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Tenants Accuse 'Predatory' Kushner Real Estate Firm of Exposing Families to Cancer-Causing Dust Then Forcing Them Out


Tenants Accuse 'Predatory' Kushner Real Estate Firm of Exposing Families to Cancer-Causing Dust Then Forcing Them Out

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The family real estate firm previously headed by President Donald Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner is accused of exposing families to cancer-causing dust and forcing out tenants to convert rent-stabilized units to luxury condos, according to an investigation reported by The Associated Press and $10 million lawsuit tenants planned to file on Monday.


From the article:

“The Kushner Cos., in a statement, denied harassing tenants to pressure them to leave but acknowledged that it received some construction-related complaints.”

“Jared is like a son to me.”


Back in September, Kushner’s Baltimore “Kushnerville” tenants filed a class action suit Saying Kushner’s company unjustly charged them fees and threatened eviction to make them pay up. Of course, it’s business as usual for these folks.
Back in the 80’s Trump waged a five year campaign to force tenants out of a 15-story Central Park south building so he could demolish it, along with the adjacent Barbizon Plaza Hotel (which he owned) and construct a luxury high rise condominium. He wanted the tenants out but he didn’t want to buy them out. So, according to tenants at the time, he employed a number of dirty tactics and harassment to drive tenants out. Attorney David Rozenholc was hired by tenants and they ultimately won. Of course, Trump recalls the outcome differently and calls it his victory.



This is far bigger than Kushner, and Daddy in law’s dereg is designed to make goddamn certain it’s yuuuuge nationwide.


All people without conscience, banding together and assisting one another in crime.

Americans have watched our US/CIA carry out this hell against people all over the globe – Guatemala, Honduras, Chile and how many more?

GOP has been trying to turn our country into a “third world nation” - a Hell – which we’ve seen them do many, many times over and again.

We need non-violent resistance to Capitalism before the planet is any more on fire than it is now.


money, money, money, profit, profit, profit aargh!


And all the while, Brand D, almost without exception, has been silent when not complicit.