in Santiago will likely kill more people than will the coronavirus. Perhaps, where you live, failure of mask-compliance is the most obvious evidence of human stupidity. Here, though, the most obvious evidence of human stupidity is failure to prohibit diesel trucks in the Santiago Metropolitan Region.

I suspect that along Cancer Alley in Louisiana, failure to shut down their refineries and chemical plants is the most obvious evidence of human stupidity.


The GOP is just an insane asylum. Move on, nothing new to see here…

Actually, it’s probably more that they hate liberals and blame them for their ills. They aren’t entirely wrong about that.

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Listen to AOC . No one has described Trump better - " He’s a Monster "


I say, “We the People have waited far too long to begin building the guillotines that will be needed to remove the impediment to living in a free and fair nation.”

The elites have made it clear we must fight for everything we already deserve.


Very true. Herein is our difficulty but then again, herein is our opportunity to rise up: General Strikes to be followed by non cooperation. If we fail to remove Trump through the ballot. I do not see any other choice. But even if we do remove him we must rekindle a new radical intention to bring about a new just society and do what we can to reclaim our support system which is Mother Earth’s eco-systems. If they fail, all else is a moot point.


I understand your skepticism that this problem will be dealt with when I consider this country’s history, yet I do still have some hope as I see many white people risking injury, jailing, or even death, to protest this administration. I think the election will tell us a lot. If it is close, then we will know that Trump, an undeniable white supremacist who has openly called upon that ilk to support him, has again received a majority of the white vote, and their will not be even a hint of a hope that racism will be addressed. If he does not get a majority of the white vote, perhaps some progress will be achieved. I don’t like the odds of that happening, but maybe we are at a watershed point in the history of this country.


If this scenario was in a movie, I would disengage thinking it too exaggerated a plot. We live in dystopia.


The dem establishment put their thumb on the scale to defeat the progressive challenger, Charles Booker, to foist the corporatist Amy McGrath upon the Kentucky voters. The d-party brand deserves revulsion, but McConnell is a puke. Dems may have had a chance with a progressive, but offering more of the same democrats won’t get it done.


One of my best climbing buds was Jorge M from Chile. Known to us here in Calgary as George, he was the finest natural climber I’ve ever seen up close. Loved to read, philosophy and such - a fine man.

I never knew why he left Chile - he didn’t volunteer the reasons.

Living here in Canada, I can’t really wrap my mind around how the Americans live without universal health care.

But I see the result - plain as day.

The entire world is today surreal - I don’t know a better word to describe it. Different places have their very own versions of surreal - but no place that I know of has been left unscathed.

By Canadian Thanksgiving, Monday, Oct 12, we will have a good idea of just how well, or unwell, is the President of The United States. This date was mentioned by Trump’s doctor. If Trump was positive Sept 30, a Wednesday, then that would mean Oct 12 is twelve days into the virus for him.

People still go about their day to day - in a world gone mad.

A new report puts the Amazon rainforest at or very near its tipping point to a savannah ecosystem, or 40% of the rainforest, to use the report’s quantification.

All the ice caps are in meltdown - virtually all the mountain glaciers.

Giant cities are out of easily had drinking water for their citizens.

The tundra is melting - wildlife is disappearing - forests are burning out of control, and according to @Aleph_Null, they too may be at tipping points.

Water tables everywhere important are falling - the very food we all need will suffer dramatic declines I think.

Sooner or later, human population will crash - as the Club of Rome report Limits to Growth predicted.

And yet most still want more - but more of the exact wrong type of things - things.

It is quite natural to want more - but it is quite unnatural to want more than is available long term.

So - back to coping.

Trump may be dead by next week - or he may not be.

That will have to do for now.


Five by five.

You are in a small single engine plane - your engine just quit.

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Bitch McTurdle is a cancer on this country. Like the psycho Trump, he only cares about his power and re-election. His role as a supposed “public servant” is worse than a joke; it is a horror show. The people of Kentucky who keep voting for this MoFo are idiots and fools.


It always has been since time immemorial.

They live the Cultural Story as if it was real.
It’s all make believe. That’s where the work must be done ,writing a New Story for humanity to guide itself .

We Are One is the first principle.


Also five by five Hemp.

I almost wish I could smoke something.

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No seriously, if we continue down the road we are going we will not make it .

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I agree Hemp - I too am sure of it.

I wasn’t kidding at all.

It is why I hold out hope for the UN - as did JFK.

McConnell, who grew up on welfare and wants to deny aid to Americans, had better be out on the floor with the rest of the Republican cattle and a Democrat in the seat of Majority Leader.

I don’t hope for intelligence from Kentucky voters - I do hope and believe in American voters.

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I don’t know tons about him, but is the governor not a Democrat? When I hear people talk about elections, I always think of the massive chunk of people that don’t vote, and I look at their economic class, age, race. Maybe in Kentucky, if they did vote, it wouldn’t make a difference. But, what I can say is that a large chunk of the country doesn’t vote, and most politicians don’t speak to them and their needs. Analyzing an election while only factoring in the same pool of voters, and then fighting over that pool of voters, becomes more complicated when you have to factor in the non-voter, and what may get them to vote. Booker would have struggled to win, but he had tons of enthusiasm and would have worked like hell to reach the traditional non-voters, because he would have tried to appeal to them in regards to core class issues, it seems. Maybe it wouldn’t work, but the nominee now is pathetic on almost every level.

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Yes and that is typical, disgusting bullshit from dem establishment.

BUT----Charles Booker’s light continues to shine.

If he can get up each day and fight in spite of this oppressive, pathological, racist system ---- we all can.


Quotes from Charles Booker:

We made the country look at KY this year. We showed what is possible when regular folks rise up & fight back.

The movement is growing. We are just getting started!

I am fired up to lift up some of the KY candidates fighting for real change.

Some of the state candidates:.

We know that change happens on the ground.

That’s why I am especially excited to lift up some of the leaders seeking local office in Kentucky.

Booker for the People is helping to shine a light for change. More updates coming soon.


Kentucky voters who aren’t paying attention will soon be too destitute to do so.