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Temer Convicted of Breaking Election Laws As Thousands March for Democracy in Brazil



Another despot put in power through wealth, corruption, and the help of the CIA/US in the shadows...just in time for the Olympics.


So why is Temer is still in power? Throw the bum abd his cronies out, by people force if necessary.


It seems wherever there is internal strife, regime change, criminal political activity, violent political revolution, you will find the smug, self satisfied murdering American elite behind it. They just can't keep their bloodstained hands out of other nation's business.


The orange revolutions keep coming but are getting weaker and weaker. This ouster of an elected official may stir up ugly currents that the conservative plotters did not intend.Trouble may travel from Brazil into other angry Latin American Republics.


These are the sorts of foreign entanglements the American citizens would rather the US government (CIA) stay out of. They do not benefit the American people in any way and they obviously do not serve the cause of freedom.

A force for good, lol.


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"impeachment proponent Senator Aloysio Nunes met with officials and lobbyists close to Hillary Clinton in Washington in the days following his vote to impeach Rousseff."

Why are the officials and lobbyists not mentioned by name? At the very least their names can be put on signs to hold up at the DNC in Philly to encourage cabinet picks for a Clinton Administration. Shouldn't we reward her cronies along with DWS?