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Ten Years On, the Undeniable, Growing Power of the BDS Movement


Ten Years On, the Undeniable, Growing Power of the BDS Movement

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Ten years after Palestinian civil society groups issued the call for Boycott, Divestment from, and Sanction of Israel (BDS), people around the world have taken heed, building an international campaign that is acknowledged by supporters and foes alike as an increasingly powerful force.


With patience and continuous efforts, boycotts and divestment can work.


“In the United States, Israel’s supporters are mobilizing in a very heavy-handed way to try to stamp out this grassroots movement through top-down legislation at the federal and state levels,”

A rider on TPP fast-track authorization made opposition to other countries B/D/S of Israel a component of U.S. trade deal negotiations. S. Carolina, which has been boycotted by the NAACP for years, recently passed an anti-BDS measure and similar bills have been approved in other states including New York, Indiana and Illinois.

Yes BDS is gaining momentum but that is causing an increase in opposition. People need to be outspoken in their support of BDS or they’ll be drowned out by a chorus of Zionists screaming “Anti-Semitism!”

BDS: People Powered Economic Diplomacy


Perhaps it is only a matter of time when the BDS movement will also turn its attention on the USA the biggest enabler of Israeli crimes. The US should be held accountable for its own original crimes against its own indigenous people and the enslavement of the Africans, the repercussions which continue to today.


BDS works! The only thing that the 0.001% fears and can feel is a diminution of profits, a thinner wallet.

  • The USA Fourth Reich is a strong supporter world-wide of policies similar to Israel’s, and of other repressive regimes. The 0.001%'s puppets in the government are trying to make the people’s will and actions in BDS illegal.
  • The time has come for the world to do what works. It is working in Israel. BDS the US Reich, NATO and all of the camp-follower nations that have jumped on the war wagon, oppressing their neighbors and their own people.
  • When the wallets get thin enough, the oppression must cease.
  • BDS seems the most peaceful way to achieve it, so let’s go!


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Ridiculed by whom? As the saying goes ,“Ridicule is the sincerest form of flattery.”


The US did not commence the enslaving of Africans. King George III of England did that, since all matters of commerce and trade in the North American Colonies were decided by London.

To the contrary, Thomas Jefferson, in his first draft of the Declaration of Independence, blamed the horrible institution on “The Christian King of Europe” who “kidnaps Africans” and forces their slave selling and trading in the thirteen colonies. The whole South walked out and would not return until he omitted that part. After many days of pressure, after his co-committee senior member John Adams vacillated on it, Jefferson angrily scribbled it out and never got over the Continental Congress “ruining” his “perfect document”.

What the US did do was outlaw African Slavery in the bloodiest, deadliest Civil War in it’s history.


And then there are the contemporary crimes, with all the wars of aggression the US has started, and unfortunately it doesn’t look like we are done.


I recommend you read The Counter Revolution: Slave Resistance and the Origins of America by Gerald Horn. The RAC may have started the trans Atlantic Slave Trade but the colonists of Turtle Island (USA) rebelled against their “motherland” in great part to keep the slave trade going. As far as Thomas Jefferson goes he kept his slaves until his dying day. And his contempt for First Nations is on record. Lincoln may have helped “free” the slaves but abandoning reconstruction paved the way for the Jim Crow Laws which are, albeit more subtle, still with us.


FOUL! The title of this article is “backlash from Israeli and US officials, including 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton”, But Clinton is not mentioned. Tisk Tisk.


BDS in my view is the most effective tool against the Zionist apartheid regime in Israel. In fact Natalya the war criminal terrorist in chief has stated so himself, he has placed BDS in front of threat of a nuclear Iran. Funny how they are scrambling to fight BDS but it keeps gaining grounds globally.


Thanks for that bit of enlightenment, i too like Jefferson


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Giovanna said:

TJ says:
The American Revolution was not commenced to keep slavery, as you claim. It was about the hated “Navigations Acts” which funneled all purchases through one Monopoly, the British East India Company, owned by the London House of Lords, who charged exorbitant prices and taxes from everything from clothing to spectacles to pay for King George’s Seven Years War. King George III and the house of Lords never proposed to end slavery, so your assertion is false. Quite the contrary, London wanted to keep slavery. Indeed, slavery continued all over the British Empire and its colonies well into the 1800’s.

The Abolitionists: John Adams, Samuel Adams and Thomas Jefferson wanted to end slave trade and said so repeatedly. The Federalists, who owned slave ship companies (Like GWB’s slave-running grandfather Thomas Walker) were the ones, along with Southern Planters who wanted the slave trade to continue and who fought any attempts to have it stopped.

You are also wrong with your disinformation that Jefferson had “contempt” for the Indian Nations. He wrote glowingly how both Saxon and Tribal life without large government was vastly superior to the British Empire model. He admired the Indian Nation tremendously, and was the first Archaeologist excavating and documenting abandoned ancient Indian burial mounds found on his property in Virginia. According to historian Joseph J. Ellis, Jefferson:

…devoted an entire chapter in his Notes on Virginia to a celebration of the indigenous culture of America’s original inhabitants, recalling the impressive oratorical skills of tribal chiefs , recommending the serious study of the different Indian languages and dialects, even going as far as to contrast Indians favorably with blacks in terms of their mental and physical aptitude and their capacity for assimilation into white American society. As president he greeted visiting Indian delegations with becoming graciousness and visible respect. On several occasions he went out of his way to describe the Indian people of North America as a noble race who were the innocent victims of history:

“Endowed with the faculties and rights of men, breathing an ardent love of liberty and independence,” as he so eloquently put it, “and occupying a country which left them no desire but to be undisturbed… they have been overwhelmed by the current, or driven before it.” One senses in so many of Jefferson’s observations on Indians a authentic admiration mingled with a truly poignant sense of tragedy about their fate as a people.

It’s true, that under the pressure of invading Georgia Colonists, who violated the New York Treaty, crossing into Creek Lands, that Jefferson was persuaded that tribes who insisted in being nomadic and
raiding new agricultural settlements had to be removed to open Western Lands. Jefferson neglected his farms and was so bankrupt in the 1790’s that freeing his slaves was not an option for him, as it was Washington.

What is the RAC in your post?