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Ten Reasons Why Elliott Abrams Would Make a Dreadful Deputy Secretary of State


Ten Reasons Why Elliott Abrams Would Make a Dreadful Deputy Secretary of State

Medea Benjamin

Donald Trump will soon announce his pick for deputy Secretary of State. The leading contender appears to be Elliott Abrams, despite Abrams having been an outspoken advocate of the #NeverTrump crowd and calling Trump unfit for the office.


So the good thing if he's nominated is that he needs Senate confirmation and gives us another shot at undermining Sessions.


Elliot Abrams?!!! Mr. Central American Death Squad? At that point, might as well bring back Vicky Nuland! The horror. The horror.


It's evident this administration is in a full court press to appoint the worst scoundrels w/o even pretending these aren't dead enders sucked from the swamp of political losers. And they're proceeding as fast as possible while Congress remains pliant. Supine to oligarchy power.


Elliot Abrams would be the final disaster. Look at his record!


Another infamous "American Exceptionalism" character that has escaped modeling an orange jump suit.
EA is truly an ugly character.


Is Trump consulting with AIPAC for this nomination or directly with Netanyahu? The kowtowing of American politicians ( even Trump?) to this organization is frightening. Only one senator has the courage to object to Abrams appointment? It indicates that Israel is really in charge of our foreign policy. If so, the madness of it all makes sense. What's in it for the American people? Nothing. What's in it for American politicians? Everything!


Have just read that Trump decided not to choose Elliott Abrams! One thumbs up fo him unless he picks someone equally dangerous.