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Temperature in Antarctica Soars Past 69°F as NOAA Reports Last Month Was World's Hottest January on Record

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/13/temperature-antarctica-soars-past-69degf-noaa-reports-last-month-was-worlds-hottest

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a 3C is not a [37.4°F] rise, 3C is 37.4 in it’s relevant scales. it’s 5.4F rise.


I noticed that typo, also. Good catch!

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The Great Unraveling continues. We’re going to see Climate Chaos on steroids this coming decade. Buckle up!


April 22-24 Climate Emergency Earth Days events #Strikewithus


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It was only a few years ago that there was an award-winning documentary about the Emperor Penguins. Beautifully filmed and executed, but I can remember it making me absolutely squirm with its glaringly oblivious omission of you-know-what.

Of course it’s not just about penguins and polar bears – I’m hoping (against hope, I know) it would be more problematical for someone to so openly wallow in ignorance (albeit gorgeously) these days. The Thwaites and Pine Island glaciers of West Antarctica are limbering up, as they always say, “much more quickly than anticipated.” With help from Bolsonaro, the southern hemisphere is flipping into a state where a whole continent can burn up. With warm water sneaking underneath Thwaites & PIG, the Southern Ocean is coming soon to an ocean near you.


What this planet needs is a good global pandemic that kills off about 2/3rds of the human species. That may be the only thing that saves the planet from mankind destroying it.

Go Coronavirus Go!


“Our leaders don’t care.”

Oh but they do: they care about their own FUNDAMENTS, is what they care about. ONLY when we all start acting as the French do when their President starts dismantling their retirement funds, will those “leaders” actually pay attention to us, and be willing to take the needed actions.

As always, they SAY they “lead” us, but instead sit around in abject surrender to “the way things are,” waiting to be Lobby-Rolled back into office to stonewall some more for the benefit of the PROFITERS. We MUST get them on the stick… or just kick them out and do it ourselves.


Nothing to see here! Move along, move along!

Let’s talk about how good the market is doing and opening protected public lands, ANWR, and national parks to fracking and drilling, to hell with The Wild and Natural World!.


Haven’t you heard? The Democrats have a plan for net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Yup, that’s only 30 years down the road. What’s the hurry, right?


69 degrees in Antarctica? The scientific term for that is… Holy Fucking Shit .

Getting scary yet? Thwaite’s glacier? Disaster on the big screen for real? HFS! You know it is possible that we oldsters may live long enough (like a couple of years maybe ) to see some ‘Fast and Serious” sh*t!


  1. Perhaps the Corona virus was actually developed in the Wuhan Bio Weapons lab as the solution to China’s overpopulation and emissions issue. And it escaped its cage. Oh, those pesky unintended consequences.

  2. Or it was developed and released into China by the USA to reduce China drive China’s emissions way back down, and the USA has the only antidote to it.

The imaginative conspiracies are endless, just as the temperature rising around the planet and the human stupidity causing it.


You need to rewrite your last sentence. As written, you seem to be putting global warming temperatures in the same category as conspiracy theories and I don’t think that was your intent? Or was it?


That’s what happens when people confuse a delta with an absolute use google and nobody else proofreads their writing.

The (not so) funny part is that, when one takes into account the current rate of CO2 rise being almost 5ppm, the CO2 level will be near 550ppm (and thats not taking into account any exponential rise in CO2, which would be irresponsible)
Who knows what the mean temperature will be by 2050. Maybe 3 degrees above preindustrial average, maybe 5. We have, after all, underestimated nearly every effect of global warming so far.


Well, they can contact you of course so you can assure them that the planet isn’t warming up, and it’s all a Chinese hoax. That’ll fix it.

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If, perchance, you’re in the vicinity of Wuhan, China and you’re running a slight fever, then you are advised to seek prompt medical help.

If our planet is running a slight fever, and if the climatologists expect it to get far worse if left untreated, maybe the ostrich approach to climate change would be a pretty dumb idea.


It only took a drop of 4 degrees to kick off the ice age

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If its someone who thinks a 3C change is 37F i can totally take advantage of them and assure then of anything. Like for example hat world is gonna end in 9 years due to climate change if we don’t start sending cash to developing countries. Or that the pay gap between men and women is 30%.

I believe you need to proof-read your sentence.