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Ten Ways to Build a Broad Progressive Movement to Defeat Trump


Ten Ways to Build a Broad Progressive Movement to Defeat Trump

Betsy Hartmann

1. Figure out the whole recipe.

There are many reasons Trump won and Hillary lost. Rather than fight over what’s the most important one, it’s more productive to explore the insidious ways different ingredients -- class resentment, white supremacy, patriarchy, nativism, media bias, Clinton elitism, voter suppression, the Electoral College, to name a few -- blended together to produce such a toxic stew.

2. Cut people some slack, and network, network, network.


So do you really think a Trump-Putin-Exxon nuclear armed capitalist plutocratic axis is a good thing?

Your post is fascist-troll bullshit deliberately put up to provoke a fight. I have flagged it.


I don’t believe that’s possible today. Years of work went into splitting us apart by class and race, pitting us against each other. The US shut down/shipped out a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare aid in the 1990s, and we pretend there are no consequences.

We’re 20 years into our war on the poor. Results: The overall life expectancy of the US poor has plunged to age 60-62. The overall quality of life in the US go from #1 when Reagan was first elected (not perfect, but better), launching the right wing takeover, down to #48 by the time Obama was elected. It’s a near certainty that conditions will worsen over the next decade.

At the proverbial end of the day, what matters the most to people is whether they have the means to keep their families together, housed and fed. Many don’t. Our poor today are so completely disenfranchised that they aren’t regarded as humans at all, therefore deserving of the most basic human rights (UN’s UDHR) of food and shelter.

Understand that even many of us who are still getting by reject the years of “progressive” disregard of our poverty crisis.


Ah, from Canada. This indicates that you aren’t aware of the hard right wing (fascist, by definition) push in the US, and the fact that Trump is a great victory for them. This is based on Trump’s own record and speeches.


This is a well thought out post- alliances , and building of or rebuilding the peace movement( that never went away) by raising awareness, and coming together to take care of each other and our home the Earth is of the utmost importance. What else is there? Taking care of people and other animals that need help right NOW( not just talk or policies is at the root of a lot of what is needed. Helping oneself, your own circle, but also those in your own community that need help the most ( like a meal or shelter in Winter ) . Some of these issues are squashed down by the media that talks about War and billionaires in a cabinet. What happened to the millions who lost everything ( including their lives ) during the recession)? Really , while the media brags about the gains of Wall Street, most people cannot relate to that at all.
Trump as others have said is a symbol of what is wrong with the country. Greed, avarice, the incredible ME society , . et al.
Then there’s this: Many of society’s ill have been caused by overpopulation. We reached an impasse years ago. Only now people are living longer, and more babies are being born leading to a competion even more so for money, jobs, housing, constant development with no consideration for other species etc. So…what does this have to do with Trump-?
As you have implied- a raising of consciousness, and sticking together.
I do like what you said about Zinn, who grew up with a nice family but with struggles themselves. Zinn was a WW2 veteran who was also able to get an education, and to ostensibly live the “Amercian dream” as it was called while helping others and educating about social justice. He was a brilliant activist and scholar.
Yes, there is hope although there are many who are cynical about this. Sometimes hope comes through at the darkest hours. There are many individuals who give of themselves to others all of the time. However, we also have a system that seems to wipe the disenfanchised off the map.
There is no one solution- and granted animals have a way of watching out for survival of the fittest, and we ARE animals. There is a difference though. Other animals take what they need, while some humans take what they need and then some more, and more and more.
Finally, I would like to say this: The title of the post is about defeating Trump. Really- even after he was elected?
Is this more about sticking together in the face of adversity or is it about defeating an individual and his policcies?


This isn’t the first time they’ve had a great victory. How about Nixon who kept FBI files on certain war protesters and even folk singers? Not so hidden racist and bigot. Only this time they’ve gone all the rails.
Can you imagine if Cruz had won?
They probably love the fact that a bill is sitting on Kasich’s desk that basically eliminates a woman’s right to an abortion even in cases of rape and incest. So…I guess they even females, and the females of their ilk hate other females! They must be so angry and full of hate but who knows why?
Many people associate poverty with other countries. It’s very unfortunate but they are in denial that it exists here.
However, in many other countries people who do not work or work and do not earn enough have no safety net at all- no food stamps, no cash assistance, nothing at all.


Sorry about my spelling and grammar please correct- I guess they even dislike females Thank you for your post.


Hello-it’s me . You couldn’t care less about the poor? I am sure that someone who is just looking for shelter or a meal is not going to think about the “scam they call the American way.” Also, they or we do not make the policies, and there are many in the country who would like a different “way.” It’s just this time- well to put it mildly we were stunned. Perhaps some people had to reframe the way that they looked at the country.


It’s not an either or issue. Both are valid issues and concerns. If you are facing eviction because you are unable to pay the rent because your employer cut your hours; your financial situation will take precedence over a military conflict with Russia that may or may not happen. Your day-to-day survival is front and center 24/7/365 when your living in poverty.

And for the record, most of us do care about the poor and the issue of poverty in the U.S. Based on the following Canadian-based resources, I think you should start caring about your fellow citizens in Canada:


Income Inequality in Canada

Canada gets a “C” grade and ranks 12th out of 17 peer countries.

Income inequality in Canada has increased over the past 20 years.

Since 1990, the richest group of Canadians has increased its share of total national income, while the poorest and middle-income groups has lost share.

The concentration of income among the super-rich is happening in many countries, including Canada.

Source: The Conference Board of Canada

Wealth Inequality in Canada

The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer in Canada, a new analysis of Statistics Canada data by an Ottawa-based think tank shows.

The study found that, much like the income gap, Canada’s wealth gap is also widening, the Broadbent Institute said in a statement Thursday.

“With much of the public debate focused on the growing problem of income inequality, wealth inequality has been less scrutinized,” said Rick Smith, executive director of the Ottawa based think tank, which describes itself as progressive.

Wealth is a broader measure than income because it takes into account all assets, including housing and investment, minus debts, the institute said.

“Contrary to rosy reports of rising net worth and a post-recession recovery, these new numbers sound the alarm on Canada’s wealth inequality problem,” Smith said.

The top 10 per cent of Canadians have seen their median net worth grow by 42 per cent since 2005 to $2.1 million in 2012, the study found.

Meanwhile, the bottom 10 per cent of Canadians saw their median net worth shrink by 150 per cent. In 2012, their debts outweighed their assets by $5,100. That was worse than in 2005, when they owed $2,000 more than they owned, the study said.

“Looking at this broad picture of wealth using new Statistics Canada data released to the Broadbent institute, this report shows deep and persistent inequality,” the institute said Thursday.

“This unequal distribution — particularly for the wealthiest and poorest 10 per cent segments of the population — challenges the narrative that suggests Canadians are getting wealthier across the board,” the study found.

Even more striking is the fact the bottom 50 per cent of Canadians own just 6 per cent of the wealth, while the bottom 30 per cent own just 1 per cent, the institute said.

Source: The Star

I find it inexcusable that so many of your posts accuse people of racism while you openly declare your disdain for the poor and those doing the best they can to survive day-to-day in poverty. I guess as long as it is your hate and prejudice … it’s OK. Well, it’s not.

You cannot take back or excuse your way out your own words:

I couldn’t care less about the US poor…

A comment like the poor in the U.S. take a second seat to the risk of war with Russia indicates acknowledgement of a valid issue and concern. Your comment indicating that you couldn’t care less fully illuminates your disdain for those who are below your station in life or are in need of social and economic assistance in the U.S.

Words have meaning and reflect a person’s innermost thoughts and beliefs. You made yours quite clear.

Your jingoistic jabs and insults towards the U.S. – and U.S. citizens – in nearly every one of your posts will not go unchallenged.


WHY is that the right position on Russia? Please post some argument to back up that idea, not just a repeated assertion. And why shouldn’t Americans think he’s just taking that position because a) he has substantial business interests in Russia, b) knows next to nothing about the threat posed by Russia, and thus is making decisions based on “a” when a US president should have zero personal skin in the game and should be deciding based on what is best from a geo-political perspective.


The post has lots of great ideas (#2-10), but as a friend in promoting progressive goals, let me quibble a bit with the title and #1.

First, progressives must first clearly define and effectively communicate what moral goals we treasure, and then when the proposals or policies of Trump or anyone else threaten those goals, we passionately fight for what is morally right. Yes, that will likely involve a lot of resisting Trump’s actions, but the struggle begins with defining what we are for, not who we are against. Unfortunately, this was one of Hillary’s mistakes, especially in the last 10 days.

Second, re: #1, of course we need to debate the most important causes of this stunning failure. Without a good autopsy, we won’t know the main cause of death, and can’t effectively prevent future tragedies. Someone with Clinton’s intelligence, toughness, and resume should have been able to beat Donald by 10 points (even with patriarchy operating), but she has skeletons in her closet that any good coroner would want to examine.

Third, also re: #1, after claiming we shouldn’t figure out the main cause of the defeat, you actually propose one–some mysterious synergy between “all of the above.” But strangely, aside from Clinton elitism, you don’t mention any flaw with the candidate or her behaviors. Hmm. And I was puzzled about you calling it “class resentment”: That sounds like how Mitt Romney would view the situation. I think the word you’re looking for is “suffering”–suffering at the hands of a neoliberal system that reliably shifts wealth and power from the 97-99% and transfers it to the 1-3%.

Fourth, and re: #1, I think you’re missing the main cause–the Democratic Party has largely lost its moral and intellectual bearings. When I was a kid, the Democratic Party was the party that looked out for average people, took on big banks, reined in corporations, and knew we needed highly progressive taxation for civilization to function. Oh yeah, and we were skeptical about dumb wars and destroying the planet. But sadly, Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton, and yes, Barack Obama helped create and sustain the neoliberal system that unraveled all this. Obama pushed a few things in a positive direction, but never pushed hard on the central structural issue (economic inequality) that MLK was so focused on at the end of his life. Clinton and Obama filled their cabinets with Goldman Sachs folks and Hillary gave wink, wink, nudge, nudge speeches for the big banks–reassuring them that she was really on their side (instead of really fighting for regular folks–which REQUIRES taking on the big banks).


Number 11. Demonstrate, petition, write your politician, take this viral:

Get the money and revolving doors out of politics. Pledge to only vote for politicians that don’t take WS bribes, like Bernie and Jill.

Direct Democracy


I would add defend democracy at all costs. That means sticking with facts not lies. It means protecting the free press. It means protecting the right to protest. It means making sure Congress remains an equal branch of government. It means keeping elections honest. It seems clear many Americans prefer a strong man to the democratic process as they voted for a man who lies constantly. Democracy can only work if the arguments in the marketplace of ideas are based on facts. If one side bases its arguments on lies then democracy breaks down. This is what is happening. Democracy is being undermined with lies. This has to end as soon as possible or our democracy will gone.


That’s plain crazy. Putin does not believe in democracy and is trying to undermine democracy in the US. He also has thousands of nuclear weapons. Trump is filling his administration with hawks. They seem to want a confrontation with China. This is madness and must be avoided. Trump may be taking a peaceful stance toward Russia because they provide loans for his business or perhaps they have led him to do something corrupt and are blackmailing him. Putin operates like a KGB agent that he was trained to be which means learn how to control people to get what you want. Trump may be a victim of this as are many people in Russia.


I’m pretty highly educated, but you still haven’t provided any evidence or argument. “Everybody knows it” isn’t an argument, especially when the Russians just apparently hacked our election, which is in fact an attack comparable in seriousness to 9/11. Given the damage Trump may do, and given that we didn’t have to create the mess Bush-Cheney created after 9/11, this may actually be a more damaging attack.



The time is ripe to come together to build a new kind of peace movement, one that opposes U.S. militarism at multiple levels – from police shootings of black people, to border enforcement, to the war on drugs, to the prison-industrial complex, to the arms and nuclear industries, to U.S. military interventions overseas.

Well, well, well, seems to me since you assert #9 to be “bullshit”, and #9 clearly asserts that one ought to support BLM, then logic would have it that you must be a racist!

Now it is up to you to clear your name!

Myself by comparison? Never uttered anything or written anything that could be deemed as racist, let alone suggesting that supporting BLM is according to you “bullshit”.

I have decided some days ago, for my own personal sanity and for the sake of this forum to disengage from discourse with you.

But on this one I couldn’t resist calling you out on your OBVIOUS racism!

You racist!

Now don’t tell me everything else you have written against racism matters.

Because according to you, it doesn’t!

And by the way, go ahead and have the last word here, as I have zero interest in countrting what will be another heaping dose of your bull___.

It is clear that your credibility on this forum is about at the same level as Trump’s, so why bother?



Do like the Swiss:



Having been a CD regular reader and poster since the dawn of the millennium I assure readers that the whole recipe WAS figured out by the time Obama moved into the White House, seeing how he really did show all his cards during his 2008 campaign, With most center to left voters so focused on being done with Dubya,being shocked by the economic crash less than 2 months prior to the election, and obsessed with brand Obama, few listened to what Obama actually said.

Anybody not afflicted with denial syndrome can “figure out the whole recipe”, however, figuring out the whole recipe is valuable only if enough people are listening. The most difficult challenge is to get enough people to agree on the whole recipe. Many won’t because they don’t want to lose face. Many want soundbite solutions that the whole recipe can’t provide. Many have a vested interest in the status quo. And as Mark Twain said " its not what you don’t know that gets you in trouble, its what you know for sure that just ain’t so.".


Ten Ways to Stop the Clinton DNC from Ostracizing Her Opponent, Sanders:

  1. do nothing
  2. do nothing
  3. roll over
  4. accept cheating
  5. accept election fraud
  6. and On
  7. and On
    Snorrrrrrrrrrr! Sleep through it all
    I voted Jill Stein


Stop this flagging. Are you our ratified censor? I voted Jill Stein.