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Ten Years Later, the “Halliburton Loophole” and America’s Dirty Fracking Boom


Ten Years Later, the “Halliburton Loophole” and America’s Dirty Fracking Boom

Wenonah Hauter

This past Saturday, Aug. 8 marked a notable 10th anniversary. But it was certainly nothing to celebrate. Ten years ago, President George W. Bush signed the Energy Policy Act of 2005. The giant energy bill included massive giveaways for the fossil fuel, nuclear and ethanol industries, and provided only token incentives for renewables and improved energy efficiency.


Great info, Ms. Hauter. Thank you.

In addition to this closing quote, I’d assert that Fracking is a form of rape to Mother Earth and the uptick in earthquakes is part of a process of eventual major “shakedown”; that, along with all the methane escaping from these operations. Both are exacerbating climate chaos… substantially.

“For the sake of countless Americans who are currently suffering health effects caused by fracking, and the countless more who will suffer in the future, we must immediately curtail our dependence on oil and gas, and turn decisively toward a truly clean, renewable energy future.”

… For the sake of the EARTH to remain a healthy, living being: The Great Mother capable of sustaining life across a massively diversified web of species.


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Cheney belongs in prison. Haliburton should be dissolved and fracking made illegal. Until then people will continue to die, water will be poisoned, and our planet destroyed.


We’re missing an obvious bet here. Take HFCS out of food and use it for fracking fluid; thus making both safer.


In the US it seems that the usual ‘democratic’ forms were proceeded with.
Not so here in Britain. Our geriatric ‘mother of Parliaments’ is on holiday in August - as are many of the media political commentariat. So now is a specially good time to announce the government’s decision to push through some measure to enable planning applications for fracking to be ‘fast-tracked’. That way local objections - and our local authorities - can be over-ruled. Our Ministers and their top advisors will make such important decisions for us. That way the fracking fraternity can be assured that they will never be held up by either local protests (Brighton and the South Downs) or by a local authority’s planning committee (Lancashire)… Nor will Ministers be likely to have done any research into the harmful effects experienced in the US - or take into account the views of seismologists. After all, we all know that after a very short time an exploratory rig had to stop work as it had already triggered some small earthquakes in a nearby city, Blackpool… But why confuse things by considering the facts?
Long ago, long before anyone had dreamt of ‘fracking’, a Tory bigwig - Quintin Hogg/ Lord Hailsham famously described the British system of mgovernment as “an elective dictatorship”. He meant this as a criticism, not a compliment. Possibly the current crop of politicians have taken this too literally as an indication of how they shoulld operate, as a dictatorship, dsguised as a ‘representative democracy’.


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