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Ten Degrees Above Average, Alaska is Having Its Hottest Year Since Records Began



We are just at the Beginning of a Global Emergency, a Turning Point - one of which humanity has not seen before.
newmessage.org.... For humanity has done much to cause our current plight and predicament, and must Undo what it has done....for if we stay on our current course, humanity will cause its own decline.....We are just seeing the beginning stages, it will get much worse.....are the Signs to show otherwise?...... Are there signs that humanity is changing its behavior.....There are Great Waves Upon us... greatwavesofchange.org..


When you consider that the sun doesn't go down (or barely goes down) in much of Alaska for four months each year, the heating up can accelerate much faster than in middle latitudes.

Guess we won't be hearing the old analogy about selling refrigerators to Eskimos anymore.


A superhot Arctic will yield at least 4 positive feedback loops.

1) More fires.
2) More trees killed by beetles.
3) Polar ice cap melt means more dark ocean surface will absorb more heat.
4) More methane release from both melting tundra and ocean floor.

Scientists will, once again, have to shorten the estimated timespan for global catastrophe.


And, this global emergency does not simply mean, that politicians and corporations must act.

All of us must act.

If you can reduce or eliminate your use of driving and flying, DO IT NOW. Assess all your activities, your job, and your consumerism, and slash energy use wherever possible.

Also, plant trees and nurture them to health. Plant food trees and you accomplish two things at once. Make a garden bed, make compost, and grow food. Every human needs to be a hands-on ecological practitioner.

(Or, just wait for the imminent collapse, and do it then.) /snark


Sadly, politicians and corporations won't act. It matters little who gets elected president. The only thing that could help is what you suggest, "Assess all your activities, your job, and your consumerism, and slash energy use where ever possible."

Climate change may already be a done deal, however. Your suggestion may be the first step toward "survival mode" for individuals and communities. It's going to be a wild ride for everyone but the super rich who are mobile and have access to resources that we don't have. The great culling of humanity has begun.


Britain's cutting-edge £1billion warships are breaking down in the Persian Gulf because they are not designed for the heat.

Contractors claim the Ministry of Defence did not tell them the 8,000-ton Type 45 Destroyers would be spending a long time in warm waters.

As a result, the six warships have an engine which keeps cutting out in the middle of the sea, leaving servicemen stranded for hours in total darkness.

Maybe they take it seriously now? After all they will spend hundreds of billions on their Military to counter what they claim "The threat of a resurgent Russia"


I agree with you completely, webwalk. But at the same time, I fear we have crossed far too many tipping points. No matter what actions we take (and we should do so immediately), I don't see how we can stop the runaway change that is underway. Even trees are in decline now across the planet. Planting trees is a good idea, but they are dying off from drought, fires, and beetle kill as fast as we're trying to replace them. Global tree decline and die off is yet another positive feedback loop. Year over year, we have more carbon to remove from the atmosphere but fewer and fewer (healthy) trees to remove said carbon. I just don't see this ending well for any of us (all life on the planet). And it's going to accelerate and kick the sh't out of us sooner than we realize.


I think amplification is one of the least understood concepts of global warming by the public. Many people don't seem to grasp that global warming is amplified in the polar regions and that this can set off positive feedback mechanisms that can amplify global warming further. This lack of understanding leads to an underestimation of the threat that we now face.


Ah well, the Royal Navy still has the 100-gun HMS Victory in dry dock in Portsmouth and also the Foudroyant, a French naval frigate of Napoleonic vintage, still floating. Up the mast, brave lads and release the fore t'gallants. Prime your guns; there is work to be done in the Gulf!


Industrialization has done the damage by emitting greenhouse gases that is contributing to irreversible rapid climate disruption and ocean acidification and warming. what is haapening in Alaska is just one example of the unintended consequences. Moderating the use of technical systems (as proposed by governments and many social bodies) can do not more than slightly slow down this irrevocably damaging process. More emphasis is on measures to cope with the consequences such as sea level rise.


The "super rich" may not continue to be "mobile and have access to resources that we don't have" as the crisis unfolds. Monetary wealth is a component of the infrastructure, a vulnerable part that could dissolve away leaving nothing but worthless outdated printouts and useless old hard drives. Most of the wealthy don't have the mindsets that would be needed to circle their wagons and hunker down till it blows over -- because it won't. Their sense of entitlement has convinced them that they deserve their exalted status and that these faith based money privileges will mean that none of the oncoming harsh conditions can affect them. They are the least likely to be willing to throw in with the rest of us to work together to form a new sustainable way of life, especially one with no place for folks like them until that rising tide that will this time literally lift all boats washes them and their like minded gated communities away with the burgeoning sea.

But although it would be great if people would get the word and do everything they can to individually greenify their lives, I have difficulty believing that a one at a time dedication to making these changes could work. I hope I'm wrong but it looks to me that the extent of the changes that would need to come about would be prohibitive. Famines and retribalized violence would be the probable outcome if people were just decide to "swear off" the use of carbon fuel based transportation contraptions. Some sort of substitution would have to be engineered and implemented. It could perhaps be done but not without a transformative movement sweeping through almost the whole of humankind with speed and thoroughness, deniers be damned. It will have to start now. I hope it has.


It's hard to know how galloping climate change will actually shake out. The "super rich" have one advantage over all of us, they are super organized. They own the government and the military. Yes, monetary wealth is a component of infrastructure but infrastructure, as you know, is not distributed evenly. What is almost certain is that we are headed for a fascist authoritarian system that is run for the sake of the wealthy. If they end up living in domed cities (The Truman Show?) while the rest of us are left to our own devices... Well, back to the Dark Ages, folks.


We're going down for the count and very few people around our once beautiful Blue Planet give a damn. From a song by Sting , I remember these foreboding lyrics "....What good is a used up world and how can it be worth having?". The last human being will probably look to the heavens and ponder "What the hell happened?"


There is something we humans can do to heal the Earth, but it will take a polar shift in Cannabis value to accomplish the atmospheric repair that is needed.


There is only one crop that produces enough atmospheric aerosols, called "terpenes", to replenish what has been lost with the death of 50% of world's the boreal forests and marine phytoplankton, that used to produce twice the volume as they do now. Because terpenes reflect solar radiation away from the Earth, having half the terpenes in the atmosphere means that twice the solar UV-B radiation is making it through to the surface of the planet. Elevated levels of UV-B radiation increase the solubility of mercury & arsenic. The equation of survival is fairly simple. Either we grow Cannabis as fast as we can, or we will become extinct.

Evolution favors an open mind. Unless people consider that Cannabis is mankind's functional interface with the Natural Order, we will continue to accelerate toward irreversible global systemic collapse.


Going back to the Dark Ages will be getting off easy. Optimists are hoping for an outcome that benign. If it does go down that way it will only be a temporary stage before further declining and falling take up the doom slack. Of course I could be and hope I am wrong. I hope the climate change deniers turn out to have been right but what with the noticeable increase in overall daily temperature where I'm living now in the Southeast Asia Pacific Ocean part of the earth and the news reports of unprecedented storms and other hard to survive "weather events," it is difficult for me to envision anything less than an extraordinarily unpleasant catastrophic die off. If it all blows over I shall praise the Gods and commerce that the wealthy made it through to Survivor Final Tribal Council.


Take what seriously? Engine design? Is the, ah, Persian Gulf generally cold?

Level-headed analysis reveals little cause for concern for the state of greenhouse gas-induced warming. A slightly warmer and wetter world, with more plant food in the atmosphere and longer growing seasons? The horrors. How will agriculture persist in such an environment? I should link here to the news about some freshwater aquifers having recently been refilled due to increased rainfall, but I'm too lazy, and the point about increased fresh water is so obvious it's the reader's fault if they miss it.

The correct view on global warming is reactionary. Science tells us we've got a couple degrees coming our way due to increased greenhouse gas. The people that have designed, created, and enforced global adherence to petrochemicals are the same ones designing the carbon credit schemes, which appear designed not to end reliance on fossil fuel but to put the control of the entire world's economy in a few hands. That's what's meant by "taking action." Give control of the world's economy to a tiny group of people -- because we all know that once people get into little concentrated groups of power their true humanity shines above all else, right? It's all a sick joke perpetrated by those running the show -- from the actual greenhouse gases themselves (problem) to the overblown climate scare science and media coverage of it (hyping the problem) so that people demand change (reaction), to the world-domination scheme of carbon-trading (solution). Another crafted dialectic.

So what to do? I don't know. But don't hitch a ride with the serpents. They don't treat their dupes well when they're done with them. It's time to take the power back. If the government hadn't spent all that money on climate science but had brought some of the most promising cutting-edge technology on enery storage and conversion to market we'd be better off today. Where's all the crowdfunding for this type of research? Not that the precariat has much to pony up anyway -- which really brings the point around. The same ones that have employed this obnoxious fake dialectic are the same ones that planned and succeeded to kick everybody out of their homes, turn them into consumers, and rob their wealth the whole while. Same people. That's why I'm perfectly happy with my reactionary view on global warming -- I'm reacting to lies, deceit, manipulation, and a hidden-in-plain sight scheme to dominate the world.