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Ten Thousand Students March in Berlin as Global #ClimateStrike Movement Rises


Ten Thousand Students March in Berlin as Global #ClimateStrike Movement Rises

Jon Queally, staff writer

An estimated ten thousand students took to the freezing cold streets of Berlin, Germany on Friday as they added their voices to the growing youth-led global uprising that is demanding urgent and far-reaching action to address the world's climate crisis.

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Without a doubt we have a lot to learn from the determination and power and speaking to the truth of our young citizens of the world.

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Hey kids!

Sing along…


At age 16 Greta is a world leader like no other, a teller of truths. Which is what we all need, no matter how painful that may be. John Lennon comes to mind. At age 16 speaking truth to power. This young woman and others like her are a joy I thought I’d never have.


Representative democracies are designed to represent capital. Everyone needs a nice new seven branch government that heals Earth with human rights. Each country experiments with its own design.

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Once again, young people demand changes to mitigate global warming and climate change, while old corrupt people in charge do nothing.

The global warming event horizon for young people is real. They will suffer terribly if nothing substantial is changed. Old, corrupt people in power couldn’t give a sh1t. They’ll be long gone.

I’ve reached the older age group and believe that all elected officials need to be 35 years old or younger. Preferably women (I’m a guy). Preferably, where possible, indigenous or minority women.

Only then will we stand a good chance of getting meaningful change in place.


Attn: Elite World Leaders and Members of Congress…Out with the Old, In with the Young. That’s the only chance we have for survival. I suggest we get moving on this obvious plan any way we can. Start with the clueless… Wilbur Ross.


How about mandatory retirement for the over 50’s they will get a liveable pension and can give their time voluntary.
Youth unemployment is a big problem in Europe !

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So indigenous women have special magical powers to make resources appear?

Is that really a thing?

I would prefer those leading to be educated about planned parenthood, the rules of ecology, and the role of biased heterosexism in ignoring math.

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You still did not solve the problem. The population increases at three additional people per second.

So you need three additional jobs per second to keep up.

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I will just leave that there for people to ponder the opposition.


Population falls with the education and rights of women .
There’s no balance in a patriarchal system based in a belief of a male God which is pure fallacy.


Age isn’t everything. I don’t have the stats, but I would venture to say that Nancy Pelosi, who is almost 80, is closer to Greta and those young Europeans than most young Americans.


Young Europeans are an example I wish young Americans would follow. Unfortunately, save for a blip or two when there is a school shooting or when they are drafted by the military, young Americans are unmoved by world crises, even when they themselves will be primary victims.
Just like workers fold on the side of their masters, young people fold on the side of their elders. There is a blissful confusion of class interests in the working trash, and an equally blissful confusion of generational interests among young people.
Even if it is already too late, it is refreshing to see that not all humans are ready to give up without a fight.


The Arctic is on schedule to eventually release roughly 1.7 trillion tons of greenhouse gases into Eaarth’s atmosphere. That’s what the scientists are saying. This will drive up greenhouse gas levels from the current 410 ppm to about 1000 ppm, setting off a mass extinction and also a violently massive decline in worldwide food production per acre.of land or of water.

I say that this Arctic release is largely preventable with wind-powered artificial snow making machines on the tundra and with wind-powered pumps to enhance pack ice formation in the Arctic winter.

In politics right now, scientific truth depends entirely upon how much money is winding up in the right pockets. That’s not going to help our great-grandchildren, so we need to normalize scientific truth in politics.

So, have you ever once heard your elected representative mention the Arctic meltdown catastrophe, and how quickly the world is going to do something to at least try to inhibit the catastrophe? Ask her/him. If you get “study commission”, that moves the world’s needle from an F to a D-. At least you asked.

Then ask around, who wants to run in the next primary election against this bum? We will find the time to organize.

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As I have pointed out to you before, according to multiple studies the world birth rate has dropped in half since 1950, with over half the nations of the earth featuring neutral or negative birth rates (with most of that decrease occurring in the last two decades) If we keep educating girls around the world (a key factor in falling birth rates) most studies estimate that we will achieve neutral or negative birth rates throughout the world in another generation. A pretty impressive feat by any standard.
Now what do you intend to do with the people that are already here? Voluntary suicides like those in “Soylent Green” or orderly extermination a la “Logan’s run”?
We are headed in the right direction. The only question left is, is it already too late to mitigate the worst effects of coming climate crisis?


If you are an advertising agency hired by the Koch brothers, this story of ten thousand students marching is not about the students. Instead it’s about a violent clash between people who want to get rid of the earth’s population and people who don’t. Anyways, it’s easy to astroturf five advocates.

We must put the focus directly on what the Kochs don’t want, voting the corrupt politicians out and then quickly closing down the entire oil industry.


Multiple studies. Show me. That’s truly insane. The population is now at 8 billion people.

The rate means nothing to the habitat. We have reached habitat overshoot. What do I intend to do with the people already here? Are you serious?

I AM ALREADY watching them turn into refugees by the millions and die in horrible climate chaos, which gets worse by the month,.

But hey, go ahead and breed. Tell your kids about your theories regarding birth rate as they starve.

The only math you need to learn is this. Tell me, where do you intend to get resources and work for three additional people PER SECOND on this finite planet?


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There is no such thing as geoengineering. The ecology of the planet has rules.

Okay so you pump artificial snow. That in turn causes something else, probably ruining habitats of other species, or microbes. That in turn causes yet more unintended consequences.

You belong to the sci fi heterosexist cult. If only our sci fi fantasies were true, then we could breed more kids and not have to worry about habitat overshoot.


I see you are as daft as ever. A simple internet search for “world birth rates” links you to multiple organizations from the US census bureau, to the U.N., the National Geographic society. Birth rates have dropped in half since 1950. To deny these facts are to live in a Trump world.
You have always been a one trick pony when it comes to global warming. It’s a far more complex problem than simply lowering the birth rate as you constantly rave. Oh, it’s a good start, but does nothing about lowering the CO2 amount in the atmosphere, or reversing the glacial melt, or changing to a renewable green world economy.
Again, what are your plans for dealing with the 7.6 billion (not 8) people that are already here?