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Temer Signs Law That Could See Millions of Acres Lost in the Amazon


Temer Signs Law That Could See Millions of Acres Lost in the Amazon

Sue Branford, Maurício Torres

BRASILIA, Brazil: On 11 July, President Michel Temer signed into law important new legislation (MP 759) that paves the way for land thieves, who have illegally occupied and cleared vast areas of public land in the Amazon, to legalize their land holdings. The changes introduced by the legislation will make it easier — and very cheap — for wealthy land grabbers (even those who illegally occupied land fairly recently) to gain property rights over vast areas.


The spread of oligarchy consumes the world. The wealthy elites have declared war on the world and seek to take it by conquest. They pass laws that defraud and diminish the lower classes. In the Amazon the wealthy take the land. Is that really much different than Republicans throwing 22 million low income people and seniors off Medicaid just to give the money to the rich as tax cuts? Yes the details are different but the process is virtually the same. The rich and powerful take from the poor and the Commons!

It is heart rending to think of how short sighted this policy of land theft really is. But the heartlessness is empowered by sheer greed whether in a tropical jungle or in the halls of a Republican Congress.

Whether by religious belief or by philosophy, we have long been warned that unchecked greed will destroy us! It is just so disconcerting to see it happening all around us in real time.


that’s kind of why they’re trying to throw all the worker’s party leadership in prison right now. make sure no opposition emerges to the plan to rape the whole of the Amazon, and to do it with nearly slave labor.

Brazil’s oligarchs are an especially nasty bunch. And their control of the Brazilian press is enabling them to go on a lefty-ish purge reminiscent of the old junta days.


You echo my thoughts exactly as I read this article! Greed, more than any other factor, will be the end of human existence. It is really the root of all of our problems. Absent sweeping, fundamental changes in the way we treat each other and our natural world, and govern our affairs, and structure our economies, I think hope for our survival is dwindling.


I am hoping for big changes by doing something small but important. For example fossil fuel cars and trucks are a part of what is destroying our environment. Yet to change the whole system in a short period of time would be impossible. In the last few years we have seen the rapid advances in electric vehicles become a reality, so it is good news to hear auto manufacturers like Volvo promise to do away with fossil fuel in cars completely in only a few years! Thus the whole gigantic system of roads, fueling stations, roadside businesses, repair garages etc…all of that vehicular based system remains operational but only the fossil fuels element is changed. Our world wide vehicular technology won’t really change much at all. That means we can do this. Big changes in a big system are hard to make succeed. Small changes in a big system are easy and very likely to succeed. I remember when lead was taken out of gasoline. Basically a very easy change which worked.


Spot on.


Yes…and now we have a new name for our would be president: “laranjas!”


Yes. And it has been only what…50-100 or so years that we are behind on the production of electric cars? We could have been using them for decades…but it was the car manufacturers who stole the first electric car battery system and buried it–deep! Finally, we can resurrect and implement what was the best idea of the century…way back when.


The Emerald Forest - 1985

Bill Markham: Why did you take my son?

Wanadi: One day, i was hunting at the Edge of The World when Tomme appeared and he smiled; and even though you were a Termite Child, I had not the heart to send you back to The Dead World.

Tomme: Why are they called The Termite People?

Wanadi: They come into The World and chew down all the grandfather trees. Just like termites.

Mapi: They are tearing the skin off The World! How will she breathe?

The mindless destruction of the Amazon goes beyond the local rape and destruction to the reality of the Amazon as a "weather engine’ - an organ of Gaia - the living entity that is our Mother Earth, that contributes to the stability of all life on Earth. Like ocean salinity and currents, it can reach the point of collapse. The human view of life anthropocentrism - is like the ancient ignorance that the cosmos revolves around Earth. Biocentrism in the modern meaning that all life on Earth is sacred and critical to every should have more respect and extend fully to ecocentrism that teaches that all of the natural world is sacred - I take the view that Earth - Gaia - is central to that belief system. “That is the way things are. But the white man, they believe EVERYTHING is dead. Stone, earth, animals. And people! Even their own people! If things keep trying to live, white man will rub them out.” – Old Lodge Skins

The Tapestry of Life as metaphor cannot endure human despoliation - cannot exist with the constant removal of thread after thread - it will collapse - and anyone with eyes to see and heart to feel can see that fact…as long as wealth and money controls the direction of life we will continue to see life and Gaia destroyed. …


I hear you. But then if humanity had chosen the smart move, the long view future and the best option way of doing things instead of our usual >>> “I dunno, it just ended up that way”, we wouldn’t be in the ultra-critical mess we have created for the planet!

But then, in all honesty, it could have been worse! Yeah it sure as hell could have. For example, what if the Nazis had won the war and taken over the world? Or what if the Standard Oil trust had never been broken up? To my mind, I look back to events in the past and say, “Phew, at least we got past that!”

“Phew! At least we finally will be getting past fossil fuel vehicles!”

I rejoice that we have finally invented efficient solar panels that produce electricity cheaper than fossil fuels which guarantees that they will be our future soon! I rejoice that we are producing better and better battery technology that enables auto makers to finally end the production of fossil fuel cars! Doing these things 50 years late is still better than having to wait another 50 years before it happens! We don’t have those extra 50 years anymore! Ending fossil fuel use is happening now! I’m just glad that we don’t have to wait any longer!

Trump can’t hold back the tide of the coming fossil fuel free future! He has made himself a backwards looking boob and that is what his name will end up standing for in history! How embarrassing to be so epic a fool as the future enfolds around us! History will not forget his name!




I so agree with you! The mindset that looks thru the eyes of brain, without heart, is the one now in power. To them, everything is commodified…even people. I wonder, how could they not have a vision of the future? How can they exploit and rape, and not see that they are doing this to their grandchildren? I cannot identify with such a mindset. Love your quote from “The Emerald Forest.”


Greed knows that it is unfair. They just don’t care.


The Earth, use it until it’s all used up … then move to Mars. - any possible flaws in this plan?