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Tennessee Joins Spate of States Passing Anti-LGBTQ 'Hate Bills'



As a child bathrooms had big signs saying "white" or "colored" with "white" meaning very white and colored meaning all the rest. When the south was forced to integrate the wealthy white male Republicans took them into their party and began their media like FOX and right-wing radio. Their evangelical churches were dependable to turn out the vote. Now they are using bathrooms to eliminate gays from their presence. Some of them call for the murder of gays and abortion doctors. They are serious just like the KKK who endorses Trump. Cruz endorses the groups who call for the murders. Both the military and the corporations have accepted all the people the Trump-base love to hate including gays and trans. It may be too late for the Sharia-level evangelicals in the US to dominate and control like they did only 50 years ago with segregation, but they will try. Since they fix the vote in the red states, they may succeed.


What planet are these "people" from? That cruz thingy even wants to sell off our National Parks, places like the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone, say What? Yes, it's true as reported on ThinkProgress. I know the planet is suffering from pollution but these "minds" are so much more polluted it's beyond comprehension.


Dixie continues to "feel the Bern" when it comes to the LGBTQ community. It isn't any desperate need that is driving this, it is the passion of the moment and in Dixie that passion is increasingly anti-LGBTQ.
It makes as little sense as the Republican Trumpsters and Cruzheads. It is as uncompromising as the Democratic Berniephiles or Hillary elite apologists.
All of them have a "take no prisoners, to hell with any conciliation or dialog and full speed ahead!" mentality.
They are a mirror of a country that cannot agree on much of anything anymore and is at war with itself. Time to ask the question: Cui bono? (Who benefits?) from all this cultural friction?
What this nation has been fomenting in other lands abroad (contention and unrest; sometimes political, other times cultural, and still other times religious) is now coming home to roost in its own back yard big time.
So Bruce Springsteen go take your band and play elsewhere and NCAA take your sports play-offs to New Yawk or Bahstin or San Francisco! National corporate business go elsewhere where you can indulge your cultural biases, but get you sorry behinds out of Dixie.
The average common dreamer reaction is a variation of "screw you, red necks, we're going to get the ACLU and Southern Poverty Law Center to sue your sorry behinds!" So this is what the land of the free and the home of the brave has become--a bickering bunch of soreheads who would rather curse their cousins than try to understand them.


I really wonder about these "sincere religious beliefs". What is more bigoted and unChristian than these sex-obsessed perverts who spend their time thinking up bills like this instead of dealing with the real issues of safety and social welfare in their "communities"?


And to think that former U S Senator Larry Craig (R-Idaho) who frequented public restrooms (men's) searching for sexual favors/gratification while an acting U S Senator was allowed free access. Is there something in the water that many elected officials (and their supporters..the majority who just happen to be Republicans) in any number of Southern states or is it in the air that perverts their behaviors? Their actions are blatantly discriminatory, hateful, and reprehensible. Oppression, suppression, discrimination, objectification, sexism, racism, and social degradation are tools of their trade.

These laws will be struck down but not soon enough to avert the damage done to their targeted victims...across the human spectrum.


YES, indeed...who and where are the leper's and harlot's of today? Thank you for your post, I'll stop here and remain cool calm and collected :-)))