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Tens of Thousands Flood Streets in UK to Protest Trump and 'Everything He Stands For'

Quite, although there’s lots of buyers remorse out there too.

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At the Press Conference with Theresa May, Trump tried to bad Mouth Jeremy Corbyn by telling reporters that Corbyn requested a meeting with his Royal Liar but the American Bigot turned him down.

American Cable News was also trying to make Corbyn look like “Crazy Bernie” out of touch with reality and bad for our relationship with the UK.

I guess someone who wants Healthcare for everyone, desires full employment with decent paying jobs for the citizens of Great Britain and abhors endless wars is considered mentally unstable these days.

Trump is the Antithesis of Jeremy Corbyn in every way, Human Rights and Peace Talks instead of Bullying our adversaries like we are still Imperialistic Conquers exploiting sovereign nations on behalf of American Corporations.


He got all that right. 65 million people displaced. When you put it into figures it’s unimaginable. And it will only get worse.

Biden’s Base is: Warmongers For Joe & Corporate Donors For Biden.

He is a typical Republican Warmongering Bigot.

If the Dems nominate this guy they will not only lose the Election but will end up in the Trash Heap of History alongside the Know Nothing Party of the 1850’s.

I could Never support anyone who voted to invade Iraq and vociferously promoted the Invasion that Killed thousands of innocent Iraqi Men, Women and Children and over 4,000 young American Soldiers.

This is a clear sign of Heartless, Thoughtless Republican Thinking.

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Well, he’s wanted a big crowd ever since his inauguration fiasco. Glad he finally got it.

Good Question, skeez…
I suppose we’ve learned (way back before we invaded Iraq) that even if hundreds of thousands show up at a protest, the scale of their action will be misrepresented on the news and it will have no impact on the result.
The United States is like the Roman Empire after Augustus… Perhaps even worse. At least Constantine tried to do good and though ‘keeping the peace’ would be favorable to ‘the gods’. Our leaders only try to get rich, and think making war will appease the god they worship, money.

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Then DO something about it. Get organising. It won’t happen until YOU make it happen.

Working never prevented me from organising and protesting. You’re just a typically lazy, American cop-out. Get off your fat butt and protest unless you want to wake up one morning and find it’s too late because Trump’s got tanks out on the streets.

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I want to say this to every Brit who was out there today protesting and will be out there tomorrow protesting. For all of you-all over Britain.“God Bless you - Everyone”.

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meanwhile Americans embrace fascism heads on and do nothing.


UK people are very contrastive with shameless Japan who had only flattered Trump.

I agree! Trump is a ridiculous figurre. A comic novelist would not have to alter any of his Twitterisms, news conferences, off the cuff comments, solemn pronouncements, in fact anything that he says, in order to have a riotously funny book. But it would make an even funnier movie, as his delivery is even funnier than what he says. Most people are quite angry at him but I find myself laughing every single time I hear his voice.’