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Tens of Millions in PPP Loans Went to Corporate Polluters After Companies Were Fined $52 Million, Analysis Shows

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/04/tens-millions-ppp-loans-went-corporate-polluters-after-companies-were-fined-52


From recent Common Dreams piece (my bold):

In 2016, Friends of the Earth Action took a pass on fully endorsing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton after she won the Democratic nomination for President. We believed that the fight for progressive environmental policies would be more successful if we did not lend our name and credibility to Secretary Clinton. We underestimated Donald Trump’s ability to win the electoral college. We will not make this mistake again.

After four years of chaos, tragedy and absolute corruption, the choice we face in November could not be any clearer or more important. That is why Friends of the Earth Action is endorsing Vice President Biden for President. We must elect him in November, and we need every progressive voter to join us.

And while trump is (to his enablers/cultists) now elevated to an even greater status of “warrior fighting covid” safely at Walter Reed let us not forget:

Per Brian Brettschneider,Climatologist49:

“Guess who’s also sick, running a fever, and possibly in critical condition? The oceans. The September global average sea surface temperature was above the 20th Century average for the 532nd consecutive month. How about some emergency treatment?”


Our government regularly offers billions in direct and indirect subsidies to the biosphere destruction industries: mining, logging, fracking, oil, coal, manufacturing, nuclear, toxic chemical manufacturers, industrial agriculture, internal combustion machine companies, fishing, animal imprisonment and slaughter, so-called “development,” etc.
The fines are too low, and the subsidies are an insult to all of us who pay taxes.
Also, there’s a ton of generic fraud in the PPP loan program.


Another article that proves again the Constitutional lie that America is: of the people; for the people; and by the people. That needs in order to be true: OF THE CORPORATE PEOPLE; BY THE CORPORATE PEOPLE; FOR THE CORPORATE PEOPLE!


You are back!!! :slight_smile:
Just in time for the last leg of this . . … what shall we call it . . “election” doesn’t quite fit.


HyperInflation:… The US is being primed for a hyper-inflation economy. A cash-less, dollar-less, worthless currency… What again does this country produce?.. oh, yes we export weapons and fracked fossil fuels & violence… Until we move back to local economies producing food and the essential goods/services needed, we will all be in a great deal of danger, peril and insecurity… Oh well, a great crash/reset is coming…


Thanks. I was out of the country for a while and getting internet was hard. Common Dreams remains the most reliable of the alternative websites!


Thank you for a reasoned post, rather rare sadly.


Tax dollars supporting the continued pollution of our Earth leading to our shorter lifespans.

Ironic isn’t it?

Or maybe Moronic is more a propos.


Welcome back.

If it’s any consolation, a loan officer friend of mine actually gave me a bit of confidence in the PPP process by enumerating the many authentication procedures in place. Following those procedures, she has clawed back money from several loan recipients who used the money fraudulently. Fined em’ too.


Covid being used to cover for final collapse of US.



If you are going to put nuclear on that list, you might as well also include solar PV, wind, and reservoir hydropower. Your reference to biosphere destruction industries also invites the question of what sort of industries that is in distinction from.


The more liberals push, promote, and delude themselves that the Democrats are not involved in the blood soaked corruption and allow The Democratic Party to get away with it, with no electoral costs, the more we slip from Oligarchy to Fascism.

Happy Lesser Evil Voting!!

#Revolution2020 is the only way out!


A Collapse of the US Economy?..how would that manifest?

  1. Martial Law.
  2. Banks Closed; no cash available.
  3. Hyper-inflation.
  4. Stores: Empty shelves.
  5. Food Riots.
  6. Extreme Storms: with no Government assistance nor Insurance payments, think Hurricane Katrina.
  7. Increase in Crime, Robbery, Murder.
  8. No access to medical care.
  9. No gasoline available.
    10 Blackouts to rolling brown outs.

Most of that is latently there already or on its way!

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After massive unrest and extreme violent riots during/through/after election the Democratic /Republican parties agree to collapse into one “American Nation Party”, ( this will be announced by Biden Obama, Pelosi and Trump, Pence, Mitch McConnell ) for the good “national interests”. Liberals/Democrats and Far Right/Republicans cheered on by the Ruling elite, will blame the state of the nation on minorities and immigrants, BLM activists, Anti-fa, Anarchists, Leftist, Minorities and Immigrants and those that even appear to be “Not American”.

Groups of armed white supremacy fascist (with FBI, CIA, Black Water, XE and other mercenary hired forces) with help from police departments descend on population with coordinated attacks on “leftists”, black and all front line communities. All will happen as “American National Party” looks the other way or encourages this effort.

These “Terrorists against the American Nation” will be round up and labeled as enemy combatants put into indefinite detention, legally! (thanks to Obama NDAA 2012 signed in the middle of the night New Years eve 2012)

The Corp-American National Party service will fully come out from the shadows and announce itself as “National Party Press” run by CIA and NSA. Protest and violence will be not allowed on any channels. The USGOV will attempt to have the Internet shut down or will be totally taken over.

The Ruling elite will evacuate or hide behind wall and private military protected communities all the while cheering on their puppets in the “American National Party”

But maybe I have read history wrong.

Remember, history doesn’t not repeat but it does rhyme.



The link below is to “The Juice,” a satirical site out of Australia. Neoliberalism and corrupt government are in Australia as they are here in the U.S. Here’s a way to briefly smile in spite of the grim truth.

~https://www.thejuicemedia.com/ [The video “The Biggest Cuts” comes up on the home page, and is the video pertinent to this article.]

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Maybe a stronger version of the virus hit the WH.

COVID-19 is the wrong name for it. DONALD-Zero would be much more appropriate.

You’re giving to much credit to establishment liberals and identity politics. I’ve personally witnessed fake identity leftists terrorizing people with demands to regurgitate slogans.

White Nationalist vs commies.

Intelligent people will be caught in the middle.