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Tennessee Self-Abortion Arrest Highlights Dangers of War on Women


Tennessee Self-Abortion Arrest Highlights Dangers of War on Women

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

A Tennessee woman is facing an indictment for first-degree attempted murder after she tried to self-abort, offering a stark illustration of how restrictions on reproductive healthcare and criminalization of abortion can impact individuals in the United States.


Perhaps our sisters need to organize a new underground railroad to bring women North to Freedomland and to take RU 486 south. This brother volunteers to help.


This isn't my America but these destructive laws do not fall out of the sky. They are created by men and women elected to office so it may be your America. We all are responsible for the desperation that caused this depressing event. As we regress into the middle of the last century we can be sure that many more of these stories will occur and most will have consequences that are even worse.


Welcome back to the US pre-1972...back alley abortions, coat hangers, knitting needles, laxative (overdose to supposedly cause miscarriage), butchers, infections, septicemia, and deaths. And those rule makers (not only in Tennessee) that profess their all-abiding concern for "life" continue to strip women (most that are living at or below poverty level) of their right to choose, absolutely have NO CONCERN FOR THE LIVES OF THESE DESPERATE WOMEN. What about the fate and miserable futures of the unwanted children? Just another consequence that the anti-life (calling themselves pro-life) folks choose to ignore. Now, the Tennessee woman who did what she had to out of desperation will be faced with incarceration...a life ruined and wasted. And the taxpayers assume the burden of the cost of this poor woman's incarceration and support of the family she leaves behind. Meanwhile, the anti-life contingent pats itself on the back for its "accomplishments."


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She'd be beheaded in the town square in Saudi Arabia, (one of Amerika's best patriarchal buds). What we need, is a matriarchal movement to bring the patriarch to its proverbial knees.


OMG, what's becoming of this country?! Is it really the country of the free and brave anymore? Very soon half of the population here will be in jail for one offence or another...


Only in Tennessee. In the countries the USA has invaded and occupied, this would be a daily occurrence, and nobody would even report it in the US media. How many children and pregnant women have "our wonderful allies in Israel" killed just because they were not the chosen race?


Abortion, despite the renewal of "pro-life" laws, has always been used by women at times for reasons depending on their circumstances. Mostly it was dangerous, and the Roe vs Wade decision was to protect the privacy of the woman, which is now abandoned as fetuses take priority over women.
The attitude to women is shown by her incarceration and charging, while who will now care for the result?

"where medical professionals were able to save the fetus, which weighed 1.5 pounds."


Clinical abortions or those done by a licensed physician in the privacy of homes or their offices on outpatient bases were priced well beyond the means of most women before Roe v. Wade. Midwifery was a solution throughout history. In the state of Arizona where I went to high school, teenage girls and other desperate women drove across the border at Nogales to have abortions done by doctors in clinics at an affordable cost and in sanitary conditions. Word of mouth was also a way to seek out "illegal" abortions, which was very hit and miss. Women with money to burn always have access to the best medical care that their wealthy can buy.


This is not a battle of the sexes, it is a battle of the Global Corporate Elite Fascist Plutocratic Oligargy vs the 99.9%


Yes, but women are disproportionately targeted. That's not unimportant.