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Ten Reasons to Oppose the Saudi Monarchy


Ten Reasons to Oppose the Saudi Monarchy

Medea Benjamin

During the discussion on the Iran nuclear deal, it has been strange to hear US politicians fiercely condemn Iranian human rights abuses while remaining silent about worse abuses by US ally Saudi Arabia. Not only is the Saudi regime repressive at home and abroad, but US weapons and US support for the regime make Americans complicit. So let’s look at the regime the US government counts as its close friend.


Saudi Arabia, along with the racist colonialist state of Israel, is one of the jewels in the American Middle Eastern crown. Saudi Arabia is a peculiar mix of medievalism and modernity, and it has always been, in large part, an American creation. The Kingdom of Saud came to power with substantial American backing, when the country was founded after the break up of the Ottoman Empire. US Presidents, from Clinton to Bush, from Carter to Obama, are always prating on about "democracy" and "human rights." They depict the United States as a selfless moral agent that just want to do the right thing, regardless of the price to be paid. Saudi Arabia gives the lie to that ridiculous fairy tale. As Ms Benjamin points out, the country is basically a tyranny, in which bias, bigotry and discrimination are the coin of the realm. Saudi Arabia has long been known to support radical Islam, to a much greater degree than the pariah state, Iran. To paraphrase Johnson, the Saudi rulers might be a bunch of bastards, but they are our bastards so nothing to worry about. Of course, the United States is the world's leading purveyor of terrorism and the US empire has no problem with fascists, monarchists or authoritarian fanatics, just so long as these charming people are following orders.

There are surely 100 reasons to oppose the Saudi monarchy, but the 10 outlined by Ms Benjamin are a good place to start.


Perspicacious article by Medea about one of the most repressive, ruthless and sybarite regimes in the world. And the fact that they are considered a close friend and an ally of America, tells you everything. And the fact that the U.S. governments war criminals like Bush and Obama respectfully bow before these thugs makes me sick!

The only thing that I disagree with in this article is that 19 Saudi's were responsible for 9/11 when nothing could be further from the truth. With all due respect Medea, please research 9/11 as thoroughly as you did this article. I appreciate Code Pink and all that you do.


Its a question of degrees, right?
Because everyone of the bullet points is pretty high for the United States as well.


They also behead lots of people.


Nixon to Kissinger:

"We've got to destroy the confidence of the people in the American establishment."


Oppose it in favor of what exactly? Is there an organized, secular opposition? Or will any currently available replacement be even worse in terms of religious tyranny and imperialism? Unless something is at least a-building under the Saud clan's nose, what good is this?


Benjamin is correct: 15 of the 19 were Saudis in the 9/11 attacks. Read more: "Hijackers in the Sept. 11 Attacks" Several were in the US on student visas.


In 1931, when the US and Saudi Arabia (Saud "royal" family) together formed ARAMCO (Arabian American Oil Company), the former Bedouins traded in their camels for Rolls Royce limos. The Americans would drill the wells, construct the pipelines, etc. and earn a percentage of the profits while the Saudis counted their riyals (or gold in the early days of the agreement...gold was paid to the Saudis) and assume the strident behavior of other American billionaires where no one could see them in-country (but no such cover when visiting other industrialized nations) while practicing their Wahabbi form (ultra-conservative) of Sunni Islam on the outside.

The world has paid the price of that consortium/cabal ever since.


To me you only need one reason not to support them, They have made the top 5 most repressive regimes in the world for decades. And we help them to be that. Now even if we stopped supporting them, they wouldn't change. But at least we wouldn't be complicit in aiding them.
However we would have to give up their oil and that is the reason why we support them. Got to have that cheap oil no matter what is done to their people. We are complete hypocrites when it comes to human rights.


WE are not the Military-industrial complex, the banksters, or the oil barons. Posters like yourself relentlessly and Falsely conflate one with the other while "Seatower" pushes the Official Narrative.

Disinformation runs more reliably in forums like this than raw sewage.


reason number 11: the horrific destruction of Yemen even tho we know this is being done with total support of U.S, war department, and with U,S, bombs, it is still the Saudis doing the bombing. surprised this did not male Medea's list. Code Pink- where are you?


Reason 12. Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Gay people are severely punished and repressed.


The Saudis are not like most nations. If "we" stopped supporting them, there would be a revolution in months not years. They hold power only because of the US military. Large US bases exist in Saudi Arabia, and the Saudi monarchy are completely dependent on them.


Im sure we are all familiar with the official conspiracy theory.


Using the 'official story' to paint a picture of someone that is aimed at those who might believe that official story is a tactic and says little about the beliefs of the one doing the using. If the objective is to paint a true picture of the Saudi government for those who are unaware of what they are and stand for then perhaps it isn't aimed at you or others here on CD but for a wider audience for which leaving this issue out would be a missed opportunity while putting in an alternative view that absolves the Saudis of any connection would be off point at best.


Good point, but I did not say that I absolved one of the most evil regimes in the world of any connection of 9/11 but that the lie about what happened keeps getting perpetuated, even by progressives like Medea.


Well said! Wikipedia or no wikipedia what Seatower is saying is that wikipedia is telling the truth and over two thousand engineers, architects and building demolition experts all with impeccable credentials, and many who are qualified experts in their fields of expertise are wrong!

Total BS and raw sewage!


What is the "Official Narrative?" Something you made up per chance in order to cast aspersions?


Did you not bother to look at all the RESOURCES in the bibliography following the Wikipedia piece?

So, Shanti...what IS your version of the truth and what are your resources? Provide links, etc.

Are you privy to all the WikiLeaks info? I doubt it.

As for Osama BL...he was educated in the US, his family (construction) did major business with the Bush family and belonged to the same Carlisle Group; he was born in Saudi Arabia. He was verifiably linked to the attacks on the Twin Towers and was a Wahhabi Suni Muslim who spent his life in jihad against the U S. Al Qaeda did not enter Iraq until AFTER the US invaded/bombed/destroyed Baghdad, Ramadi, Mosul, etc.; leveled any number of mosques, and effectively dismantled the country's infrastructure.

For an extensive study of OBL and Al Qaeda, you may want to review the Frontline documentary (PBS), Hunting Bin Laden. You can see it here: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/binladen/who/alqaeda.html

I do not rely solely on Wikipedia for info...it just happens to be a ready resource for everyone to access. Next time, I will provide a list of reputable, non-fiction books I have read to validate/substantiate my assertions/comments. Nah, why bother.