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Tens of Thousands Flood Dublin Demanding Abolition of Austerity Tax On Water


Tens of Thousands Flood Dublin Demanding Abolition of Austerity Tax On Water

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of the Irish capital on Saturday to demand the abolition of a controversial water tax—an austerity measure that protesters say violates the human right to this vital good.

The Dublin rally was the latest mass mobilization in a protracted fight to head off a top-down push to directly charge residents for water use, to satisfy European Union and International Monetary Fund demands.



Starting with Greece, Spain and Ireland there might soon be a European turn against austerity and towards real democratic socialism.


They want untaxed water? Bring out the fire hoses and give them some!!!

We mustn’t let these Irish layabouts start us sliding down a slippery slope of new ‘rights’. Where would it end?

The right to food? Shelter? Education? Air?

No, best to stop it now, before it gets out of hand.


Good for the Irish and good they make global connections. May this resistance become a global, total non cooperation.


Will it come to the US? Maybe when Social Security and Medicare are cut…to ensure that Wall Street and corporations don’t see a tax increase…?


It already did in Detroit. Water schemes by the government led to massive shut-offs for unpaid bills. First they lost their GM jobs outsourced to cheap overseas labor, then they lost their water…


70% of the earth’s water is melting from ice at the poles. The capture of water by the vulture capitalists is good reason for Mother Earth to make radical changes. Also the ocean is dead from pollution and trash. Proves that the money-lovers are not always in control. It also proves they have no morals, integrity, ethics and should be treated as such.


So, let me get this straight. Irish people are flooding Dublin’s streets to protest a water tax?


Oooooooooooooo, protests.

When should the ruling Oligarchy and their corrupt security forces stop laughing?


Why should those who use water not pay for it? If you have a creek in your back yard, sure go down and haul some up. That’s free, except for the labor you expend. I’m on well and septic. When my pump went down, I had to pay for a new one. Ditto for the expansion tank and the electricity it takes to operate the pump. If you’re on a municipal water system, how do you think it gets to you? Magic water fairies? Infrastructure, treatment chemicals, labor, and power aren’t free.

Unreal, the thinking behind this. I want my free stuff!


Yes, that’s exactly right. People who favor one democrat or republican over another are living in a fool’s Paradise. There is NO difference in the two-party whores who are in the service of the corporations that own us. Revolution against the rotten capitalist, two-party system is the only answer. And if our over-fed, dumbed-down, television-besotted “electorate” ever wakes up, we will take to the streets,also. One can only hope.


The problem isn’t capitalism; it’s corporate cronyism, the financialization of the economy, and regulatory capture.

And everyone and their uncle wanting someone else to pay for things that they use and creating “rights” to justify it.


So what do you suggest, then? What is it that you do that’s more effective? Other than criticise those out protesting?


Spoken like a true capitalist. Ditto for healthcare, ditto for education, ditto for the police, fire etc etc, let’s just privatise the lot and forget all about the concept of Society.


Well, we pay for all those things, don’t we, in one way or the other. TANSTAAFL.


As far as I remember (I was only 6 at the time) I didn’t pay for any of my education, I was just obliged by law to go to school whether I wanted to or not, decided long before my appearance on this planet by others of my species and whilst there they also stuck needles in my arms as immunisation against diseases which they didn’t seem to want me and future generations to catch which I didn’t pay anything towards either. How about you? So in the parable of the Good Samaritan, you wouldn’t help the injured guy unless he paid you some money? After all, TANSTAAFL. There’s no arguing with reptilian genes. It’s very simple, you either believe in society (the source of all morality) or you don’t, and, if you don’t all is just self-interest.

Water production is in public ownership in Ireland paid for by the public purse as a necessary utlity conducive to people’s well-being and the social good, a commonwealth, and has been for generations and you are saying this should be changed and people pay for it directly, the first step towards its eventual privatisation and probable sell-off to a corporation somwhere, just to bail out debts incurred by wealthy bankers who royally screwed up the Irish Economy and please the IMF? In short to take away a right that has always belonged to the people and give the profits made from this to an elite wealthy few?


Very funny, point well taken the rich are really stupid enough to think they are chosen by gods to have all the wealth and power over the ordinary people not realizing that we are all connected as one body to everything and everyone else. So when one person becomes a millionaire, thousands are made less fortunate and that there is always a price to pay.


That day is nearing by the day


I beg to differ, in fact the problem is and has been capitalism.Capitalists might loosen the screws when people push back but only to come back with more vicious plans, it never fails. One would be a fool to trust capitalism.