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Tens of Thousands Mobilize to Support Arizona Teachers Amid Backlash


Tens of Thousands Mobilize to Support Arizona Teachers Amid Backlash

Debbie Weingarten

On Wednesday afternoon in Tucson, on the eve of Arizona’s first ever statewide teacher walkout, every intersection along Broadway Boulevard became red.

For 20 miles, under a robin’s egg sky, teachers and public education supporters lined sidewalks and curbsides, parking lots and strip malls. They formed small seas of red shirts, hats, and beach umbrellas, and waved signs proclaiming “#RedForEd” and “Arizona education deserves more.” A school social worker walked along the road, wearing a full-body sign: “Best practice is 1 social worker to 250 students. I serve 942.”


I wish them every success, where would we be without teachers? Cheers!!!


The imbeciles running AZ (AND NM, where I taught) are constantly yielding to pressure from big corporations (read: Walmart, Starbucks, Home depot, etc) who threaten to leave the state if they don’t get huge tax breaks. The results? No money for education (much less other services that make life bearable for the poor/vulnerable). I had a classroom with 37 students and 23 desks (yes, they had to sit on the floor), NO textbooks, an allotment of 3 reams of paper per semester, and I had to buy those kids pencils and lined paper because they were genuinely too poor to afford school supplies. My salary for full time high school teaching? $36,000 a year. You read that right. I left when I was told my class size would double because another high school had to close due to lack of funding.


Arizona, Kentucky, Oklahoma and West Virginia have one thing in common.

They are controlled by Republicans. This is what they do.


Are you still in teaching?


Nope. Retired 2016.


If all the teachers that are republicans would change party affiliation to democrat or non affiliated/independent, and then vow to vote out the republicans, then maybe the current republican law makers would take notice.


It is truly inspiring to finally see the collective claiming their power. I hope that teachers across the nation follow the example and that the show of solidarity spreads across the workforce. People have the power when they demand the power.


The education system is a low priority to the thieves at the top. 36,000 dollars a year in pay is quite a bit more than the average worker earns. School grades 1-12 are more about student control brainwashing in the dumb them down mode as dictated from above. Strip their concept of freedom away early to face the reality of their future.


US tech centers rely on educated immigrants to fill their employee needs since It has been years since the Murkin education system has been able to. The industry term is that places like India and Europe are “education farms” producing people with marketable skill sets who then leave the “farm” to work in other nations.

Many GOP voters are victims of Murka’s under resourced education system so they hate immigrants who were fortunate enough to get good educations.


No toilet paper and no soap? Sounds like a great way to acclimate public school children to the prisons that the school to prison pipeline will dump so many into.


In order to “Balance the Budget” in the USA cuts are being made at the State and Federal level to all public services. At the same time this happens POLICE forces are being flooded with weaponry that the US Military finds to be in excess. Police departments of as little as 3 and 4 people are getting armored vehicles, drones all manner of small arms , mine resistant vehicles and Grenade launchers. Where teachers are rationed supplies of paper because it too expensive MILLIONS of dollars of stuff that kills is being handed out to a Militarized Police force.

So think about it. These teachers are being threatened with arrest if they go on strike and no doubt this same Militarized Police force will be the ones making those arrests while using millions of dollars of weaponry that could have been used to buy paper for students instead.

The budget for the US MIlitary increased last year by an amount greater then the ENTIRE amount of Military spending by the Russian Government and they still claim they underfunded and cannot properly exercise their “mission” .

Putin , in winning the last election in a landslide announced there would be a CUT to Russian Military spending and that the savings would be invested into infrastructure improvements , education and health care spending yet the MEDIA continues to promote an arms race with an “ever more assertive” Russia.


Congratulations- you were able to hang in there for decades.


Not fast there, ajo.
The education system has always been in the cross hairs of the ‘thieves’.
Witness #1, Betsy DeVos. #2, Arne Duncan for recent examples of ratfckery.
The dept of education manages a very substantial amount of money, and that is why. Grants, loans, such as they are these days are ripe for the picking’.
As to your brainwashing comment, it’s both a yes and a no and depends on the schoo; district and yes, the teachers.
BTW, I was a teacher back in the day.


“I’m sure we can take it from the correctional officers pay who make minimum wage in some cases, release some of the prison population, take it from the developmentally disabled and close adult homes from the disabled, freeze Alzheimer’s research, take it from Veteran’s services, dental services for the underserved, desperately needed road funds, the university funding, and put another freeze on Kids Care health insurance.” State Rep. Kelly Townsend ®

AZZHOLES they are ! give away everything to the corporations/wealthy bstrds !!! on the backs of the ordinary workers. 36K for all that effort !!! unbelievable


Pathetic but true sentiment ! How we have allowed our lives to be so degraded. Children are the countries future but a child does not count unless wealth is a factor. Otherwise it is Beta-minus mechanic for you and yours.


Yes well we must improve our militarized police in order to control.

China and others have been through this already and now are ready to improve their education and living standards ie infrastructure and quality of life improvements including non-GMO foods while the goodol’us slides backward.


Republicans are so fucking infuriating with their refusal to acknowledge that cutting spending isn’t the only way to mske ends meet. You never hear them acknowledge that additional tax revenue would help.

There is an alternative to the lying Repugnant Republican Governor’s plan, and that is another state initiative to levy an additional tax on incomes over 250K per year that was reportedly designed to bring in $649 million to be dedicated to education.

Both should be undertaken! It’s unlikely that the state government, run as it has been by republicans, will deliver on the governor’s plan, and doubly unlikely that folks will vote for the tax. Even if they do, the state legislature is notorious for misappropriating those revenues.

They should institute a new 1% statewide sales tax from November to May to pay for education.


A general strike by all in solidarity would help.