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Tens of Thousands Call for 'Okinawa Without US Bases'


Tens of Thousands Call for 'Okinawa Without US Bases'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Marking the third straight day of demonstrations, tens of thousands protested in Okinawa, Japan on Sunday against the presence and expansion of U.S. military bases on the island.

The massive rally "aimed to pressure Tokyo to halt building work for the military base that has continued despite vehement opposition from the local government in Okinawa," Al Jazeera reports.


Just ran a quick web search for “Okinawa protest” and found coverage from Al Jazeera, Stars and Stripes, Epoch Times, Times of India, Japan Times, BBC, military.com, RT…

See no cites for WSJ, NYT, WaPo, CNN, etc. Gosh, could there be an effective news blackout among corporate US media on this truly significant matter?

Imagine a USA in which stories like this received extensive coverage and analysis. Where might public opinion go?


Naturally these protests don’t make the pages of our MSM. I witnessed dozens of massive demonstrations during my years in South Korea and Japan, but none of the protests ever made it onto the mainstream news. I think if the entire world protested against the U.S. one day, it wouldn’t make the news either. That is one of the pitfalls of living in a corpocracy.
U.S. military bases in Japan, make Japan less safe. The alliance with the U.S. makes Japan very unsafe as well, with constant pressure from Washington to follow their corporate lead. Unfortunately for the Japanese people, their government doesn’t have the backbone to stand up to U.S. corporate pressure.


Were this 1982 and protestors in the old Warsaw Pact nations holding up signs calling for the Soviets to get out , rest assured the Media in the US would be relentless in reporting on it.

The difference being the Russians in fact pulled out.


I’m not sure the Russians are the greatest examples of volunteering to give up troop deployments in foreign countries. That said, if the locals don’t want it, we should go. Closed Subic Bay, close these.


The fact is the Russians LEFT those Countries.

The USA is still in those countries.


Already happened, on February 15, 2003. There was very little mention - even in NYC where about 1 million, including myself, showed up. Mostly the news was about cold weather and an impending snowstorm.


I visited Okinawa several times during the VietNam war era. Merchant ships docked at the US Naval Base until there was dock space scheduled at our port of discharge in South Viet Nam. This was 1968/69 and the people were protesting being ‘given back’ to Japan [without a vote]. All the while the hypocrisy of the Viet Nam war about people being given a chance to run their own affairs. Japan sweetened the deal by doing a very favorable dollar to yen exchange rate when the Islands ‘returned’ to Japan and the U.S. was totally part and parcel to the give back. During WWII a lot of lives of Americans, Japanese forces, and especially huge losses to the Islands native population who were urged by Hirohito to oppose the landings and support the dug in troops.
Now the people are again at odds with the U.S and Japan over the sell out of ‘their’ lands and culture for Japans benefits. Very sad - the Ryukyu islanders deserve much better.