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Ten Activists Arrested for Helping Shut Down US-Canada Tar Sands Pipelines


Ten Activists Arrested for Helping Shut Down US-Canada Tar Sands Pipelines

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Ten activists have been arrested for shutting down five tar sands pipelines in four states on Tuesday, an act of non-violent direct action taken to avert climate catastrophe and in support of the call for International Days of Prayer and Action for Standing Rock.


we owe these brave brothers and sisters our support. Thank you, CD, for helping in that effort.


Be wide aware to the role of Hillary Clinton chortling as she arrogantly subverts the 'the first woman president' rhetoric with the most duplicitous kow-towing to the worst aspects of patriarchy. I no longer view her as a "woman" in this 'race', but as a sheepdog for polarization of the most dissociative policies of the past 40 years with her partner Bill.

As for fracking, the same model of energy as tar sands and fossil fuel oligarchic degradation of the planet and her peoples, when the Clinton cabal stops attempting to blame the 'other' for public knowledge of her real intentions, and address the content, we will begin to effect change from criminal practices held above the law.

An insidious aspect of this environment is that vast sectors of humanity are victimized by egregious practices. The profile is to hide, lie, resort to 'plausible deniability, willful ignorance, manipulation of information by which the true course that people seek is subverted. Those from whom time, labor, fundamental rights and a future are extracted reflect the emptiness of the flag that has been 'run up the flagpole' to see what the response is. Failing PR investments in pathetic strategies, insinuation of flaws, failings, bad faith and worse are projected onto the victims chosen in any given cabal action. You will know them by their accusations - a projection which seems to be becoming the coin of the dissociative realm of those engaged with criminal oligarchy.


May not fit exactly, but looking at that picture of the "Outlaws" made me think of Woody :

"...and as through your life you ramble
as through this world you roam
you won't never see an Outlaw
drive a Family from their home."


Actress Shailene Woodley took the time and made the effort to protest and get arrested the other day.

But Hillary has said nothing, zip, nada, zero about any of this. What does today make, 31 days without a peep from "I believe in global warming" Hillary?
Then again Hillary has a public opinion and a private opinion about every issue. Her silence on this protest must be an expression of her private opinion on fracking and global warming.


None of the pipelines has to do with fracking. HRC had plenty to say yesterday, campaigning with Al Gore. And let's face it, that's more than you (as far as I can tell) or I have done.


These are brave people. They will probably spend some time in jail. Hope there is a way to send them food packages and such... Dream on!

I was arrested 4 times for trespassing on the Nuclear Weapons Test Facility in Mercury, Nevada back in the 1980s. I went up there with a church group. The Western Shoshone sprinkled corn pollen on us as we climbed through the fence. Hundreds of people supported us and gave us rides back from the Nye County Jail. Because the jail was overwhelmed we were released and didn't have to go to trial. Those were different times. There was actually a PEACE movement then. Not so much now. Sad.


Just like the MSM has been able to demonize Muslims as aiding and abetting terror, it is way past time that the fossil fuel industry was demonized as earth terrorists! What we need is a war on world wide terror..the fossil fuel industry!


So your contention is that none of the oil that runs through any of these pipelines was fracked?
Hillary always has plenty to say. She drones on and on until people either fall asleep or forget what the original question she is answering was. The problem with that is that one doesn't know if she's lying or telling the truth when she talks anyway.
"As far as you can tell," we'll leave it at that.


The production of tar sands oil is probably most disturbing aspect of all oil production. Given the need to phase out oil production because of climate change the smartest thing to do environmentally would be to end this type of oil production and rely only on conventional drilling which is much less damaging to the environment. This would not make the powers that be in Canada happy would it would be the most rational way to obtain the oil that is still needed while minimizing environmental destruction. I have no confidence that blocking pipeline will accomplish anything except generate publicity for the cause. You cannot shut off the energy supply. If it ever got to the point of energy shortages the public would demand that politicians take harsh measures to ensure an adequate supply of energy. Amazingly there is some good news about the energy situation. There has been an energy efficiency revolution that has gone largely unnoticed and promise of more advances to come. See the link for the good news.


"Publicity for the cause." Now you're catching on.


Don't know if you're familiar with Firesign Theatre's album We're All Bozos on This Bus. They created a character at their Future Fair, a carnival attraction, "Ask The President" that had a computer distorted voice of Tricky Dicky spouting status quo mumbo-jumbo. That's what it reminds me of.


Pipelines have everything to do with fracking both directly and indirectly. Clinton's still talking about natural gas as a bridge fuel, something debunked about 8 years ago and the case for natural gas gets worse and worse.


For pity's sake bkswrites, I just have to answer your contention…

And let's face it, that's more than you (as far as I can tell) or I have done.

Well, as far as I can tell bkswrites, Clinton has done a LOT more than any of us to promote fracking across this globe.

(now let me remind you, that I'm engaging you on a point you are making holding up Clinton campaigning with Gore, where you are clearly insinuating that she has done more to champion the issue of addressing ACD, than you, or Imhotep has done, so my retort to you is on the same topic that you are speaking about)

Dear Reader, if I don't make this qualification with this particular poster, then a certain thing might happen with my post.

And this isn't just some empty assertion on my part, regarding Clinton's actions.

A perfect opportunity to once again post this State Department blog entry, detailing a State Department initiative, during the tenure of Clinton at the same State Department.

You are so very correct that Clinton has done more than we have on certain things, relating to global warming and climate change. Things we shouldn't do ourselves.

Again, thanks for your exploration of this topic, because that's what this forum is all about.

I appreciate every single post you make, and treasure your presence on this forum.



Yes, and there actually was a President, once, whose leadership valued the concept of World Peace enough to create a Peace Corps.


Gore is in Florida with Clinton today retelling the lie about Nader costing him the 2000 election when it was really Bill Clinton's 8 years of being the best Republican the Democrats ever had and the DNC failing to demand a Florida recount that put Dick Cheney and his puppet Dubya in the White House.


These are the real heroes of today. Maybe 20, 50 years down the road as our planet slowly melts, the masses might come to realize this. On second thought--nah--that is too expect way too much from humanity.


And where is the newly elected premier Trudeau (junior) on curtailing the disastrous and diabolical tar sands operations across his country? Videoing himself running bare-chested into a public fountain and posting it on You Tube to show how fun-loving and quirky he is thus supposedly currying favor with the 20-30 somethings, perhaps? He is turning out to be a shape-shifter, which is forboding for the pristine lands, wilderness, wildlife, and First Nations people.