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Ten Weather Extremes That Defined Hottest Year Ever Recorded



And in spite of all these obvious signs of the natural world's implosion (and full scale systems collapse), the so-called leaders do virtually NOTHING to stop the pain... when they gathered for COPS 21 in Paris.

It's obvious that these floods, fires, storms, droughts, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis will do far more damage, cost far more, and continue to take far more lives. Yet rather than answer any TRUE security threat, governments buy, develop, and invest in more weapons.

This is not the folly of all persons. Many care, have gone to protests, and are trying to launch new pathways for human societies to follow.

Standing in the way are Big Banks, Monsanto, Big Oil/Coal, and their bodyguards--the MIC.


"An arctic heat wave in December..."

These are words that need little explanation and are ironically chilling to hear.


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So, I'm listening to Tim Flannery on a radio show today .... and well, he's all optimistic about a lot of techno fixes.... but, he also said, when asked about population... the same ol' thing that we always hear... they'll work
on making sure that all the women in developing countries get birth control..... lalalalalalalal
Well, I am all for birth control... believe me and I'll be those women are too... However,
I get sick and really freakin' tired of nobody coming up with the insane idea of RICH SOB'S IN THE US... and other developed countries.... TO CUT BACK ON THIER CO2 EMISSIONS.... I mean... to F is it that they get to do WHAT EVER TO F THEY WANT ANY TIME THEY WANT....
Who am I talking about specifically... ( cause I know someone will be telling me I am just as much the problem... which, I know I have some culpability but, ... that's another thing for later.)... any way...
WE ALL NEED TO LIVE DIFFERENTLY... we do not NEED, PLASTIC CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS, CHRISTMAS LIGHTS... PARTY FAVORS... AND A WHOLE LOT OF CRAP THAT WE BUY.... EVERY LITTLE THING WE SPEND OUR MONEYON IN THE DEVELOPED COUNTRIES, CREATES CO2 ..So, why does no one realize, we do not need anymore, electric kitchen counter appliances, we do not need any more throw away cleaning clothes... we do not need anymore make up... we hardly need any more clothes manufactured.... get it?


I want to pull my hair out!!!


Yep and I fear .... because all that police state stuff... will just get worse, real soon..


Hey I remember hair! Used to have some once!!!


Ha! Oh, so you've gone and done it... YOU PULLED IT ALL OUT!!


It left of its own accord. Lol.


There is no way to reduce the current concentration of 400 ppm to the 350 ppm that is advocated by some people. Reducing the rate of emissions will only slow down the rate of increase in the concentration level even if some carbon capture and storage is implemented. Global atmospheric and ocean warming together with ocean acidification are irreversibly under way. The best that society can do is implement measures that will help people to cope with the devastation.


It will be interesting to see how long the climate change deniers -- which includes possible next US President Trump -- will be able to stick to that opinion and when they do have to fess up to having been wrong how they had been how they'll explain their changing such a passionately held opinion.

All the wars and would be wanna be wars and brinksmanship posturing will, I suspect, seem to have taken foolhardiness to unimaginably new heights, and that the issues that have people mobilizing to fight it out, ready to "serve" their countries and causes, may appear less important once it becomes undeniable that the weather-climate complex is the real weapon of mass destruction, the huge genie with no bottle that it could possibly be put back into.

But on they go -- despite Global Communism having died with the demise of the Soviet Union in the early 90s, ago, the Russians are depicted as once again a threat, the Suni and the Shia Muslims still hate each other though nobody can explain what the differences are, some small islands in the South China Sea are considered important enough to go fight over, as is whatever the dispute in the Ukraine, and the one country who seemed to have gotten the message (the hard way, to be sure) Japan is discussing rearming.

The Naturalist David Attenborough was interviewed on TV recently saying he had confidence that the best minds in the world could get together and develop a way to create energy that would not have globally harmful side effects, and it would be nice to think so. But World War Next The Real Final Solution may happen instead due to lack of willingness on the part of us humans to put differences aside and cooperate.

Happy New Year.


Yet despite all those natural disasters the wars continue, the bombs keep falling, the drones keep killing and almost all countries celebrated New Year's Eve with lots of fire works, screams, alcohol and merry making.


There is indeed a way to decrease CO2 levels - we can grow our way out of the problem. By that I do not mean grow the economy here and abroad to lift people out of poverty and consume more, as has seriously been suggested as a solution.

No, I mean literally grow plants. By using techniques of regenerative farming, it really is possible to restore marginal and desert lands to productivity, sequester large amounts of carbon, regulate water cycles, reduce pollution, and feed the world.


One has to wonder what it will take before the Amerikan Empire; the greedy banks, the MICC and industrial deniers, like Exxon, finally wake up to what is happening to our planet. Too bad all the wasted $ to fight faux, terrorism cannot be channeled to address real terrorism... climate terrorism!

I hope to hell I am wrong, but from my perspective, it will take some kind of world wide suicidal, catastrophic, climate, devastation where millions die before there is any meaningful war against climate terrorism.

But by then it may be too late!


It's OK to complain about the hottest year on record, but it's not OK to become a population of ineffective suv-driving whiners.

Let's all remember it's up to the people now, because what Paris did was worse than nothing. There were statements about how we ought to go for 1.5 degrees, but in the meantime the promises made, IF they are kept, are good only for 3.5 degrees. And the International Energy Agency, in apparent response to a complaint from the fossil fuel industry, that meeting 2 degrees would cost them $28 trillion, gave them around $35 trtllion by increasing the "budget" for meeting 2 degrees, a stunt equivalent to increasing the atmospheric CO2 goal from 450 ppm to 500 ppm, which is the same as increasing the temperature goal from 2 degrees to 2.7 or decreasing the probability of meeting 2 degrees from 2/3 to 1/2. And no one said squat, not one country and not one "green" ngo. Instead, the ''''''''''Big Greens, with their pockets lined with things like the $26 million gift from Chesapeake Gas, king of the frackers, to the Sierra Club,,, declared victory.

IEA knew that we have to almost immediately start blocking the "grandfathering" of new CO2 sources or their won't be a prayer for global warming control at ANY temperature level. Was anything said at Paris about that? NO. So our arching orders to ourselves have to be to put every obstacle we can devise.including serious civil disobedience, in the way of new grandfathered emissions and while we're atyit demonstrate the willingness to go without the lost energy until alternatives are in place. That will not only stop the grandfathering but greatly increase the demand for alternatives including the technology to make them work without fossil.

We can do it, but remember, "No pain, no gain."

Nicholas C.Arguimbau, 978/544-3407, narguimbau@earthlink.net


I think people around the world are going to put the breaks on fossil fuel use. It will take the form of civil disobedience and something similar for corporations - call it anti-corporate civil disobedience - to block pipelines and coal mines. People will sense the desperate need and that it isn't merely a political view but actual physical survival for them and their children's future. People are seeing it and feeling the urgency of it with every flood and every storm and years of drought and so forth. People are not stupid but they have been misled. That has changed but the institutions have not...AS YET>


In a way that is beginning to happen. The Saudis fund terrorism and are a burden on the mideast's peoples since they care only for maintaining their obscene wealth. Enough wealth has come from oil to have made the middle east a modern technological society instead it is still a medieval feudal society with technology concentrated at the top.

But the Saudis are running scared. They see the end of oil and then what will they do. So they drop the price of oil to keep it attractive and compete against solar and wind but it isn't working. The cat is out of the bag and the cow has left the barn! People now have an alternative to Saudi control of oil.

What we now see is the world fighting terrorism by NOT WANTING TO BUY 'ARAB OIL'. Instead of anti-muslim xenophobia and blaming innocent refugees... the world is only just starting to get even by not buying oil. Saudi oil - mideast oil - 'Arab Oil' - Terrorist oil whatever! People want alternatives... and terrorism makes the point even clearer. Saudis fund terrorism... and now we won't have to buy Saudi oil. ISIS sells oil into Turkey and now we won't have to fund terrorism by buying ISIS oil. Say no to terrorist oil!

It is a new world and maybe time to get out of the fossil fuel funded middle ages too.


Thank you! I worried that nobody else had thought of it. It's painfully obvious, but since it doesn't involve someone making a profit, it doesn't get any airtime. So thank you for reminding us that indeed, going back to the earth is likely the ONLY way forward if we want our species and hundreds of thousands of other species to survive.

Peace! and Happy New Year.


All those sound methods do is very slightly increase the rate of natural absorption of CO2. They cannot possibly decrease the CO2 levels. They certainly cannot feed the world. The undoubted beneficial effects of the measures you quote can only help some communities to partially cope with what is inevitably happening globally.