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Tens of Thousands Turn Out to Cheer for Bernie in New York City


Tens of Thousands Turn Out to Cheer for Bernie in New York City

Nika Knight, staff writer

"There are a lot of people here tonight!" observed New York native Bernie Sanders as he began speaking to a raucous, cheering crowd of 27,000 in New York City's Washington Square park on Wednesday night, at the largest rally of the presidential hopeful's campaign thus far.


It’s not too late to join the Revolution…Volunteer at https://go.berniesanders.com/page/s/volunteer-for-bernie?source=web_main_nav


Most reports put the size of the crowd around 27,000, but I keep seeing a rumor there was an overflow crowd that put total attendance around 48,000 - a rumor that appears to be based on a single unsubstantiated Reddit post about a police crowd size estimate.

Has anyone seen any verifiable info about an overflow crowd at the Washington Square rally?

We had 28,000 at Bernie’s rally in Portland Oregon last year and it seems surprising that NYC didn’t knock that out of the park.


Did you see yesterday’s Democracy Now! show? I thought it was the most compelling and blunt critique in the much of the progressive press of Hillary Clinton that I can remember seeing. Goodman’s interview with the wonderful Dana Frank, whose work–from telling some years ago of the incipiently and intimately revolutionary struggles of women banana workers in Latin America to laying bare the present-day bloodiness of the U.S.-lifted oligarchy in Honduras–is quite radical and informative, included the clearest laying out of Clinton’s bold and horrifying lies (with Obama’s consent) regarding her role in the military coup in Honduras. Clinton is lying right now to cover up and continue to prop up one of the worst dictatorships… right in Honduras in the U.S. “backyard.” And the refugees Obama is deporting to death are in no small way a product of his endorsement of Clinton’s military coup-supporting actions. That’s information we certainly need to inform any U.S. “revolution” to transform empire into democracy.


Amy Goodman deserves the accolades she receives for Democracy NOW!. It really is top-notch journalism on many under-reported stories. But, Goodman is not a radical by any means. It is better not to confuse truth-telling about events with radical ideology, even if that truth-telling emanates from the left. (When I say radical, I mean from the root, not extremism.) I sometimes get angry with her for not digging deeper, too. And then I wonder if I would be watching her show every morning on the Utah Educational Network, UEN, if she were more radical. I think not. The service she performs and the contributions she makes in conservative states is huge, so I live with it.


Never forget the Queen, of her own truth. was a Board Member of Walmart. The corporate greed poster girl. I lost some good friends in IRAQ in part thanks to her VOTE supporting George W BUSH and helping to support the horrible War that disrupted everyone’s lives America, the Middle East and the rest of the world. She is bed with Goldman Sachs and the other Wall Street Vultures… I will not vote for anyone else except that last honest politician Bernie Sanders


Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon. They remain a power couple, even though they’ve split. They are just two of the highly principled people supporting the most highly principled candidate this country has seen in a very long time. I am not only a fan of their work, just simply a fan, because this pair has used their celebrity and wealth to do an an awful lot of good activism.


Okay, I’m a dreamer…but…considering what is happening right before our very eyes (when open) those other humans running for office outta just get outta Dodge and let The Man have his rightful place. It would put a stop to the grossness of the money thingy and delegate thingy and the, well you get the idea…ya, I’m a dreamer.


"When we do not allow the Donald Trumps of the world to divide us up, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. "

Bothersome…somewhat. While at first read, it sounds true enough, Trump is using words & phrases to put together his delegates, but the real truth of the matter is that it was both democrats and republicans rhetoric & policies that’s divided and conquered the 99%, and that’s who keeps us divided. I wonder if this is a sign of things to come…when Bernie throws his support to Clinton if he loses next weeks NY primary…?


NPR has been part and parcel of corporate America, the AIPAC Zionists and the neocon war mongers for decades. I turned off NPR 5 years ago and get all my info via the internet.


…But you’re not the only one…


gosh…commondreams…who knew :-)))


Sleaze Queen, Bernie ought to hit her hard on her close affiliation with walmart, the sleaziest, the biggest and the most abusive corporation of it’s kind in history


I made my first cash contribution this week to Sanders. I’ll still have to wait to see what shakes out next Tuesday and how Sanders handles it before hitting the streets for him. I won’t waste one bead of sweat helping HRC. I’m sick and tired of war and her willingness to wage more of it, not to mention the disastrous financial policies of Bill Clinton. Let’s not forget what he did in Waco, Texas. This couple is dangerous to the average citizen and never forget, we’d be getting the both of 'em.


If Hillary is the nominee there will be a massive negative reaction. What exactly that will mean is impossible to predict, but nonetheless Bernie’s supporters will be heard and the change he is advocating will happen. Bernie is where he is right now thanks to millions of people totally fed up with worthless wars, corporate bullying with politicians working directly for those interests and other issues too numerous to even list. We want a democracy that works for us and will not stop until that is achieved.


Don’t be. Sadly, they’re part of the problem.


They are following I am ashamed to say the senator from California Dianne Feinstein. She has mastered the art of playing the people, voting for every war in the ME, advocating Israeli/Zionist ideology dutifully. She is no where to be found when she is challenged or her position is under scrutiny but speaks far and wide when it serves her personal interest.


I really hope Bernie doesn’t let Clinton off the hook on issues, or cravenly say he will support her if…she and the Dem machine steal the primary via corrupt NY “rules” and national DNC bias! Given Bernie’s brilliant campaign so-far I must believe he will do the right thing.
Hillary has serious issues of fundamental criminal bad judgment, on morality, on wealth and corporate servitude, on coups & war, that must be addressed - I get the reluctance to not “divide the party” or “give the GOP talking points”, but for loves sake, this is THE critical state & debate!

The Red Queen & Bill have a record of blood and self-interest and serving banker/Wall St wealth, and contempt for the middle classes and poor - the crime bill and “welfare reform” from the Clinton’s (they are a unit, not separate people!) examples among many.
I am flabbergasted at many older & black folks falling for the Clinton charade - lapping-up their lies and deceit like Mother’s Milk!

Bring it home Bernie! You got to be a spirit, don’t be no ghost!



Great! But sanders needs everyone now to help with NY, why wait?


Maybe the democratic party should change their name to the super delegate party, because I am disgusted with the MSM narrative that Hillary has an almost insurmountable lead over Bernie in delegates. Make that Hillary has an almost insurmountable lead over Bernie because of corrupt delegates!