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Tennessee GOP Target Racial Justice Movement by Turning Encampment Protests Into Felonies Punishable by Prison Term

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/13/tennessee-gop-target-racial-justice-movement-turning-encampment-protests-felonies

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“Bonus penalty for exercising your protest rights in an unapproved manner: you lose your voting rights.”

Translation: BLACK LIVES DO NOT MATTER! BLM protests are unapproved!

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Just as federal level voter suppression becomes more blatant with each passing day, the states have also been emboldened to double down on suppression.

Murkin sepshunulizm ?

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Don’t be stupid. It’s not about “camping.” No one who is into spending time in nature decides to spend their holiday setting up their tents in the Great Outdoors of the downtown areas of major cities; they go into the wilderness. And this is not about keeping homeless encampments from public view. So what is it really about?

Let’s not pretend that this is about anything other than an effort to sidetrack Antifa. Black Lives Matter is a (mostly) legitimate organization that consists of people who advocate for racial equality using mostly peaceful tactics. Antifa either uses the cloak of BLM in order to loot and burn and physically intimidate, or is working directly with BLM leadership so that they are allowed to do so. (I have no idea which it but I am sure it is one of those.)

Gandhi would not have supported these so-called “protesters.” Neither should you.

If the clear intent of a law is to stifle protest, un-redeemed by any sufficient public purpose (in this case sufficient to justify felony punishment), it should be struck down by the Courts as unconstitutional. Otherwise, the right to protest is an empty promise.


Vote trump out of office and most of this crap goes away.

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Bus seats and lunch counters of the 21st century


Sorry, but your being naïve, I can almost guarantee you this fascist legislation is aimed at the BLM protestors. Not sure where you live, but I live one state south of TN., and this was drafted along party lines for the state gop, yes it’s about racism.

We wouldn’t be seeing near as much of this, if FDR would have hung, in a public square, the fascists who attempted a coup against him.


That is the way to make the 1st amendment go bye bye. Making sure that the people can’t protest. Strange it is only the left being targeted, Haven’t seen one far right side protests ever be stopped by the government yet. In spite of some of the violence they use.


when protests are criminalized-we no longer have a democracy --we have a third world podunk dictatorship–oh yah–that’s how it has been for most of America’s existence–surprise and here you thought you had democracy–how quaint of you

(Cue: hyena laughter) You really are one gullible idiot.

More like a resurrection of the Amerikadeutscher Volksbund movement.

And, if the KKK had been labeled a racist criminal organization and had been arrested, incarcerated, and executed into non-existence once the Emancipation Proclamation was made, we wouldn’t have half of the racists, and bigots that we do.

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