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Ten Foreign Policy Fiascos Joe Biden Can Fix on Day One

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/19/ten-foreign-policy-fiascos-joe-biden-can-fix-day-one


Right on--------I don’t think most American’s comprehend what US sanctions are doing to the people of Venezuela------killing thousands------corporate media and both parties complicit.

  1. Recognize the humanity and rights of the Palestinian people, including their right to self determination…

And right after these ten, we can have free healthcare, free college, Federal jobs for all, and a basic minimum income! Why, we’ll be Denmark in no time flat.

Medea Benjamin is smarter than this. She knows exactly what Joe Biden is.

I don’t understand the point of Pollyanna pieces such as this. Fantasizing about relief from the DNC’s wing of the War Party will get us nowhere.


Biden “should” - Biden “must” …

When I read these dictates, I also hear “is not likely to”

Of the 10 suggestions, I think half of #2 and half of #3 might be allowed by Biden’s controllers.

He might be allowed to reduce sales to the Saudis (while increasing sales to the UAE) and he

might be able to rejoin a version of the JCPOA, but it will probably include tougher sanctions.

Biden has already tried to portray himself as more militant than Trump.

It is very foolish to think he is capable of improving foreign policy.


Regarding Iran and Saudi Arabia - some may find some interesting background information here.


Noting however that when vehicles no longer need any petroleum products to operate, what goes on between Shia and Sunni theocrats in the ‘middle east’, will be largely moot for the rest of the world.


Biden agrees with all 10 of these. What makes anyone think he will reverse any of them given his transition team is chock full of MIC lobbyists and career war hawks? Might as well look for unicorns farting rainbows. The best thing Trump can do for the country is to order the withdrawal (back home and not just moving them elsewhere) of US troops from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. He is the commander-n-chief and has the legal right to do so. The pro-war propaganda on CNN, MSNBC, NYTimes, Fox, and Washington Post, is in overdrive trying to convince people a withdrawal is a bad thing.

Anyone else bothered by the DoD hiding actual troop numbers from the elected president even if it is Trump? There should be a criminal investigation into those responsible as the US has civilian control of the military for a reason. Too bad Trump didn’t purge the DoD at the start of his administration as he might have been able to order the withdrawal earlier.


Hi Godless:
sigh—for number 8 I would add to code down Guantanamo----and give that and back to Cuba , as it belongs there, I am so impressed with Cuba who sends DOCTORS to war zones and pandemic zones.
sigh—and there once was a democracy in the Middle East—it was IRAN, and from Eisenhower on —America has tried to destroy that nation —its oil. America can be so evil towards human rights. : (


Doing the moral thing in regards to Cuba takes second fiddle to the DNC thinking they can grab 100 Cuban-American votes in Miami.

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#1 should have been dropping all charges against Julian Assange.


I suspect the article was for a general audience. I doubt anyone who reads Common Dreams comments needs to see this wish list, but it’s the kind of thing you could easily circulate to other forums, where there might be people claiming Biden is helpless to do anything.

For us, I’d interpret the wish list as a list of demands, which we need to be clear about as we get on with the revolution.


Yes, hiding troop numbers and other acts of deep state disregard for civilian leadership are pretty disturbing to me too. They are using our disgust with Trump to see what they can get away with, then once they determine people are cool with it, they’ll have their puppet Biden normalize their crimes, as Obama normalized Bush’s crimes.


Dream on… Have we so easily forgotten that Biden was Obama’s VP and forget all about Libya, Syria, Afghanistan…

Yes he will rejoin the EU in their Iran agreement.

As for giving up the lucrative arms trade with the Saudis and the Gulf States, he has much a hope as their second biggest arm suppliers, the UK, doing so.

He may not be as clumsy as Trump in his foreign policies but first and foremost as the CEO of America Inc. Biden has to represent the interests of the corporations . That won’t ever change with the a different collar on the same dog.


Its true that exactly none of these acts will get done, but it is useful for the average Joe to be reminded of just some of the ways the US government is being an asshole to millions of people worldwide. I hope to live long enough to see this list accomplished, but I’m not holding my breath.


Any American who wanted any 1, yet alone all 10, of these “fiasco” issues dealt with through the actions this article suggests, would have never voted for, or supported, a Biden/Harris ticket. As Biden/Harris won, they aren’t going to change one iota from the positions that earned them the vote of most Democratic voters and enough nose-holding Independents, and they aren’t interested in earning the votes of those who refused to vote for them in 2020. Vote for either of the Fascist mainstream parties and you better be prepared to live with Fascist governance you can hypocritically protest against for the next four years.

Love Medea and Code Pink, but her list is to me wishful thinking because Biden would never have been selected for POTUS unless Joe was a war mongering, Wall Street Stooge! If Bernie was POTUS Medea’s list would have a chance.

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The question is, how much power do Presidents still have to do good, in political areas, I think a lot, even if in the economic areas their hands are ties on almost everything by treaties.

The problem is, because of trade deals, the spending on military is bound to stay in the country, while much of the other spending - services procurement, at all levels of government, is supposed to be the subject of tenders which its already known, barring some miracle, are likely to create jobs overseas, not here.

Due to the WTO Government Procurement Agreement, and the GATS and the pending TISA and TTIP, which will go back on the front burner soon, I suspect.

In exchange we’ll get other countries support in keeping patent terms long and eliminating cheap but life saving generic drugs. That’s pure profit. But itskilled a liot of people and is really evil, when those drugs should be in the public domain. A good example is so called evergreening, allowing the repatenting patenting of old drugs. This is a theft from all of us and especially of the benefits of technology.

It seems so many of the things the US now is standing for are bad. Where did we go wrong? I think its with the WTO thatis enabling all this bad policy, and locking it where voters cant touch it, also creating political class thats incredibly dishonest. Even the allegedly “good” politicians are now doing this, and trying to preserve plausible deniability by pretendingthey are ignorant or stupid… while at the same time pretending to be taking responsibility for things that have in reality for all practical purposes been taken out of the things that are still within their power.

Should we be saying "Thank God for wars and regional conflicts, real wars (with all the profits involved) and the ever more histrionic and mentally exhausting culture wars. without which our legislators and Chief Executives would have little they could use to appear to actually doing anything? (except deregulating more and more, basically the only thing they are still allowed to do. As its a one way ratchet, thanks to the WTO)

Only a miracle - a 180 degree shift in how we do things, could channel non-military, not security, non deep state spending to US firms could restore democracy. But its the people who would have to grow a spine because clearly, politicians wont ever do that.

Maybe if they fill all sorts of domestic and business hardware with surveillance devices they could keep some jobs here? I wouldn’t count on it.

You could have made this same list had Trump won this time around. You could have made a similar list with Obama and Bush. The President of the USA can do a whole lot of things but they will NOT do these things because that is not who they are and the cause of the people and of peace is not who they serve.

I do hope Medea did not vote Biden in the hope he would do these things.

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All excellent ideas. Biden will do none of them. But… he is assembling one of the most diverse cabinets of lobbyists, corporate hacks and war profiteers ever. It’s so exciting!

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Breaking new ground in corruption every day, the US politicians of today.

A bipartisan partnership in crime.

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