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Tens of Thousands of People Raising Money to Defeat Collins If She Votes for Kavanaugh Is Not "Bribery," Say Her Opponents, It's Democracy


Tens of Thousands of People Raising Money to Defeat Collins If She Votes for Kavanaugh Is Not "Bribery," Say Her Opponents, It's Democracy

Julia Conley, staff writer
After Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) described a fast-growing fund that will go toward defeating her in 2020 if she decides to vote in favor of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh as a form of "bribery," the backers of that effort say such a reaction by the senator is clear proof she doesn't understand the concept of democracy.


The $2 million plus per year that Collins will be paid for her K Street gig after she is voted out or retires isn’t bribery…its Murkin fascism writ large.


Bribery is what all those corporate lobbyists do. May Susan Collins rot in hell for eternity for her deflecting lies about bribery. What these citizens are doing is called grass roots democracy. Collins is just another a$$ who has sold her soul to the corporate oligarch monsters for a few handfuls of shekels over the will of her constituents.


That’s terrible! Don’t these people know how they system is supposed to work!?

People need to get their stuff together. Don’t they know anything about the two-party political process in the US?

If they want to influence her vote, they are supposed to take that money and use it to bribe her… er, I mean to ‘lobby’ her… Give her the money and tell her what they want her to do in exchange.

That is the way every other politician and every other corporation does it so she only expects the same treatment. Completely reasonable…

(Requisite Poe’s Law disclaimer: I’m being sarcastic.)


At this point, Collins is willing to be a threat to reproductive freedom –
get rid of her whatever she does.


People are sharpening their engagement with counter punching the tweeested linguistics of linguistically challenged corporate stooges masquerading as representatives of the grass roots.

Collins sounds intimately familiar with the scum to the extent that she is blinded to legitimate dynamics.

Sorry suzy cream cheese.

In memory of the razor sharp wit of Frank Zappa with which to zappum. Almost time for real honest to goodness hoedown


Common Cause has mounted a petition to end partisan gerrymandering.


Can’t spell Republican without “victim”. (Shh, don’t say anything. That will keep them busy for a while…)


Excellent point. She’s showing us she doesn’t give a damn if we have to go back to back-ally abortions. Money over human beings - especially female human beings - is all that matters to her.


The idea that a repug. would bring up the word bribery is hilarious. What’s next Honesty, Integrity ?


Thanks. Just signed.


They should use this fund to get rid of her no matter which way she votes if Kavanaugh is confirmed.
She should be working against the Kavanaugh confirmation BEFORE the vote, something she certainly is not doing. Instead, she is hoping that her vote will not be critical and Kavanaugh will be confirmed anyway. That way, she can vote against him and preserve the well maintained fiction that she is the “Moderate Senator from Maine”.

It works this way every time. Any controversial subject where her vote matters, she votes against Maine and the nation. She only votes the right way when her vote will make no difference and she can pretend that she is a moderate. Hint: She ain’t no moderate.

As much damage as this woman has done to Maine and the nation, I don’t know why she keeps getting re-elected.


She will not even meet with those she represents. Her views are extreme and she was such a sucker for 9/11 and war, war, war.


She acts and speaks as though she considers herself an elitist; although, in reality, she’s just one of their lackeys. I’m a Mainer…an independent; and, wish she’d been voted out years ago. She’s no moderate.


So if she votes against Kavanaugh, she gets a free pass in 2020 from these people, and can continue to vote for exploitation and empire?

I fully understand the threat he poses on many fronts, but is this the most constructive strategy to defeat his nomination?


I used to like Susan. She messed us over in tax reform and now this. Getting past her due date.


I think Collins hasn’t made up her mind yet, if she is a Democrat or not!


Here we go again … raising corruption money to try and stop crooks.




People confused her with Olympia Snow.