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Tens of Thousands Join UK Anti-Nuke Demo Billed as Biggest in Generation


Tens of Thousands Join UK Anti-Nuke Demo Billed as Biggest in Generation

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

In what was called "Britain’s biggest anti-nuclear weapons rally in a generation," tens of thousands took to the streets of London on Saturday to protest the UK's nuclear weapons system—Trident—and to call for global disarmament.


Wonderful news! Thank you CND, Mr. Corbyn and all the protesters. .


Great job - Tony Benn would be proud of y’all!


Votes, public opinion, demonstrations and left leaning supporters are on the wrong track. History reminds us that money translates to action. The poor need to bribe the wealthy. Alas.


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Solidarity from Vermont! Love the signs that make the point about priorities. My weekly sign for our gathering
is"Single-Payer Healthcare NOT Endless Warfare!". With climate chaos, the ecological crisis and the constant threat of nuclear war or a faulty nuclear reactor we are all held hostage.


Agreed. Why I reiterate my support for a global, total, rolling non cooperation. Yet we must not remain silent in the face of the criminality of those in power.


Bravo to all who took their bodies to the streets - OUR streets! - to demand a nuclear-free world, an end to nuclear terrorism!

Let’s start with a truly nuclear-free Middle East, most especially that threat to all humankind, Zionist Israel, that has not, and never will, sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).
In addition to at least 80 to 300 (estimated) nuclear warheads, Israel has three different types of delivery systems. The Israeli nuclear “Samson Option” - “we go down, all others go down with us” is a threat to all earth’s inhabitants by an intolerant, racist, and pathologically delusional expansionist state…

Iran joined the IAEA in 1958 …signed the NPT in 1968, ratified in 1970. The double standard allowing Israel to ignore IAEA requirements is a measure of their ability to subvert all to further their own interests/threats…



Veterans For Peace Golden Rule Project (the original peace vessel)

salutes the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Next year we cruise the US Pacific North West


Fukushima is a melt down, nor a leak


Joining hand in spirit with all those souls across the pond. After all, we are more than these bodies and the eternal power that we have will outlast the forces of aggression.


Maybe not so proud of his son, Hilary, who voted for trident in defiance of his leader. The tories cheered his speech in the HoC.


Will you visit me on the streets after I take your advice and become homeless?


Just plain stupid. Doesn’t the UK government know that the US is spending 1.2 trillion dollars to modernize its nuclear arsenal? The US will have more than enough destructive power to share with its friends.


Why think that? Why not think you will be part of rent strikes? Why not imagine a non violent way to overcome the powers that be as the people did in India? The more we collectively imagine a better future the chances it will come to pass–and sooner. Imagine if Black folks did not imagine the civil rights? They did not stop despite the vicious attacks.


That’s a disappointment!


What I don’t get is people who call for general strikes seem to completely ignore the status quo in the US as it pertains to survival. I’m telling you right now, truthfully that if I didn’t show up to work I would be fired. I am 56 years old with many deficits emotionally and physically that make it extremely unlikely that I could find other work, which of course according to your prescription for action I would have to quit anyway.

How the hell do you expect people to survive in this country – after following your advice – that has such a torn and tattered safety net?

You are completely ignoring the life situation faced by the masses in this country, along with your condescending reproach that I’m essentially part of the problem because I lack your fantastical vision is rather insulting.

I say begin by example. Cut yourself off from your own source of income and then check back with us.


Peaceful nuclear reactors, which use materials totally incapable of making a bomb, and make clean carbon-free electricity, and nuclear bombs are as different as firewood is to TNT in military bombs. Please don’t conflate the two.


Jeremy Corbyn is the real deal. Fantastic and amazing that the people of the U.K. pushed him past the establishment hysterics in their Zionist-dominated media to the head of Labour. Will be a great day for this world if and when he becomes Prime Minister.

No Nukes!


I am truly sorry if I offended you–it was not my intension. By the way, I have been homeless and do understand the hardships. Also was fired at 57 for union organizing and also my age. Not fun. No one will be forced to participate. Be well.