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Tens of Thousands of People Raising Money to Defeat Collins If She Votes for Kavanaugh Is Not "Bribery," Say Her Opponents, It's Democracy


Just where do the masses of poor fit into this “democracy?” They can’t afford to buy representation.


Just conform to the Clinton right wing – pro-war, anti-poor, pro-corporate empowerment – , and you’ll be a fine Democrat.


so when lobbyist and other special interests dump $$$$ into a candidates campaign, it’s not bribery; but when citizens of the state one represents actually hold their senator’s feet to the fire so that their wished are heard, it’s bribery? Senator Collins: really?


GOP Shipwreck on the horizon.


“[T]he backers of that effort say such a reaction by the senator is clear proof she doesn’t understand the concept of democracy.”

Nor the concept of bribery. Nor the concept of blackmail, which is surely what she meant, or would have if she had the command of the language we should expect of our leaders. Ms. Collins has never seemed to me to be particularly bright in any respect, just another amiable but hapless mensch.


Go Mainers for Accountable Leadership! I am all in with you guys! Yes, this is exactly what we need in this country! Hold our elected officials to account! Let democracy work and let freedom ring! I’m voting to oppose Collins in 2020 anyway because she makes it too hard for us to get her to do the right thing. We have to drag her kicking and screaming every time, if we have to do that much work, we might as well take her job or get someone better who won’t betray us and who will willingly stand up for us without a fight. We need a progressive democrat or a Green person in her seat. I want her out. We can do better!


No, not so. Conforming to that scenario would make me a Republican, not a Democrat!


Whatever cranks her motor, but it isn’t progressive, that’s for sure.


What gig is that oh All Knowing One?

Keep up the BS with Kavenaugh, it’s firing up our side.

He’s a lock but we like seeing you zombies with your hair on fire.


So Maine votes to expand Medicaid and the Gov blocks it. Collins and Snow did everything to destroy the ACA and because they couldn’t destroy it they made sure it served all the big Insurance companies------HOW COULD ANY ONE VOTE FOR THIS PERSON----She is ten times the liar that Kavanaugh is. She comes on with her puppy face and acts all innocent----and the stupid people of Maine fall for it every time. How many people in Maine have died because of crappy healthcare??? How many millionaires in Maine will benefit from the tax cuts(theft of the common people) she voted for???


Check this out

President Trump will be filling her slot sooner rather then later-looks like she’s living on borrowed time.


Is she also willing to reward another would be rapist, liar, and user of stolen emails with a lifetime job?


This is a sad day, when a senator feels that promotion and protest are both bribery. While this takes a similar path to the same end, if it is a democratic process then it is the American way. Sounds more like she is having trouble with controversy. She should have a better grip on the realities of the senate by now. John McCain is the most recent case of “Profiles in Courage,” with his healthcare vote. Collins needs to reflect on this a bit more. I think she still can vote with common sense. This is probably a legacy vote for her now that she is retiring. G


Senator Collins won’t be chuckling when they unelect her hypocritical butt for a yea vote for a phony lying, Brett Kavanaugh, trying to slime his way to a life-time seat on the Supreme Court of the USA. MAGA indeed!


She already knows about bribery. She voted for the tax plan. Who did that help? I think she started out populist but has become corporate.