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Ten Troubling Numbers Labor Day 2015



Most grocery store staff do not get paid sick days. Additionally most are hourly wage earners that must be at work to get paid, plus the pay isn't that great to begin with. Now think about this for a minute; throughout the store employees are touching the food products that you will ultimately purchase. From the various stockers to the cashiers to the sackers - any one of them could be working while sick. Restaurants must follow health code rules that if an employee has a certain illness then they aren't supposed to be working. But do the same rules apply to grocery stores? Not that I've seen. Requiring all businesses to provide paid sick days off is a policy that benefits all.


I read an article last week which reminded me, of a phrase that I had heard years before. It is a perspective on "working" that seems ..... unbalanced to me. It was something like this, " people who sell their labor to those with real capital" or something like that. So, it seems to me, that this practice of selling labor, is wrong. Back in the days of the feudal system, you had 'peasants" "working" to stay inside the feudal fortress, or what ever and they comprised part of the "town".So, you had "elites" who were not voted in democratically, of course, basically, having slaves. You also had people outside this system, some as "bandits" and some as forest dwellers etc. These people were basically free. Over time, however, those outside the system, diminished. This "working" for those with the capital, has been passed on. We "work" for those with the money and power for a meager slice of security. Now, don't get me wrong. Of course, with modern education, there is that "upward mobility". However, when one thinks about it, those " elites" with the money and power, have also INCREASED their money and power, to the point of not just running a small piece of the world, but RUNNING THE WORLD. Under their thumbs, we now have a world that is DYING. Yet, we still believe we should be selling our labor to them. I say we go the route of the CO-OP AND COTTAGE INDUSTRY. . BUT.... we do not continue the practice of the consumer society that we now have. We should only be manufacturing the products that are necessary for survival AND, on a small scale. Any production should only go to your own community, or region. No more shipping crap all over the world or even within the country. That goes for food, clothes, or any other necessity. Hell, we shouldn't even be manufacturing make up anymore and that is just an example of the kind of SERIOUS action toward helping our selves and other species on this planet survive.
I know I wrote a lot here which may be a bit of babbling. My theories on the feudal system may be a bit of my own production, but.... I think it's close.


Read a summary work on Marx's theories and it will all be clearer.


I found a book on Marx's theories.....I started, it. There are some summaries, by people, it's upstairs... So, I am on it.


"do not continue the practice of the consumer society that we now have. We should only be manufacturing the products that are necessary for survival"

Are you saying we do not need two 30 foot isles of breakfast cereal and another 60 feet of different types of bottled water and 100 different types of beer? Why that is just anti-capitalism.