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Tennessee Wants to Use Funding Meant for Poor Families to Kick People Off Medicaid


Tennessee Wants to Use Funding Meant for Poor Families to Kick People Off Medicaid

Rebecca Vallas

Nashville Public Radio reported over the weekend that the Tennessee legislature is finalizing legislation that would add work requirements to the state’s Medicaid program, kicking at least 3,700 Tennessee workers off their health care.


“…But there’s a deeper rot at the core of Tennessee’s plan that cuts across conservative proposals to slash not just health care but food assistance, housing, and more—both in Congress and in the states. And that’s an ideology-fueled willingness to spend whatever it takes to take aid away from struggling workers and families—even when bureaucratic disentitlement costs more than it saves.”

“Heroes” of this same conservative contingent are the first to rail against the presence of homeless in their communities. A pox on the troglodytes.


$6 a day.

When you look at that figure, then think about the Fleecing of $1.5 Trillion that the Republicans gave over 85% of it to the Top 1/10th of 1 % in the Tax Scam Bill, you wonder why We allow this to continue.

How can We live with ourselves that We allow them to steal our children’s futures?

Can Non-violent protests reverse this, or even slow it down?


The Incubus and his Fury

Just Smiling Away…


Yeah, and that sounds so like the Medicare For All proposal too.


I’d like to know how they arrived at the $10,000 per person to enforce.
Long live America where the rulers deserve everything, and peons deserve death.


Nothing surprising about these work-or-no-assistance schemes. It creates a desperate workforce willing to sell their sweat and sometimes blood to a capitalist for a cheaper price - while the capitalists get a tidy subsidy for each worker. This is why the oppressive and savage state of Tennessee is willing to spend more money pressing the poor into servitude than it would cost to lift them out of servitude!

And, the money to do this comes from taxation of the only slightly less-poor workers. Tennessee has no income tax and relies solely on the deeply regressive sales tax that is imposed even on food, you see…

The big-hearted German guy who looked like Santa Claus wrote all about it 160 years ago…


We need sociopath test requirements for holding any office, and any position over people or that affects people. These people for this cannot possibly have a conscience.


Exactly right. It is why corporations like Walmart have a business model that is predicated on government welfare.


Being cruel to the poor has always been in fashion for elite jerks like Seema Vermin (not misspelled).

But there is a special brand of cruelty this monster possesses.

Her vision for her own acts of cruelty to poor US citizens, was to take power of an agency dedicated to helping poor people, or helping them keep out of poverty, and turn even THAT into a bludgeoning instrument against the poor.

This jerk should never get any peace, if there was justice in this world.


Tenet health care is buying up a lot of the Emergency Room care services in my state because it is the most profitable. My experience is that it is a bad idea for a number of reasons.


How so?


Can you be a little more specific?


How is the action taken by Tennessee similar to Medicare for All proposal?

I’m assuming that is your assertion, but maybe I’m misreading it.


It is saying one thing while doing another. Misdirection to the cause of the problem and solution to a problem being worse than the initial situation.In my example, it costs more and gives less. I hope you read the article, out-of-network coding is not the only issue and Medicare uses the same coding.


If Tennessee republicans succeed in passing this inhuman bill the there should be an automatic law that takes affect at the same time. Of course this automatic law in place would immediately render all persons registered as republican or all persons voting for any republican candidates ineligible for all safety net benefits period. This means that if a person is registered as a Republican and is hit by an uninsured driver and is left unemployable for the rest of their life they will not receive any Social Security Disability payment, Medicare, Medicaid, SNAP benefits, TANF benefits, nothing. The automatic law that revokes these benefits from republicans could be known as The Duo Act (Do Unto Others Act) and would be a federal law that applies in all states that allow repressive work laws in order to access safety net benefits.


They are using that test now - but to select our leaders. The more sociopathic they are the better they like them. In the US, you are not going to get any funding from the rich if you have a heart for people.


If the applicant’s score confirms they are a psychopath they get a signing bonus.


Robbing Peter to ravage Paul


Boycott Tennessee!