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#TelltheTruthJoe Trends as Sanders Video Detailing Biden History on Social Security View Nearly 2 Million Times

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/22/tellthetruthjoe-trends-sanders-video-detailing-biden-history-social-security-view


In the end, Joe will prove to be just another Dixiecrat that genuinely believes that people of color (poor people) benefit entirely too much from government social programs, and he’s willing to throw all the old people under the bus to prove his point.
This three time failed presidential candidate is simply trying to run the same playbook that his predecessors Clinton and Obama did. Like them, he was a moderate republican his whole career, but now he’s promising that if you elect him he pinky swears that he’ll be a liberal.
Like Clinton and Obama, Biden is a bullshit salesman with a mouth full of samples.


As a Delaware Senator for many years, he didn’t earn the nickname “MBNA Joe” for nothing. Take a look at his record on the banking and credit card industry, it’s disgusting for a “Democrat”.


Biden will never stop feeding the goose that lays the golden eggs. A majority of US corporations are incorporated in Delaware to take advantage of it being the most corporate friendly state.

Obama’s Simpson/Bowles catfood commission tasked with structuring the “grand bargain” was a plan that was so GOP that the GOP shot it down so the Democrats would’t get kudos from the oligarchs for “domestic program” cuts.


You can run but you can’t hide, Sleepwalkin Joe.
When you get up from your nap, watch the video of your “greatest hits” on Social Security.
Then consult with your staff on what lie you’re going to tell next.

Then, of course, you’ll need another nap. Hell, it’ll be noon by then.

Newsflash to the d-party: That balanced budget bullshit was put to death by the Bush/Cheney tax cuts.


I’m only 56, but I do enjoy a little afternoon cat nap every once in a while.
Of course I don’t take mine standing up:)


In years of reading on these progressive forums, I have encountered many times that person who would say: “If you want to change the Democratic Party, join us and work for change within the system.” Now that Sanders has done that, the same people say: “Sanders is not even a Democrat! If you want to be a socialist, find your own party!” The latest was Whoopi Goldberg on the “The View.”

So why don’t these people object to the likes of Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren, both former Republicans, coming in to the party and moving it to the right, bringing along those like Biden whose policies are merely Republican or Blue Dog? While the Democrats may not have ever been perfect, the party of Roosevelt did much to support the working class, whereas since the Clintons, the Democrats’ version of “liberalism” is to punish the poor and expand income inequality in the extreme, creating a new feudal system.

What is even more astonishing is the extent to which they have swayed the views of the very people they are exploiting. People who are relying now or will be relying in the future on Social Security to live are praising candidates like Biden for trying to save it by killing it. “Cut my benefits! Save the system by throwing me out in the cold! It’s the only way! I am not a socialist!”

What all of these people don’t seem to get is that if Sanders took their advice and ran as a third-party candidate, Democrats would never win another election. Polls all show that people want programs like Medicare For All and tax-supported college, but yet when asked who they will vote for, Democrats will pick a Biden or a Clinton, who have a clear record of opposing all those things.

Mind boggling.


They choose a Biden or Clinton because that’s all that is ever offered. And instead of “throwing their vote away” they always demure to the known commodity.
Sanders could have promoted real change in 2016 by walking out of the convention and announcing the formation of a third party. But now we are left with what could have been, as we all well know that the power brokers of the DNC are never going to permit a Bernie candidacy.


The Blue Team just wants to beat the Red Team.

Which will change nothing except to slow the trip to full bore oligarchy by a few years. Yippee.


They have a Sanders and they are saying “Go Away! you’re not one of us!”


A big “thank you” to the Sanders campaign team for having the good sense to take the gloves off. Do not put them back on.

Keep on pounding - pounding - pounding with that sweet bludgeon of truth.


Joe is certainly showing everyone that he’s forgot more than he currently knows.

Time to retire Joe.


Exactly! My question is: WHY HASN’T HE DONE IT?!
Can’t he see that he is traveling in and bringing substance to, the SECOND NEO-CONSERVATIVE PARTY?! I will always believe that after his screwing in 2016 that he had the following and momentum to create a powerful alternative party. Would he have won the general? Who knows. Would he have been a grand foundation for a “People’s Party”? HELL YES!

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I posted the same thing before I found yours, BigB. We’ll never know now but I’ll always believe THAT was a break-out moment for a TRUE progressive party missed.

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Simply put, Biden is Trump in Democratic clothing. His track record shows he is a dishonest, corrupt, misogynistic warmonger. Far fetched as this may seem, it would be interesting to see Trump removed from office and answer for his crimes and then Biden investigated and removed from his candidacy and answer for his crimes. Drain the swamp begins… Can dreams come true?


To be fair Joe and his Democrat Party helped the Republicans spend all the Social Security contributions on helping the needy wealthy, and killing our fellow humans to take their stuff. He doesn’t want to cut Social Security, he just wants to keep the money his group stole from it.

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Can we finally call out Paul Krugman as a neolib? I was testy with him in 2016 for fully supporting Clinton, but I received comments about what a good guy he is. Still???


I don’t need to know Biden’s Social Security “record” to know not to vote for him. He should be in prison for war crimes along with his former boss.


As a SS recipient I’m a little closer to the issue than most. Some reform is absolutely required; first, FICA should be applicable to all wages, with the exception of say the first $15,000 for those over 18. Second, retirement age absolutely needs to be increased. I worked until 70 and could have worked longer. Many people, even though able to work, take the reduced benefits at 62. If you can’t work, you should still be able to draw disability at any age, but to just ‘retire’ using social security, should start at 65 or later. Just my opinion from having ‘been there, done that’

Geez, Senior, what are you complaining about?! Did you already spend your SS COLA whopping 1.6% “raise” on that yacht you’ve been wanting?! s/

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