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Ten Years After the Crash, We’ve Learned Nothing


There are always going to be people that disregard our laws and color outside the lines. It’s human nature. There were laws broken in 2008 that no one held to account. Had they been held accountable, and the writer is very specific about many of these individuals, would you then be singing the praise of a working system?

As an aside, you see the same disregard for our system of government as entrenched bureaucrats in the FBI, CIA, OSHA, IRS, ATF…used their positions to undermine a political candidate and then President that they had personal animas towards. Are they going to pay for that? Or skate?

The problem with REgressives is that they insist on making the good the enemy of perfection. There will never be perfection, never.

Capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty than any other system. What is advocated here never takes into account human nature. Quite simply, no one will work as hard or even at all, for strangers.

In the meantime, we live in a land of opportunity. Like no where else ever in history. Bemoaning how others can work the system, while true, negates the opportunities that are out there if you want to work.

As for stocks, I quit that many years ago. There are several people I watch who have a knack for success(Tim Price) and am tempted. But for now, it’s just too volatile for me. The current run up isn’t real. I used to buy and hold stock, seems like another century…hmm, actually it was.


Yep, that pretty much sums it up.


I’m a farmer who also believes in capitalism. There are a lot of pie-in-the-sky types here who live in a daydream. The power that accumulates with great wealth is a problem we will always have. It’s up to citizens to put the pressure on legislators to endlessly fight this, but people get weary and have their lives to live. Strong social programs are a necessity to keep capitalism from running amuck. I STRONGLY disagree with you on the undermining of candidate and President. Your named “bureaucrats” care about the safety and future of our nation. Trump is the most unfit leader in our history and it was totally clear long before he became President.


Do you actually believe what you wrote? Do you really want to hide behind such embarrassingly shallow circuitous reasoning as to ask if the guilty had been held accountable would I change my mind on capitalism? If someone hated deserts because they were so hot and dry and was asked if deserts were not hot and dry would he still feel that way, you know what the reply would be. (Hint: they wouldn’t be deserts). If capitalism wasn’t a cross between a demolition derby and musical chairs, a David vs Goliath where the latter always wins, if it wasn’t designed such that it creates the means of its own destruction, would I sing its praise? Are you serious?!! As for the guilty, they still haven’t been held accountable.

You stated: “There are always going to be people that disregard our laws”…
Excuse me. ‘Disregard our laws’ (?). This disaster was a multi, multi trillion dollar ‘disregard’. It’s like turning 9-11 into a fender bender. I have to admit, your immunity from chagrin is a lot higher than mine. You are scrapping the absolute bottom of the excuse barrel.

Continuing your inspiring defense you stated:

“As an aside, you see the same disregard for our system of government as entrenched bureaucrats in the FBI, CIA, OSHA, IRS, ATF…used their positions to undermine a political candidate and then President that they had personal animas towards. Are they going to pay for that? Or skate?

The problem with REgressives is that they insist on making the good the enemy of perfection. There will never be perfection, never.”

Are there any right-wing cliches, themes or exculpations that you forgot to mention?

Repeating what I asked in my previous comments. How can such degrees of egregiousness, from so many levels, from so many sources, including oversight sources, be allowed to go unanswered? And I might add, to get rewarded, again and again. It’s not about this or that group of rogues. This was/is a massive systemic exercise in creating and nurturing corruption. An inevitability of capitalism. And that is no longer a secret, you may have noticed.


and who is Wall St…the same people who own the 6 media companies that feed us propaganda everyday.


Yes, Wise Owl — This is a great ‘exposure’ article by Matt Taibbi, but … IT’s even worse than he ‘exposed’ here ---- because the entire tower of this Empire’s supposed capitalist ‘surplus value’ is another ‘house of cards’ built on a foundation of nothing but dumped ‘negative externality costs’ instead of concrete.

I’ll explain the underLYING Ponzi foundation of this ‘house of cards’ in exact terms in a later comment here at Common Dreams and real “Ghost town” nightmares.

Stay tuned-in and get ‘woke’ to the Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE hiding behind this facade of faux-democracy — which only ‘we the American people’ are responsible for, but which ‘we the American people’ are the only people who can fulfill our revolutionary ability to overcome by completing our original American “Revolution Against Empire” in a ‘New World’ — 242 years later and non-violently!


Exactly, Tom — and as your namesake might have overcome then, if he had taken the Paine to edit Pat’s rallying-cry in our original American “Revolution Against Empire” [Justin du Rivage] to instead shout-out:

“Give Us Liberty from EMPIRE, or Give Us Death”

Unfortunately, ‘we the American people’ neither then nor now fully understand that this is the last peaceful battle of our worldly “Revolution Against Empire” and we now, after wasting 242 years, have only a few years to understand and win.


Sorry about that Madonna, it’s “Ghost Town”, and as you rightly sing, “All we’ve got left is love” (which, of course, puts your advice in pretty good company a few millennia back), eh?


BTW, Matt, your use of the Wile E Coyote video is one which I’ve often used to depict the 2008 crash — but now I prefer Madonna’s “Ghost Town” because of her redemptive implication that,

Liberty, democracy, justice, and equality
Violent (and dual-party Vichy)

at least leaves the door open to redemption as a parachute for un ‘Woke’ Wile E. eh?


BTW2, the unpacking of the lie about supposed ‘surplus values’ and the reality of hidden ‘negative externality cost’ dumping is somewhere way down this comment string, for any who are interested in looking at the crooked foundation of this house of cards.


In the way of providing more detail ---- As I’ve said here on Common Dreams before, and as I commented to Chris Hedges on his article, “Conjuring Up the Next Depression” in TruthDig just recently, in my reply to another poster there named “Ghost” (cute name re. Madonna’s song Ghost Town, eh):

Yes Ghost(town), but I would prefer the more Revolutionary, “Revolt Against Empire” in the cartoon here.

Or, better yet, to build the coming American completion of our Political/economic and social(ist) people’s peaceful “Revolution Against Empire” [Justin du Rivage]

“Ya say ya want a Revolution, Well OK, — but it’s gotta be the peaceful way”


Chris, there is no ‘surplus value’ in this scam, con, sham, crony, and phony economy of capitalism — under this dual-party Vichy-political facade covering-up the EMPIRE!

Chris, it’s worse than even you (or BERNIE) thinks — : “Capitalism isn’t
broken; it’s working precisely as it’s supposed to: generating surpluses
and giving all of them to a small ownership class.” [Jacob Bacharach]

So Bernie, as I shouted to you in Manchester NH. (and was reported in the
Washington Post, by David Weigel) — “Be a real Socialist” and
“Speak-out about EMPIRE!”

(see the end of my comments here regarding what Bernie promised to do for ZAK)

Actually, surpluses, or more accurately “surplus value” as economists say, is the
fiction created (and approximating) the faux-profits of what crony
capitalist corporations and banks achieve only through their dumping of
‘negative externality costs’ on all of us, our children, our government,
and our planet.

There is little or no actual ‘surplus value’ —
only the perceived ‘value’ created by doing immoral actions which dump
‘negative externality costs’ (as hidden multi-trillions of corporate
taxes) on everyone else except the UHNWIs of the globe who are looting,
extracting, exploiting, expropriating, hoarding, monopolizing, and most
importantly ‘taking-out-of-productive-use’ the human, humane, natural,
and societal “surplus values” of our world by replacing ‘earth values’
with the massive ‘negative externality costs’ that will surely end our
earth values.

Eg. There is no ‘surplus value’ in devaluing life on
earth only to shift ‘apparent value’ to the UHNWIs who have, in the
past, and continue to invent via the most awful “creative destruction”
by inventing newer and more deceitful ways of hiding, extending, and
disguising more complex convoluted and polluted schemes of converting
the potential value of our natural world into false ‘surplus value’
through the scam of more inventive new ‘financial engineering’ (and AI
machine engineering) by the supposed ‘smartest people in the room’
working for the self-appointed “Masters of the Universe” in coming up
with newer schemes to hide the world-ending crime of turning us and our
earth into nothing but the apparent ‘surplus value’ of the alchemists’
trick of turning, not lead, but tobacco leaves, oil, and paper (CDOs,
CDSs, synthetic ETFs, derivatives, et al. into gold, and human-values
into gold with the trick of making ‘negative externality costs’ (like
global warming and environmental destruction) disappear as if by

This form of “black magic” is akin to the type of robbing
and killing people, hiding the bodies, and pretending that they are
“Making America Great Again” — which both Hitler and Stalin tried to
do with less perfectly designed and merely single-party facades of
faux-Republic, faux-Socialist, and faux-peoples’ revolutions hiding
earlier Disguised Global Empires.

Don’t beware the “Ides of March”
but beware the March of this dual-party Vichy-political facade of this
current 21st century first and last effectively Disguised, truly Global,
Capitalist-fueled Empire under Emperor Trumpius Caesar ---- for which he
prevailed in our 10th ‘least worst (s)election’ cycle over
"Empress-in-waiting’ and certified War Hawk Hillary!

WakeTF-up folks — because another coming 11th ‘least worst (s)eletion’ cycle in 2020 will surely be our last!

It is incomprehensible that almost no one in America can comprehend
that they are all living in a Disguised Global Capitalist Empire, which
is only nominally HQed in, and merely ‘posing’ as our formerly promising
and sometimes progressing country, PKA, America.

Only Professor Robinson’s reality cuts through this fog of bull shit
to reveal the “Crisis of Humanity” that the spawning of capitalism and
empire both create & destroy, which he so accurately and correctly
has diagnosed and revealed in his most notable ‘exposure’ of this
uniquely 21st century Disguised Global Capitalist Empire of cancer
in our world to be the following;

“The U.S. state is a key point of condensation for pressures from
dominant groups around the world to resolve problems of global
capitalism and to secure the legitimacy of the system overall.

In this regard, “U.S.” imperialism refers to the use by transnational
elites of the U.S. state apparatus to continue to attempt to expand,
defend, and stabilize the global capitalist system. We are witness less
to a “U.S.” imperialism per se than to a global capitalist imperialism.

We face an EMPIRE OF GLOBAL CAPITAL, headquartered, for evident
historical reasons, in Washington.” [Caps added]

Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Humanity, 2014 Robinson, William Cambridge University Press.

As far as the actual structure and form of this newest and last
Empire on earth is concerned, it is composed by at least seven sectors;
corporate, financial, militarist, media/propaganda, extra-legal, CFR
coordinated ‘plot-tanks’, and both the “tougher-talking” neocon ‘R’
Vichy Party and the “smoother-lying” neoliberal-con 'D Vichy Party —
which since the OSS’s research of the Nazi Empire’s installation of a
single party Vichy regime under Marshall Petain in France (c. 1940 to 1944)
didn’t fool the French people —but by 1947 as the re-named and expanded
CIA/NSA/NSC, had promulgated a “New and Improved Model” of DUAL-party
Vichy Empire control of our former country by the “National Security State
and Double Government” [Michael Glennon], which the naive haberdasher Truman
replacement president for (Socialist) Henry Wallace in '44 which the un-Truman
didn’t even suspect during “Red Scare II” and the McCarthy era/error,
but which the more strategic-thinking Ike tried to ‘blow the cover on’in Jan '61.

Books worth reading about the current state of this Disguised Global Capitalist Empire:

“Dark Ages America, The Final Phase of Empire” Morris Berman

“Revolution Against Empire” Justin du Rivage

“Secret Team” Fletcher Prouty

“The Condor Years” John Dinges

“It’s Even Worse Than You Think” David Cay Johnson

“How Democracies Die” Levi=tsky and Ziblatt

“Democracy in America” Page and Gilens

“Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Humanity” William Robinson

“Hegemony or Survival” Chomsky

“The Making of Global Capitalism” Panitch and Gindin

“Hearts and Minds” Tanner Mirrlees

“The New Imperialism” David Harvey

“Empire” Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri

“In the Shadows of the American Century” Alfred McCoy

“Empire of Illusion” Chris Hedges

“Governing the World” Mark Mazower

“Wall Street’s Think Tank” Laurence Shoup

“The True Flag” Stephen Kinser

“War and Empire” Paul Atwood

“They Rule” Paul Street

“Unspeakable” Chris Hedges

“Empire, Racism & Genocide” Robert Fantina

“Killing the Host” Michael Hudson

“God and Empire” John Crossan

“The Politics of Empire” James Petras

“The Empire of Chaos” Pepe Escobar

“The Changing Face of Empire” Nick Turse

“Among Empires” Charles Maier

“Empire of Capital” Ellen Meiksins Wood

“The Pentagon’s New Map” Thomsa Barnett

“Exorbitant Privilege” Barry Eichengreen

“The Rule of Empires” Timothy Parsons

“The One Percent Solution” Ron Suskind

“Why America Failed, The Roots of Imperial Decline” Morris Berman

“Dismantling the Empire” et al. Chalmers Johnson

“Democracy Incorporated” Sheldon Wolin

“Against Empire”, “Super-patriotism” “The Face of Imperialism” Michael Parenti

BTW, if Bernie wanted to do something more useful than play
economist, when he ain’t one, he could respond to my deal with him —
that I would continue donating to his site (as a former Maine delegate
of Bernie’s) — if he would just get his arse over from Vermont to Maine
here and do something for Zak Ringelstein who is the young 32 year old
DSA progressive with most of the same ‘issues’ as Bernie, since Zak is
the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate (like Bernie) and since ZAK is
getting none of the LOVE that Bernie shed on Alexandria in NYC.

What the hell is up, Bernie brother, we made a deal and I kept my end of the deal.


But, what the hell, if I couldn’t convince Bernie (since I met him at “Governor’s Inn” in Rochester in May of 2015 and told him he “won’t get through this thing and win, unless he speaks-out against Empire”) — and since I’m not having much more luck except with Chris, Paul Street, Kevin Zeese, Prof. Wm. Robinson, and a few dozen other radical progressive revolutionaries — and since even the NYTimes, which had taken more of my commentaries on the Disguised Global Capitalist Empire than I expected, has now shut-off any more — I’m just going to keep on going in the company of a few like Richard Wolff, and Marx, who would likely like what I’m preaching.

Jesus, if Paul Krugman would be willing to take a shot at promulgating a formula that shows any positive ‘surplus value’ after accounting for and taking-out all these damn, but well hidden, ‘negative externality costs’ that have been dumped on our current world — he might even get another Nobel!

But unfortunately that wish of mine is unlikely to happen in this ‘Old World’ of Empires and ‘Empire-thinking’ (as George Lakoff might say) — so our founding father’s wish for an America in a “New World” free of Empire may have to just wait for someone far above my or anyone’s ‘pay grade’ to sort this out in our favor as ‘His people’.


ReconFire, great advice to watch “Inside Job” (like watching “Bulworth” 1998) is great advice for ‘we the American people’ — to get ‘woke’!

BTW, I never saw this, but it appears to be available on-line and free here:


Yes we have learned nothing: our “elected” democrats and republicans vote to weaken the lukewarm protections/regulations that they put in place; our “elected” democrats and republicans weaken all the safety net programs which helped people survive in the 2008 crash.