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Tenacious Afghan Girls 2, Witless Racism 0


Tenacious Afghan Girls 2, Witless Racism 0

Fighting cultural and historic odds, a team of STEM-smart teenage girls from Afghanistan just won the Entrepreneur Award at the largest robotics festival in Europe, held this year in Estonia. It was the second big win for the girls: In July, they were twice denied entrance to the U.S. - thanks Trump - before making it here on "parole" to win a silver medal for courage at a D.C. robotics competition.


Hurray for these very bright, very brave girls! The girls and young women of the world may just be our best hope for the survival of human civilization.


Abby, off topic, but why is there still zero news here on the ongoing election theft in Honduras? There sure was a lot of coverage of Roberta Caceres’ assassination, why not this?


World Socialist Web Site had article yesterday - http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2017/11/29/hond-o29.html


Incredibly brave Cheers!!!