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Tens of Thousands Flee Syrian Border Towns as Turkey Bombards Country Following Trump's Green Light

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/11/tens-thousands-flee-syrian-border-towns-turkey-bombards-country-following-trumps

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227 Kurdish military deaths reported by the Guardian. This source had an expose about a notorious Chicago federal DEA / ATF / FBI brick building. They repeated what had been reported years earlier by defense lawyers and men who had been arrested. Hoping the Kurdish loss is 27.

The turks used aircraft and artillery to get the civilians to move out of the area they want as a buffer zone. Maybe they will move arab syrians from the northwest area now in turkey as refugees.

If america hits erdogan with sanctions, he will send hundreds of thousands of refugees into europe. He has done this before.

I waiver back and forth about taking him from power in turkey.

from Al Jazeera: Friday - (as usual, a US forward observer is still on duty in the town being attacked by Turkish artillery.)

""A US official and a Syria war monitor said there has been an explosion near an outpost where US troops are located in northern Syria amid intense shelling.
The official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the source of the explosion near the Kurdish-held town of Kobane, was unclear, adding that no US personnel were hurt.
Syrian Observatory Director Rami Abdurrahman said there was intense Turkish shelling of Kobane. He said projectiles landed near the coalition base on a hill at the edge of town.
The Kurdish news agency Hawar reported that it was an artillery shell. Both the Observatory and Hawar said US warplanes flew over the base immediately after the incident. “”

please note that the syrian observatory mentioned above is a british propaganda prop, in my view.

Looking at the children pictured, I wonder what their mindset will be if they live long enough.