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Tens of Thousands March for European Unity in Anti-Brexit Demonstration


Tens of Thousands March for European Unity in Anti-Brexit Demonstration

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Tens of thousands rallied in the streets of London on Saturday, protesting last week's Brexit referendum results and seeking a unified way forward in a colorful March for Europe.


THIS is the kind of numbers we need in Philly for the Dem convention charade!

Never Hillary or her pathology! Never Trump or his! Bernie and/or Jill!


Whenever a democratic election does not turn out the way you want, just claim the public were misinformed and lied to (and honestly, in what election are these charges ever not made) and demand a do-over.


If anything the BBC media coverage was pro-brexit. We know, we watched it. You don’t know, you don’t even live here, all you do is read articles by people who also don’t live here, yet apparently you, with typical US arrogance, think yourself an expert. Actually you’re just an arse… Kindly put a sock in it you ignoramus.


Another article here on Common Dreams is headlined “UN Officially Declares that UK’s Austerity Policies Violate Human Rights.”
The UK’s austerity policies are a direct result of their being part of the EU. It’s part of the EU agreement that countries can not have a higher ratio of deficit to GDP than 3%, or a higher ratio of debt to GDP than 60%.
The EU declared member states must enact austerity policies until they meet those criteria, even as the IMF admitted they were wrong about austerity bringing about economic growth.
So at least Brexit means the door is open to end those austerity policies, regardless of its drawbacks.


What exactly are the benefits of Britain staying in the EU, besides “unity”? Can an anti-Brexit commentator here please address this question for me? I look at the situation and I’m at a loss as to what motivates the pro-EU folks.


And CD tows the party line on this… What a shame.


So in the the London bubble, where most voted to stay, there is still widespread support for staying? Who would’ve figured.


It’s unbelievable the amount of anti EU venom emanating from the CD discussion board. And most of it from people who have probably never been to the EU or know anything about it.

I think CD needs to help redefine what a progressive actually is. progressives seem to have been taken over by an unholy alliance of extremist mobs (both left and right wing) who are trying to take over or redefine the message. One wants to always and mindlessly destroy everything before them, while the other forever rails and howls at bankers and neo-shit.

They both need to be weeded out if a rational progressive core is to be preserved and developed.


No, you should’ve asked and done the research before you embarked on your anti EU tirades.

Start at WW1 and WW2, then check why the EU came into being in the first place, the common market, the environment, workers’ rights, human rights. That should get you started.


Those deficit and debt-to GDP seem like perfectly reasonable requirements to me. It is entirely the UK’s decision to impose austerity measures instead of finding other tax revenue sources (such as taxing high incomes more) so they can maintain their social programs.

And since the UK did not adopt the Euro, I doubt that those requirements apply to the UK anyway


Actually, I see no “left” in the CD comment discussion section at all! Only a angry self-consuming reactionary mix of end-stage Jacobinsim and Bonapartism - indistinguishable from the Trumpists.


I’m neither one side or the other but I thik a lot of the pro-EU sentiment is little more than anti-racist and anti-nationalist sentiment - i.e. ‘anti-pro-Brexit’. Xenophobia, racism and nationalism are not good. But neither is anti anything. That is why the vote was a farce like so many of today’s elections. The options or candidates on the ballot paper are so bad that people end up just voting to try stop whatever they feel is the lesser evil. There is nothing positive in any of this. People are left to fight - divide and conquer. There are a lot of problems in modern society that nada to do with being in or out of such ‘communities’.


This gets old fast. There’s nothing surprising about it. It’s a class schism. I don’t know how it can be put more simply without drawing pictures. Regimes everywhere favor some classes of people over others. The EU is no different. Like America, it favors the mobile, professional , middle and upper-middle class demographic. But their jobs are not under threat. Workers have been blasted by the EU and its austerity policies (mass privatization).
The English guy interviewed said it best and as simply as it could be said: If you had money, you voted “remain”. If not, “leave”. Literally everyone was voting their self-interest.


Don’t be deceived by appearances, things are not always what they seem! This is exactly the chaos and disunity they were hoping for, the only exception is that Jeremy Corbin didn’t cave to this effort to oust him, that’s ok his time on the political stage is short lived. Just as in the U.S. political turmoil IS the objective, look no further than Donald Trump for proof. The chaos being engineered will have but one solution- military police state, look to Isreal for proof of that!


There will be no end to austerity. Austerity IS the new norm!


Huh! Ask Greece if that is what the EU is about!


So the majority of Scots are rich? Since when?


As the article says, there was also a divide by age. Those who grew up in an independent Britain voted for an independent Britain, those who grew up in the EU voted to remain in the EU.


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